Why Deity worship?

Deity worshipAll the doctors, even Allopathy doctors need to raise their energy level high otherwise when you treat the patient, when the patient is respectful, is having feeling connection with you, you are going to entangle yourself with the patient if you don’t raise your energy to the higher level you are going to get the patients’ disease to you. Entanglement can be negative also. If you are not energetic enough to protect yourself, if you do not have direct protection of an enlightened being or if you don’t have higher entanglement, only lower entanglements in your life, you are bound to fall sick.

In the grown up countries they are suffering because they are not able to dispose the garbage. One city collects from the whole city and dumps in another one village. That village collects and dumps it in another one village. They collect it and dump it in another one city. Same way only the so called grown up cities are suffering unable to dump the inner garbage. The house wife collects everything and dumps on the husband. The husband collects and dumps everything on the psychiatric doctor. Psychiatric doctor collects everything and dumps everything on another one his size psychiatric doctor. His psychiatric doctor do not know where to go and dump. The dumping garbage has become a big problem for the humanity in grown up countries, not only external, internal also. In India, fortunately we know how to reduce the garbage into ashes without any side affect or after affect, without leaving anything, affecting the environment. 

Method of dumping the inner garbage without creating any societal, environmental pollution, side affect or after affect is deity worship. 

Each deity energized, which went through the Prana Pratishta process is in entanglement with higher consciousness. That is what I prove when I materialize. When a devotee can receive vibhoodhi, kumkum and materialize, it is the same as deity also receiving vibhoodhi, kumkum and materializing. How when somebody’s kundalini is awakened, when somebody is initiated as a healer is in entanglement with me. Same way the deity is also in entanglement with Me. Once the Prana Pratishta is done, that deity is continuously in entanglement with the super consciousness.

Ramanatha Swamy is in entanglement with Sri RamaChandra and the consciousness Sri RamaChandra experiences which is Shiva Himself. Because Ramanatha Swamy was installed by Rama in Rameshwaram, now the Ramanatha Swamy is in entanglement with Rama and Rama’s pure inner consciousness. Same way there is a deity called “Krishneshwar” in Dwaraka, installed and worshipped by Krishna. That diety is in entanglement with Krishna and Krishna’s inner space which is Shiva Himself. Same way in Tiruvannamalai there is a temple called Adi Annamalai. The main Arunachaleshwara temple is Jeeva Samadhi of Arunagiri yogeeshwara but Adi Annamalai temple is the deity installed by Arunagiri yogeeshwara for His own personal worship when He was in the body. The Shiva linga in the temple is in entanglement with Arunagiri yogeeshwara, Shiva Himself. So, each deity is in entanglement with the consciousness which has installed it.

That is why I am telling you deity worship is one of the greatest inner garbage removing system created by our ancient rishis. The whole so called developed countries are suffering and are unable to do the garbage removal. They are spending billions of dollars in the inner garbage removal, creating huge number of psychiatrists, psycho-analysts and psychiatrists, psycho-analysts for psychiatrists and psycho-analysts. 32.4% percent i.e. 75 million Americans are suffering from clinically provable mental disorder every year. This is because of the inner garbage disposal problem. In the Vedic tradition, we know how to dispose the garbage and make it as a manure. All our temples burns your internal garbage and transform you, make the whole garbage into manure and give it back to you.

Does this mean you have to go to temple when you have problem or suffering. NO. When you finish your daily business, go to temple and offer your gratitude. When you finish your life related decisions, go to temple and offer your gratitude. If you have finished building the house, go to temple, offer the gratitude. You got married, go to the temple, offer your gratitude. Any major events in your life connect with the temple. Even entertainment, entrainment, enlightenment, everything should happen with entanglement. Life should become en-templement. 


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