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Truth when it comes of out an enlightened inner space and “clicks” is Initiation. If you analyze and say “how could He convince me about such great thing and such a wonderful thing”. You yourself will feel ‘how could he convince’ but suddenly your heart will feel connected to the words which are being uttered, the truth which is being expressed. That connection, that “click” is what I call Initiation. 

Initiation doesn’t mean chanting some special mantra in your ears or doing something special. It straight away means making you experience a solid truth, giving you a clear inner space and confidence to live that truth. In Vedantic tradition we have 3 beautiful words – “Shravana, Manana, Nidhidhyasana”. Shravana means intense listening. Manana means internalizing, contemplating. Nidhidhyasana means living.  Initiation means the great truths, the words which lead you to the truth, the clear path which leads you to the truth, if the experience is transmitted, at least one glimpse. Then initiation has happened, you are initiated. 

There are many doubts, “I have already been initiated by some guru, can I have initiation ?”. “If I get initiated, can I go to some other guru and learn something ?”. Everything is perfectly alright, nothing wrong. I always tell people, go to all gardens and pluck flowers and make a beautiful garden for you. Our ego is such if it is  beaten by 10,12 gurus only then it will die. It won’t die just by something which you learned from one person. Learn all best things from all sources and enrich your life. It has no way connected to any of the old understanding you have about initiation.

Initiation is just transmitting the authentic experiential clarity which happened into inner space. 

That click, which word is responsible, which moment the click happened you will not know. But suddenly when the expression of truth is over, you will feel, yes it is true. I am seeing it. So, just prepared for initiation – entering into the truth. 

…more about initiation – click here


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