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I need a vacation…..

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Whenever you see in movies scenes like beautiful snow covered mountain or beautiful beach or beautiful natural places, you feel like you should be there. But actually when you go to that place, you think when is the next flight. Alright what should I do next. Why always you feel go to that place and after going there you should do something next. Why you are not feeling the relaxation or joy which you think you will have it ?

Because I am a traveller, I will tell you the important secret, truth. First of all why you want to go to that kind of places you know, deep down always you have the thirst to go away somewhere where nobody knows you, where you don’t need your logic to protect you. Understand, it is not interest towards that island or mountain or ocean or place, it is actually not even interest towards vacation. But actually you go because you just want to be free from your social identity which is like a prison to you. You just don’t want to be recognized by anybody and the same way don’t want to see the faces which you know. Deep down everybody has got that craving. Whenever you see that place for the first time, you know that nobody knows you there, so naturally you like being there. But after going there you realize that you know ‘you‘, you are carrying a person who knows you completely. ‘He‘ is constantly behind you to haunt you wherever you go. Your intimate being with you. So you are not experiencing the joy or the feeling which you thought you will experience for being there. Even after going there you will try to introduce yourself and establish your new social identity. In within one or two days, you have created your new hell. Now many people are known to you and they recognize you, and again the charm of the new place is lost. Now you are back again in the same rut.

It is not the interest towards the place, but you just want to be in a place where your identity is not needed to protect you, where your logic is not needed to run your life, where you can survive without your identity.

Try this simple and beautiful experiment, you visualize and change your identity and live for a week. If you are doctor, start thinking strongly as a engineer. If you are a male, start thinking you are a female or gay, something like this.  Try this experiment very playfully. If you are old, visualize you are young or vice versa. Create a new identity with all the new qualities and live just for a week. You will understand the amount of liberation you will feel.


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