Real worship

Existence is pure love. Society is always against pure love. Deep inside, society is actually against Existence or God. All its worship is mere hypocrisy. It hides in the name of worship. The best way not to follow anything deeply is to start worshipping it! Society escapes in the name of worship. When you worship, you don’t have to do anything else! And people will not trouble you because you are worshiping. But what happens to your inner space ? It remains where it was. Society never approves of letting go and loving every plant and animal with love. It would tell you that you are mad. It will approve only of love that is governed by give and take; love that comes with a reason. 

But, I tell you: don’t give up.

Keep on loving with all your heart. See Existence in everything. Feel the plants with tenderness in your heart. See the animals as if they were your own. See every person, stone or tree as a part of God.

That is real worship.  It is easy to worship God in a temple or church or mosque. The real worship is seeing everything as God. 


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