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All forms of media are nothing but dream sellers

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motorbike adAlmost all motorbike ads show women, although very few women ride motorbikes. Whatever the product may be, you will find a smiling woman recommending it. When you go to the market you promptly pick up that product, forgetting that the women does not come with it! That is the media’s way of cashing in on your suppressed desires. We collect the dreams that they sell and keep running over them in our minds hoping to quench our thirst. Is it possible? Can your thirst for water be quenched by consuming salt.? No! If you do this, your thirst will only increase. 

If you are alert and aware, advertisement hoardings can never fool you. Of course, by seeing them you can always be aware of the latest things in the market, no doubt, but they will not deceive you. You will not be vulnerable to them. You will be able to see them objectively and leave it at that. You will not feel an instant and unconscious pull towards them. It is only when you allow your reactive mind to be your deciding authority that you are in trouble. You need to replace the reactive mind with your intelligence so that you are with awareness all the time. This is where meditation helps a lot. 


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