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Doing for having & Doing for being

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We all function around these three axes: doing, having and being. Doing for having, without enjoying being, is the sole cause of all misery. Doing never catches up with having. Every time we work hard and fulfill one desire, there are more desires to make us run. Never think “Let me work now, I can enjoy later”. Don’t think you can come back later and enjoy! I tell you, it will never happen. Every tomorrow comes in the form of today. Doing should lead to being every moment, only then you are on the right track. 

Don’t postpone living. Celebrate! Enjoy life – it is now or never. We all run throughout our lives thinking that we can enjoy later., but we land up finally running into the graveyard. When you get onto the running track, you lose your real capacity to enjoy. You forget how to enjoy. 



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