How to be worry free?

Worry is nothing but the continuous, uncontrolled inner chatter happening in your mind.

The mind is an excellent recording system. It stores your negative thought patterns, your complexes and your worries. Whatever you teach the mind, it learns and repeats faithfully. This is how you create a solid mental make-up of negativity. So be very careful what you tell your mind. We always take so much care in how we speak to others, but we never care about how we speak to ourselves. You don’t control what you speak inside because you don’t have self-respect. You simply say what you wish inside you. Do we throw garbage on a plate of food ? No. We throw it only in the garbage can. You treat others like a plate of food and yourself like a garbage can. Because of this, you became in-digested.

The only way to get out of worry is to just be aware and alert. Whenever you become aware of a negative thought surfacing, just visually scatter the negative words and see them disperse. If you keep doing this, you will not allow negative patterns to settle, and with time your mental make-up, your mental programming will change; it will not be negative any more. If you go beyond your inner chatter even for a few moments, you will become more aware, more alive. You will understand  that worry is unreal, unnecessary. 

Simply watch the mind, that’s all. Be an observer. Don’t pass any judgments; don’t resist any thoughts. Watch it with the deep gratitude that the mind is God’s gift to you. Automatically, silence will happen. Your awareness will slowly grow and make you centered in yourself and increase the silence in you. When I say increase the silence, I mean your inner chatter will reduce and you will more of a watcher. With that increased silence, there will be more awareness in you and it will become a cyclic process.

When you learn to be in awareness, you can use your mind at your discretion. It becomes a vital tool at your disposal. You can use it just when you want to . From being a dangerous enemy, it becomes a reliable friend.


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