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Existence knows what is best

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A man was known to have a very weak heart. His family was always careful in telling him any drastic news. One day, they came to know that his wealthy uncle had died leaving one million dollars to him. They were very excited and at the same time did not know how to break this news to him. They were afraid that he might collapse hearing it. 

One of them suggested, ‘I think we’d better call the family doctor and tell him to handle ths’. 

They all agreed. 

They called up the family doctor and told him the matter. The doctor said, ‘Don’t worry, I will handle it. It is not so hard as you think’. 

He soon arrived at their house and went into the room and started talking to the man. He causally asked him, ‘If you were suddenly told that you were given one million dollars in cash, what would you do?’. 

The man replied, ‘I would give half of it to you, doctor’.

The doctor collapsed and died. 

We are ready to see life as a drama when it comes to others but when it comes to us, it becomes hard to digest. We are always ready to give advice to others. I read in a book that advice is something which everyone loves to give but no one is ready to take! You can watch your own life also like a witness. You can be like a lotus – untouched by the water although deep inside it. Then you have learned to play the game of life.

Existence is trying to express itself continuously in many ways. Our role is to understand and flow with it with deep awareness. Understand that the whole of creation is flowing in accordance with Existence, then you will automatically drop your worries and anxieties. You have to reach a stage where your core is untouched by what is happening around you. This will happen if you understand that Existence is continuously changing. Outwardly, you may express different emotions,  but in your innermost core, you must be able to continuously see that all the incidents outside are like beads that are strung on the common thread of Existence. The thread is what holds them together. 


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