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Why do people break up, don’t live happily ?

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Mohandas Pai: Swamiji, why is there conflict in families between 2 people. Between spouses, why do people break up, don’t live happily, how to handle conflict and what causes this conflict?

Swamiji: Basically, you keep somebody as part of your cognition, but you are not ready to take the responsibility for how they expect you. See when….for example when you visualize….when somebody visualizes their joy, if they do not keep their spouse and children in that joy frame, then they don’t have to be responsible. If  they visualize fear, in that fear frame if something happening to their child, their spouse, is not there in that frame, then he doesn’t need to bother about what they think about him or how they hold him. When your joy frame, greed frame, life frames, has all of them as part of it, then we are responsible for how they hold us, what we stand for them, what is our commitments and relationships, what is our understandings and said-unsaid agreements. Not leaving any grey area, with the people who are in your life frame, is relationship.

Mohandas Pai: But Swamiji, this is very fascinating. Then, how do we relate to the rest of society? (more…)

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Do we have the ability and the right to decide, what is good for us ?

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Mohandas Pai: Swamiji, in our lives, we are subject to so many external rules. We are told to behave in a particular manner, to live in a particular manner, to eat in a particular manner. Now do we have command over our own lives? Do we have the ability and the right to decide, what is good for us, as we seek happiness and peace in our lives?

Swamiji:  Whoever does not understand the context is bound by the rule. Whoever understands the context is empowered by the rule.

Mohandas Pai: Oh…

Swamiji: Any rule. Whether it’s a traffic rule or dressing rule or eating rule, any behavior, any rule, if we do not know the context, why it is formulated, that will be binding us. If we know, why it is formulated, 2 thing will happen –

One – Even while you follow, you will not feel you are bound. You will not be feeling bound if you stop in the red signal in the traffic rule if you know the context. While you were following, you will not feel bound.

Second – All the grey area will be your freedom. 

The freedom which comes by knowing the context is two end – One, even while you are following, you will not be bound. Second, all the grey area is your freedom. But when we don’t know the context, even while you are following, we will feel we are slaves and we do not know the grey area and we do not have the freedom or command over the grey area. At the end of the day, even Powers, is nothing but knowing the grey area of the Cosmic Rules. When we know the context, context of the Cosmic rules is Dharma. When we know the Dharma, even if you follow the rules, you will not feel bound and because you know the grey area, you know where to play. Knowing where you can play and where you need to obey, itself is a Power.

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How do all of us find peace and happiness in our lives?

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Mohandas Pai – Swamiji, thank you so much for talking to me. Is very fascinating to be here. 
Swamiji – Thank you for being here.

Mohandas Pai – It’s very fascinating to be here, to see so many people who have come to meet you and talk to you. I want to start off this dialogue by asking you a very simple question – how do all of us find peace and happiness in our lives? What is the magic that we need to do, to be happy and to be peaceful within?

Swamiji Happiness is actually a alchemy process in us, independent of any external happening. We are trying constantly, to achieve happiness in the wrong direction, thinking that only certain permutation, combinations of the external happening can cause happiness in us. It is like a completely misunderstanding the chemistry. If A + B is going to be C, and we go on try to add C + D and reach the A, it is never going to happen. Same way, the alchemy of the happiness, has to be understood as a independent process than the external happenings and permutation, combinations of the external happiness. This itself solves almost 80% of the problem. Then, building happiness is a separate profession we need to do; like making business.

Mohandas Pai Oh…

Swamiji It is unfortunate, we believe just by making business or building our career or building a relationship, happiness is achieved. NO.!  It’s a separate alchemy process. Of course, thousands of times simpler than building a career and profession. It may be simple, but it is separate process. We need to look in, to the basic understandings which makes that spiritual alchemy process of happiness happen in us. May be looking into that and following that science, happiness can be developed. And developing happiness can be the first fundamental foundational requirement, even to develop our business and career and all the other things; because if we develop happiness, peace will be side-effect. Peace itself is not main effect. Peace will be side effect. That will equip us, to handle all the things we need to do, to build our career, profession, relationship and all that.

Without building the happiness inside, if we directly start building external things –

1st – Tremendous stress.

2ndEven after achieving the goal, we suddenly feel whatever we lost in the path is too much, to reach this result. So that leads to frustration. I call it – Depression of Success.

Mohandas Pai – Oh…

Swamiji – Successful, but whatever we gave up, looks too much of…too much we gave up, to achieve this. After achieving that only we understand, “I think this may not be that worthy”. So building happiness is an independent science, alchemy, which every individual need to do, before even beginning the life. If we missed, at least now.

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 Today I wanted to expand on the Science of Completion, as Nithya Dhyaan Yoga second day is happening. Please understand as time, when you spend on Completion, is the time your consciousness is growing. Please understand, the time you spend in your mother’s womb is the time your body got created. Same way, the time you spend in the Master’s Presence, your consciousness gets created. After your body is created, the time you spent by eating, resting, maintaining the body, makes your body grow. Same way, after the initiation here, the time you spend in Completion makes your consciousness grow. Listen, listen. Spend as much time as possible in the space of Completion! Because Completion is the time you make new decisions to have a breakthrough in your life! Please understand, Completion is the time you make breakthrough decisions in your life. When you make and cherish those breakthrough decisions, your Kundalini energy is awakened and finds it’s way to fulfill you, complete you. Neither your actions towards money, nor your actions towards your health, or your actions to have joy in relationships or your actions to have bliss in spirituality, no action will give result unless the action is from the Context of Completion! Understand, breathing itself cannot keep you alive if you cannot separate oxygen from the air and digest it into your system. Actions itself cannot make what you want into reality unless you can make the decisions out of Completion!

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  • Perpetual possibility is directly proportional to perpetual non-doing. Perpetual possibility is possible.
  • Restful awareness happens by being in the space of perpetual space of possibility.
  • Happiness is being sure about you for few moments. Bliss is being sure about you forever.
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Man, Woman and Love

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Women fall in love by what they hear. Men fall in love by what they see. That is why, women are so busy in make-up; men are so busy in making-up!

And you know the funny thing? In a few days the make-up also will go away, making-up also will go away! How long can you say you are a big company owner? Till she comes and sees your roadside platform office!

Unfortunately, men cannot hear, they can only see. When they are impressed by what they see, they don’t hear at all! Same way, women, when they are impressed by what they hear, they can’t see at all!

Many times, women think, ‘I should have come and seen the office and house once before marriage.’ When both of you realize you were dumbos, love disappears! That is the truth! I am telling you the exact truth! How exactly things happen! But you know the funny thing? It is not only the fact! When you really, really fall in love, suddenly you experience the space of Completion! Because of that Completion, you feel this other person is enough. You don’t understand it is Completion which is giving you the feeling of Completion, not the other person!

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State of Completion


Completion is being spontaneous, powerful, without having the hangover of the past in the present, having complete inner-space available to you to further your life. Having your inner-space completely in your hand to further your life.

Completion is the state where you rest in awareness.

You always rest in unconsciousness, but with Completion you rest in awareness, you rest in peace, you rest in your existence, you rest in you!

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When you dream, Life does not make fun of you

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Life yearns for you to become reality.

When you dream, life dreams through you.

The moment you start dreaming, life starts building its dreams about you. Dreams of life for you are hundred times more stronger and powerful than anything you can dream for yourself.

The dreams Life can dream for you is thousand times more powerful than the dreams you can create for yourself. But when you start dreaming for yourself, Life’s dream for you starts opening itself through you. You might have tried and started dreaming to become an MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly), but Life will dream and make you the Chief Minister! I am giving you an example. You might have started dreaming for a million dollars, but Life will dream to make you a billionaire! Understand, Life’s dreams for you are always larger than your dreams for yourself!

So, I tell you, when you dream, Life does not make fun of you. Only when you don’t take responsibility for your dreams, you make fun of yourself and collapse! Life never makes fun of you. You make fun of you when you don’t take responsibility for it. When you don’t take responsibility, life collapses you.


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Earlier, I used to think that listening about spiritual truths is God. When I became enlightened, I realized – No.

Any listening is God.

If you are listening to the sparrow’s sound without giving any meaning to it –  just pure listening – that is God. 

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Constantly, the emotions you cherish becomes the source of your bio-energy. Whatever is the source of your bio-energy impacts your thinking. Please understand, it is like a vicious circle. It is like one feeds to the other. If you are constantly agitated, having depression, that becomes your bio-energy. If depression and agitation become your bio-energy, naturally you tend to think towards more depression and more agitation. So, what you think becomes your bio-energy, what is your bio-energy forms the basis for your thinking.