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Shaktipada happening constantly by sweet Leela dhyana increases the viscosity of Bliss, increases the depth and presence and intensity of the Bliss in you and automatically breaks the Pitta layer, Delusion layer!

Listen. If you are not liberal in your actions, you don’t have heart, means you don’t have life. Be liberal in your actions. Do not have that self restrictive SDHDs. Your SDHD is the self-restrictive. Self-doubt is U turn. Self-hatred no entry. Self-denial no parking. In your actions do not have that SDHD. Only yesterday…

“I go through whatever I go through which I don’t want in my life just for that one thing!” is called your fundamental right. Anything you think as your fundamental right, whether its money, name and fame, relationships, pleasure, you will get that, but by that very thing which you equated your life to, you will feel cheated by that!

The thought current which can liberate you from all the thought currents; I should not even say thought current, it’s like a Kundalini current, which can liberate you from all thought currents. I initiated all of you in Shivaratri day. I will remind you all – “I am what my intention to be. Anything other…

Life is all about evolving your cognition from Perception to Fact, Fact to Truth, Truth to Reality

ईशावास्यमिदं सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत् । तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् ॥ Eeshaavaasyamidham Sarvam Yathkincha Jagathyaam Jagath | Thena Thyakthena Bhunjeethaa Ma Gridhah Kasyasviddhanam ||  The translation is: “By the Consciousness filled must this all be, Whatever moving thing there is in the ever-moving world. With this renounced, you may enjoy. Covet not the wealth of anyone…

Finding a goal based on a context like money, relationship .etc. is very easy but finding a goal based on your original context is Life. Depth in your joy is Bliss. Naturally as a Swabhava, you are a person filled with joy, person filled with depth.

Perpetual possibility is directly proportional to perpetual non-doing. Perpetual possibility is possible. Restful awareness happens by being in the space of perpetual space of possibility. Happiness is being sure about you for few moments. Bliss is being sure about you forever.

I have experienced the Ultimate Advaita state, the Advaitic truth.  From that clarity, that joy, excitement, inspiration, strength and powerfulness which comes from that I tell you, when it is possible for Me, it is possible for you ! Just remember this one thing: Let your thinking whole day be directed towards Completion. 

Be Blissful !

‘ONE of the greatest blessings I learnt in my life: BE BLISSFUL! Be blissful, and everything around you will happen in the best way, auspiciously, beyond your expectations! Understand! In the best way, auspiciously, beyond your expectations! Continuously being blissful, being in a very powerful space, continuously raising yourself to the powerful space!

Don’t follow rules and tradition blindly !

In the Olden days, people in India did not stitch clothes after sunset. This is because all stitching was done by hand with a needle. In the dim candle or kerosene lamp light it w$as not possible to see properly and one could get hurt by poking the fingers with needle. Even now in India, some people will not stitch with a needle after sunset. Even seamstresses and tailors will not do it, though we now have electricity and lights. They may not even stitch using machines! When we don’t have the necessary understanding of a practice, it becomes a…

Have you taken an honest look at your relationships?

In every relationship, we are constantly trying to sculpt the other person in the way we have imagined them to be. Even without being aware of it, we continuously try to control and change and possess the other. To try to possess a living person is the ultimate disrespect you can show them! It means we are trying to convert a person into property. We degrade energy into matter. We carry an image of our ideal person inside our heads, and try to mold the other person in the same image! If we can only drop the images inside us…

Wealth is having the resources in the inner world and the outer world under your disposal to achieve what you decide as your life’s purpose.

Relationships are expression of your Inner state

Integrity expands your relationship at different levels. You relate with a lot of things in your life – others, wealth, business, healthy, etc. When you bring integrity, then – you will remove the ignorance that exists in all your relationships. Whenever you experience conflict in your relationships, again and again your in-authenticity presents itself to you. When you…

Ashtanga yoga principles

Yama  is understanding about the law and the power which executes the law. Niyama  is raising the coherence of your consciousness to the cosmic consciousness. Asana is aligning and preparing your body for the cosmic experience. Pranayama is aligning and elevating the life energy in your system through the proper life breath process. Pratyahara is withdrawing from the things which distract you from cosmic experience. Dharana is centering on the great truths which leads you to the Cosmic experience. Dhyana is merging or becoming one with the Cosmic experience. Samadhi is completely experiencing the non-return zone, the space where you…

Existence knows what is best

A man was known to have a very weak heart. His family was always careful in telling him any drastic news. One day, they came to know that his wealthy uncle had died leaving one million dollars to him. They were very excited and at the same time did not know how to break this news to him. They were afraid that he might collapse hearing it.  One of them suggested, ‘I think we’d better call the family doctor and tell him to handle ths’.  They all agreed.  They called up the family doctor and told him the matter. The…

Choicelessness is bliss

Choicelessness is bliss. If you choose it, bliss will not happen because you have made a choice and thereby have eliminated it as a possibility. When you are choiceless, when you are completely relaxed, bliss simply happens in you. When you are concerned about bliss, your very concern will ensure that you will not experience it.  The moment you try to retain an unclutched experience you clutch yourself. 


We have an automatic intelligence which can run our lives, which can take care of our day-to-day life. Not only can it run our lives, it can maintain, it can extend or expand our lives. Your constant psychological planning, psychological worrying, fears, greed, whatever you think of as ‘You’, is not needed to run your life. Your very automatic intelligence is more than enough. 


People tell me again and again, “Swamiji, I fail when I try to unclutch.’ I ask them, ‘Why are you connecting your past failure with your present failure?”. When you connect all the past failures, you create one more word – ‘Failure’. Why do you connect all of them and create the next experience also? Just relax and stop connecting, and suddenly you will see such a deep inner healing happening in you. Suddenly you will see that you have dropped out of the war, the constant running. Just relax. 

Everything happens by natural flow of prakriti. Pure Self in you is neither affected nor disturbed but resides in pure strength.

Essence of ashtavakra geeta is nothing but projecting the best thing of your life on yourself and waking up.

“Unclutching – De-program the inner self” (part 2)

….. continued from “Unclutching – De-program the inner self” (part 1) Now we are coming to the initiation part. Any thought may suddenly click with you. Oh God! Yes that is what is going on in me, that is what I am doing. One important truth – even if you want, even if you try consciously, you cannot possess, sit, catch your suffering. Its a very important truth. Even if you try to catch, you cannot catch your suffering. Because continuously your suffering is also replaced by different thoughts. One person came to me and asked “Swamiji, I am suffering from…

Aaah! its happening, OK.

I can say one of the great quality I enjoy about Myself is still I don’t feel I work in any way. When I sit with myself I don’t feel I am working.  I am very clear. I don’t feel at all, I made money or I contributed something to the world or I created this organization or I work. Just I know “Aaah! its happening. OK.”My personal belief about me and this organisation is this only. I do not believe I work. Except me everybody in the ashram thinks, they are all hard working. Except me everybody thinks too…

Changing the object is never a solution. Changing the attitude is the solution. When you understand this, the very object of your desire becomes for you a doorway to the Divine.