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Everything starts with a word

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Everything starts with word.

Everything starts with a declaration.

Everything starts with commitment.

Clearly expressed word is fulfillment. The word which is perverted and hurting yourself is guilt. The word which is hurting others is violence. The word which goes on expanding you is desire. The words which constantly keep you in completion and expands you is integrity.

If you just decide from this moment, I will honor the words I utter to me and to others as my life, drastically the inner thoughts, inner chattering will reduce. Breakthrough in your thinking process will happen. Because the moment you become aware you have to complete or fulfill every word you utter to you and to others. You will become aware of your thinking and every thought you will know is it from fear or greed or jealousy or ego or arrogance. And immediately you will complete it.

Completion can be done by so many ways – either by working with the person who is related to the root pattern with which you are suffering or by catharsis – a primal sound releasing methods or unclutching. All the 3 can be used for completion based on the depth of the pattern you are carrying. You can try all the 3 on every pattern you are carrying. If you are the only person responsible for that pattern. Sit with the mirror and start the Swapoornatva.


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