Guaranteed Solutions

Its a BIG problem!

Every problem is pregnant with the solution. If you really want to solve it, you will do it. All you need to do is look at the problem with deep awareness, and the solution will stand out. Only when you don’t want to solve it, you will fell comfortable just talking about it. And you will feel great that you have so much to worry about!

A man who was known to be a great healer visited a village. Very soon crowd gathered around him. He touched a man on his neck and the man who was suffering from chronic spondolosis became relieved of the pain instantly. He then touched another man on his head and the man’s headache disappeared that very moment.

He moved towards a man on crutches. But the man on crutches moved away and said, “Don’t touch me!”.

The healer was puzzled and asked why.

The man said, “I have just applied for my Disability Benefit Claim”.

We talk endlessly about our problems, but when we are offered a solution, suddenly we become too relieved! We have never thought beyond our problems, so we find there is a void when our problems disappear!


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