Intensity is deep passion with profound patience

Different techniques, different methods, different deities, different paths, then what is the point that decides a person’s enlightenment ?  Intensity is the one which decides the person’s enlightenment- the higher experience. With Intensity whatever you do will be meditation, without intensity even if you meditate, it will be just a ritual. Whenever I teach meditation to a group of 100 people, I learn hundred versions of that same meditation. The success depends on the person, not on what he is doing, but what he is. It depends on the intensity which he carries. Patanjali says ‘Based on the intensity, the success- low, medium and high, is achieved.

Intensity means the ability to stand forwhat you believe and break free from the past attitudes or methods of functioning and live in a new way. If you do not have intensity we go on and on in the same way. You can see in your life, even inside your house, you will walk in the same route, sit in the same sofa, go to your bed in the same way and you will lie down in the same way, you will sit  in the same chair in the dining table, you will eat and come out of the garage in the same way. You will not even be alive or creative. I always tell my bramhacharis ‘atleast do new, new mistakes, I will have some entertainment’. You need intensity to do things new, otherwise even your mistakes – same old, may be difference in quantity – big or small.

Intensity is not seriousness. Intensity means deep passion and patience.  Strong will is passion, deep prayer is patience.

If you understand intensity as just will or passion, sometimes you may become serious. Seriousness is sickness. All seriousness is sickness. Somehow the Indian spirituality is suffering with this one constipation. It is a belief in India that a yogi means a guy with a long face, who is serious. He actually doesn’t need spirituality instead he needs a medicine for constipation. Many time some how that seriousness is associated with intensity but actually intensity is sincerity not seriousness. You may be intense, but relaxed. Intensity without patience will raise number of thoughts. Just passion without patience will raise number of thoughts which may lead to outer-world success, but never inner-world success. Just a deep patience without number of thoughts may lead to inner world success, the silence, the peace but not the ultimate enlightenment itself. The more number of thoughts you have, the more successful in the outer world. If you just patience you will deeply accept everything, you may be peaceful in the inner world but not the ultimate success – enlightenment itself, which gives you the fulfillment in the inner world and outer world. So, the enlightenment is the totality of passion and patience. Intense number of thoughts with a deep silence, your frequency will be different.

So please understand in the intensity you do not have just passion you have patience also. you become complete, fulfilled, just radiating the truth. Intesity is a strong feeling that I should achieve and strong prayer that I should achieve. you put your whole being, your whole effort and you know the ultimate is supporting you. If you understand the divine is supporting you,even if the effort you put is little, the success happens. Just by remembrance that the Divine is supporting you, you don’t even have to bother whether it is factual or not, you don’t have to measure – I am supported, how many hours it stood with me.


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