When you have 10crore and you want to


When you have 10crore and you want to make it 1000 crore rupees, immd you think when this 10 crore will become 11 then it has to beomce 12 then 13 14……when will I have 1000???? Leave it, it cant happen, we give up
But understand…when we look in ,only making that 10 crore to 11 then from 11 to 12 you will find it difficult…all the resistance,laziness, fears all will surface only at initial stages, if with Authenticity you cross that, you will settle with the new mindset, attitude…then that 20 crore will not just become 21,22 it will become 50,100…then you will know how to make that 100 to 200….then 500 that 500 will become 1000.
practicing authenticity will give you breakthroughs…

First deal with the Immediate resistance, conflicts and fears…and be authentic …you will achieve what you want.


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