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Why do I insist on being around the master ?

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These words which I utter you can learn from this blog or from my audio/video discourses or dvd. But when you sit in front of the master you will see the honesty which radiates in My eyes. The truth, which expresses in My body language will catch you. You will feel that ‘click’, that connection – yes, he is talking the truth. Even if you want to suspect it, suddenly you will see your logic has no power anymore over you. Beyond your logic simply these words are going inside you.

Your logic is crying….i am dying, i am dying, i am losing ground; But just these words are going inside, they are just filling you, they are just overflowing in you.

This will happen only when you sit in the presence of the master. This is Upanishad!. Just being around, sitting, opening to the master.

I always tell people, even if you die, die around the master in his presence. The greatest thing that can happen to you, can happen only in his presence.


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