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There is no such thing as tomorrow

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In life, you keep postponing everything. You postpone your enjoyment, you postpone your work, you postpone everything for tomorrow. You have to understand that ‘tomorrow’ also comes in the form of ‘today’ only! When it comes as today, you say ‘tomorrow’ again. It is a game that you play with yourself. Procrastination is the mentality by which we lose out on life itself.

People ask me, “Swamiji, how are you able to do so many things in such a short period of time?”. It is amazing for them to see my calendar for the year! They are amazed to see the various things happening throughout the year across the world. I tell them, “It is very simple – I live totally in the present. I don’t procrastinate like you”. 

If you just look at the mirror everyday and tell yourself that today is the last day in your life, you will stop procrastinating. You need not tell yourself this all your life; just a month will do. Automatically, you will start living life without procrastination. Not only that, your fears about losing your prestige, embarrassment, pride and expectations will all dissolve, because you will know that you have nothing to lose. 



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