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Identity crisis

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A seeker undergoes everything other than clarity during Identity crisis. Anything negative above the sky and below the sky, and under the earth, he goes through. Usually you react to such a crisis in a very foolish way. When you get disease, that is the time you need to have more trust and closeness to your doctor and obedience to your doctor. But, because you got sick, you say ‘how dare …I have such a best family doctor, still I have fallen sick, I don’t trust him, I will not go to him’. In this way you doubt him and escape from him. Then happens ‘death’. This is what people usually do when they have identity crisis. 

You create your own theories, theologies and interpretations for My words. Suddenly, from your eyes all My grace disappears. Everything looks like a pain and even if He helps who knows if I will be able to retain that help and stay in that state itself. Your foolishness does everything, all asanas!. 

When you have identity crisis that is the time you need to have more trust on the Master, you need to be more close to Him, you need to be available to Him, you need to do what He says. It is unfortunate how much ever you tell human beings, only during the identity crisis they get bumped out of this whole enlightenment machinery. Its like in a car assembly line, just before the engine is installed, the car gets dismantled. 

Please understand, till you become one with Cosmic identity, your identity will be constantly going through crisis. How can a straw which is floating on the ocean be safe, comfortable and settled. No!. Till it disappears into the ocean it cannot settle. “Identity” itself is the meaning of Identity crisis. You don’t need to use two word. Identity itself will have identity crisis. As long as you have identity, you will have crisis. 

Normally in the society when you have identity crisis you have escaping routes – TV, internet, movies, news, gaming etc.  Identity crisis brings not just laziness and boredom, but it brings destruction. Identity crisis not handled properly is equivalent to drinking poison.

The only way for passing through this identity crisis is  that you should strongly decide only during all my confusion and difficult moments I will not leave the master and I should be around him. Somehow hang on, you may not get the AC compartment or the first class or the second class, even if it is third class unreserved compartment or sitting in the bathroom without fan or hanging on the bogie, its OK, “Hang on”. Dont’ miss. Continue to hang on , hang on. Especially during identity crisis, that is not the time to miss or leave. Hang on, you will see you saved yourself. The best way for a seeker to pass this stage in his seeking is to hang on to the Master. Just make sure that you don’t get down from the train!!


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