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Inner Potential Energy – Kundalini

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I wanted to present to all of you is: “YOU HAVE MORE POSSIBILITY THAN YOU ARE”!  This is the beginning of life. This truth – you have more possibility than you are – is the beginning of life in any philosophy, any way of living, any way of thinking, any way of living, any system of thinking, or any religious thinking tradition. You have more possibility than what you are now. That “more possibility” is what we call bio-energy, inner potential energy.  

In Sanskrit, we have the word “Kundalini”.  You can see in your own life, when your power of feeling, your power of emotions expressed along with your power of words and power of thinking, the energy you express will be totally different.  

I will give you this example. When you utter some words, if your feeling is not associated with it, you know very clearly what kind of impact you create with that word inside you and outside you. Even while you are thinking, if your feeling is not associated with it, what kind of impact that thinking does inside you and outside you!  Feeling infuses energy into your thinking and words. There is something in you which infuses energy into your feeling. That is what we call “Kundalini”, “bio-energy”, “bio-memory”, “Inner potential energy”! 

All these different words are used, but it explains, expresses this one concept – The power which resides in you and gives power to your feeling.  All of you can understand how your power gives life to you. You all know, if your feeling is associated with a certain word, how that word becomes alive for you, if your feeling is associated with your thinking, how that thinking becomes alive for you; but, unfortunately, we do not know how our feeling gets empowered. 

The energy which empowers your feeling is “inner potential energy”, the “bio-energy”. 


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