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..continued from Living Advaitha XIII I wanted to make these few statements on Living Advaitha. The more and more violence you cherish, more and more you become pieces, disintegrated and useless to yourself and others. Listen. Never ever believe, out of ignorance or innocence people will become useless. No. Only out of cunningness, people become […]

…continued from Living Advaitha XII I gave few days’ time for that Living Advaitha process participants with a certain homework, the homework of penning down the reality you want to cause, and each one in your teamily, the reality they want to cause, sharing it with the whole teamily. Listen. Incarnation is a person who […]

…continued fro Living Advaitha XI Yes next few days we will be concluding this Living Advaitha practice.  So today, I wanted to give the gist of the whole process. First – listen – to achieve the Advaithic experience, there are thousands of methods.  I can say all methods reach you there only.  It can be […]

…continued from Living Advaitha – X First thing, listen, any powerlessness, any type of powerlessness is rooted in violence.  Please listen, please listen, the first statement, because from this only I am going to guide you.  Any type of powerlessness is rooted in violence. I asked you to work on your authentic identity and your […]

…continued from Living Advaitha IX Listen, from today, we will start moving towards Completion.  The first step you should take is, listen, now you wrote all the incompletions.  It can be as less as twenty-five, thirty, or as huge as one-thousand, two-thousand.  Now decide from this moment this incompletions will not have power over your […]

…continued from Living Advaitha VIII As I committed, I will extend the time for finding your incompletions till tomorrow.  Means, till the USA Monday morning, for USA Monday morning.  Then it may be only on Tuesday (India time) I will be able to lead you to start the Completion process, because I gave a word […]

..continued from Living Advaitha VII Yes….I will start on the process of Living Advaitha, the Teamily.  I will continue. See, when you work with all your incompletions, I gave you the time today, with the help of teamily, you will pen down all the incompletions you need to complete with, to achieve your authentic identity.  […]

…continued from Living Advaitha VI Please understand, when you have described your identity, when you describe consciously how you want to be and ask your teamily to support you, give you the input, what all the incompletions you may have to complete, and after the teamily gives the input if you also work with it […]

..continued Living Advaitha Process – V I will expand on The New Identity.  Please understand, I’ll just recap the yesterday’s instruction first:  Penning down the inner-image you want to create in an elaborate way.  Penning down the outer-image you wanted to show.  Penning down how you want others to perceive you – others-image.  Penning down […]

…continued from Living Advaitha III Strategizing your day-to-day thinking based on the simple truths is Living Enlightenment.  Strategizing your day-to-day decisions based on the eternal truths is Living Advaitha. Few days before I was shown a reply by a rich man to a pretty girl who has advertised in the dating websites that she wants […]

… continued from Living Advaitha III Some people asked me, ‘Can we have pets in the teamily? The teamily we create, you can have pets, you can have pets.  You can even have trees, hills; rivers are energetic enough, conscious enough, spirit enough to respond to you.  So, a river or mountain or a pet […]

…continued from Questions about Living Advaitha Process When you start working with your team, face all your so-called difficulties.  Listen. Nothing is difficult on this earth, but you have to DO it.  The good news is, nothing is difficult.  The best news is, you have to DO it.  If you don’t do, you don’t need to […]

… continued from Living Advaitha – II Please listen last few days I am working with you all making the Advaithic experience, the non-dual experience as living space.  Please understand, the greatest gift you can receive from an incarnation is the permanently getting established in Advaitha, means the lasting experience of non-dual consciousness.  Everything else can […]

….continued from Living Advaitha – I When you are in the space of Advaitha with eleven people, whatever you call as your identity will be dissolved into the Cosmos!  The root patterns you cherish, vested interest you have about life,  hidden pay-offs, hidden costs, your “vaasanas” – I can go on adding words – Everything, […]

The very structure of the original family system by Manu, the Cosmic Constitution writers, please understand, the great visionaries who wrote the Constitution of humanity. – See, when humanity started living on the Planet Earth in large numbers, so you need certain understanding, Constitution to live with. –  The Constitution writers of humanity are only […]