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Only in completion – four tattvas work. Intention is important ingredient for Completion. Constantly you will not be able to live with you, constantly. you will be having like a life imprisonment experience. And becoz of that incompletion you will not be able to live any tattva.
Listening happens with Completion. In the state of incompletion, You don’t see, you act like seeing.
Completion has to be done with intense, complete work. When you are in completion, Shiva is available to you as Dakshinamurthy. When you are in-completion, Shiva is available in you as Kalabhairava.  Only with completion, we become one integrated being. All your inner space, body, mind under control. Everything becomes you, part of you.  When you do completion now, don’t think only from now your future will be complete. No, even your past will become complete.
Intention – decide to be complete.
Completion can be done in 3 ways:

1. Sef-completion

2. Poornatva – completing with others

3. Catharsis methods – don’t know why or with whom you have incompletion.


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