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Entanglement and Healing

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Entanglement means two person falling in tune with same thought. Entrainment means two person falling in tune with same idea. Enlightenment means two person uniting beyond ideas. When you unclutch, you are in entanglement with Me. This again opens a huge door then is the thoughts of the healer are going to affect us. Yes. That’s why go to a person only who is thought less and beyond mind. Do not receive healing from ordinary reiki healers and other healers. Receive only from an enlightened being and all my healers during the moment of healing because they are entangled with Me, they represent Me and it is equivalent to you receiving healing directly from Me. You don’t need to worry at all and doubt at all about My healers. Understand this is the physiology of feeling connection. When you have a feeling connection your very physiology is different and feeling connection itself has its own physiology. 



  • I would like to learn more about the original Usui reiki- from the perspective of Swamigi as enlightened being. I´m a reiki initiate and would like to follow this spiritual path. How to use reiki for growth towards enlightenment and third eye opening? How to make the best possible use of reiki if once a person is initiated in it for a lifetime? I feel integrity towards it and I need some motivation and advice from an enlightened being, to make the best for my progress on my reiki path. I hope this would be passed to swamigi and answered. Thank you.


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