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How to awaken Kundalini Shakti ?

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Listen! Listen to the deeper secrets of this Kundalini.

This Kundalini is the bridge between man and God. This Kundalini is the source of the energy in all of us. This can be awakened by various methods, including fear and greed. Even fear and greed awakens the Kundalini, but, every time, it weakens also. It is like Kundalini is described as a sleeping snake in Tantric tradition. Each time your fear or greed awakens Kundalini, it is equivalent to throwing a stone on the snake and making the snake hiss. Yes, when you throw a stone on the snake, it wakes up, it awakens; but, it is also weakened! You can awaken the snake (Kundalini), you can wake up the snake either by sound, or various other methods, but, every time you try to wake up the snake through fear and greed alone, it will be awakened, but it will also be weakened!

There are so many beautiful methods to wake up, awaken your Kundalini Shakthi.

First, understanding and creating the right context between you and your Kundalini. Your Kundalini is nothing but all your expectations put together. Please listen! Whatever you think is lacking in you, that Completion is your Kundalini. Kundalini will simply complete you when it is awakened. One of the biggest powers my kids are going to demonstrate, my gurukul kids are going to demonstrate is the tremendous contentment, whether they become sannyasis or get married, the tremendous contentment. And, libido will never make them powerless. Understand this word! Feeling of incompletion will never make them powerless. Experiencing incompletion in a very gross, physical level is called “libido”, the sexual hangover. It will never make my kids incomplete and powerless. Whether they want to get married and live a householder life, or as a sannyasi, they can choose; but they will not become powerless because of that incompletion, understand?

Kundalini Shakthi is the fulfilment of your lowest basic incompletions like Sex, Hunger, to the highest fulfilment and Completion like Enlightenment, expressing the Cosmic Union. When this energy is awakened, when this energy is awakened, the basic incompletions like Hunger, Sex, all that gets completely completed, and it raises the very level you perceive you. This is one of the most powerful methods to transform your perception about you.

There are so many methods to awaken the sleeping energy in you:

  • Right understanding;
  • Creating the right context;
  • Meditation; and, most important,
  • Altered breathing. This is the word I want to use for Pranayama: “altered conscious breathing techniques”; and
  • Kriyas. The combination of breathing, visualization, verbalisation, all these processes put together is called “Kriya”.

Understand, the Kundalini Shakthi can be awakened by so many methods:

  • Mantra – verbalisation;
  • Pranayama – altered conscious breathing;
  • Will Power – by your very will from the right context, not the will power due to fear or greed, but from the right context; and,
  • Very easy, Herbs; most easiest method, Herbs.

Just the right herb at the right time, your Kundalini is awakened! I don’t want to create controversy, or I am not supporting, but I have to put this on record, I cannot hide the truth just because society does not accept it, it may or may not be shocking to you, but I will tell you the truth, in Naga Sampradhaya and Aghori Sampradhaya, marijuana is used to awaken the Kundalini! And, I am attesting it, it DOES awaken the Kundalini! It DOES awaken the Kundalini! I myself have not used it on my body for various reasons, but I don’t want to say that it has no spiritual significance. There were many Masters who successfully used marijuana and some of the processed marijuana, the herbs like “bhang”. They used all these also to awaken Kundalini Shakthi. There are herbs which awaken Kundalini Shakthi. Of course, I am not going to promote or prescribe marijuana for anybody, but there are other herbs. Because, marijuana, if it is not used properly, can become addictive; instead of Kundalini, people will start using it for the psychedelic state it puts you in. That is the danger. So, that is why I am not going to promote or prescribe marijuana. But, there are many other herbs. Even Neem or Haritaki Powder, all these can awaken your Kundalini to a certain level. You can use all the other herbs to awaken your Kundalini.


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