Darshan of Krishna

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When I was 19 or 20, that was the time. When I was wandering, walking length and breadth of India. This incident happened just before enlightenment. I was staying in a old lady’s house. Very old lady, she was living alone, may be 80 or something. She was having one cow and a small house. From the cow she will get milk and make buttermilk out of it. She will go to the whole village. She will go around few streets and sell that curd and buttermilk. Come back in the night with sweets and fruits. She had a small statue of krishna. She will put all those things in front of krishna’s murthy and speak to him. And then later on she will eat and sleep. First few days I thought because of her devotion she is talking, Ok. I thought she was a Good devotee as she gives food for me. Why to interfere in her everyday lifestyle.  After 10 days, I said “alright, I am going for my pilgrimage”. I was going to Somnath temple. She started crying and said ‘No no baba don’t go. Don’t think I will ask you to work. I will give you food everyday. I don’t want you to go. I feel so happy that Krishna Himself has come in your form to my house”. I told ” I am not unhappy with you. I am a sannyasi. I can’t stay in one place for 10 or more days and I have to go to my pilgrimage. ” Then she understood that she can’t convince me and went to krishna’s murthy and started talking. “Krishna tell Him not to go. Why don’t you convince Him. Tell Him not to go. Why He is leaving. I didn’t do any mistake. I thought you yourself came in the form of a sadhu” and she started crying. Now I felt too much. As long as she talks to Krishna, I have no problem, but bringing me also. I went near her and started giving my own philosophical advice “God is formless. Your bhakti is ok. But you shouldn’t get attached with me. I am a sadhu. What are you talking to Krishna. You think that He will convince Me.” And not only she was talking to Krishna, she herself was talking the answer. “Oh Krishna, you are telling that He should go. He is a sadhu, He should not stay with me. Alright if you say so” .  She is talking for herself and talking for Krishna. She is talking as if she is replying from Krishna. Now I thought – This is too much. And I went near her and told  ” Arey, what are you doing. You think that he is talking to you.” Then she very casually, innocently just held My hand and said “Baba don’t you see He is sitting their.” And she held my hand. I promise ” I saw Krishna there”. He was there, sitting as a young boy with a blue body. Just sitting and smiling. Logic can’t understand. But I promise, He was there. He was there.

– As narrated by Swami


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