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Whatever you decide you are going to decide forever becomes the decision for Life immediately!

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Just the other day I was telling in the satsangh, if you decide clearly that, till death you are going to decide only FOR wealth, you will feel, ‘Then why should I delay till death? Come on, let me start deciding NOW, and let me start expressing!’ Life will be aligned, tuned!

I tell you, frustrated beings, frustrated beings are the criminals of Planet Earth. Listen! Frustrated beings are the criminals of Planet Earth! When somebody is frustrated, starts deciding AGAINST LIFE, they are the dangers to Planet Earth. When somebody constantly decides FOR LIFE, they become the juice of Planet Earth, the essence of Planet Earth!

Listen! Go on deciding, go on deciding FOR LIFE. And, know, when you need to change, even your change will automatically happen when you decide FOR LIFE. For example, if you decide for Wealth, thinking that is life, after sometime you will realize, much more than Wealth there is something in you which is more important for life; you will start deciding for that. That may be Health. And, after some time, you will realize, more than Health something more important exists in you that is life. That is Enlightenment. So, ultimately, if you go on deciding FOR LIFE, FOR LIFE, FOR LIFE, you will decide for LIVING ADVAITHA! But, when you believe Money is life, don’t decide FOR Living Advaitha; then you will be hypocritical.

When you believe MONEY IS LIFE, decide for Money.

When you realize HEALTH IS LIFE, decide for Health.

When you realize ENLIGHTENMENT IS LIFE, decide for Enlightenment.

When you realize EVERYTHING IS LIFE, decide for Everything! You will have energy to have EVERYTHING – Money, Health, Enlightenment, EVERYTHING!

Deciding FOR LIFE consciously in every step makes you free from all the Karma.

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  • Your health is simply totality of your beliefs.
  • Your whole body is new within 1 year 8 days (373 days).
  • Every moment know very clearly that Life around you is you. 

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Carrying powerlessness as cognition is Life impriosonment !

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Having the wrong idea about you, you carrying wrong cognition about you, you thinking that powerfulness happened in your life once in a while only as an accident, otherwise powerlessness is your nature, is the worst life imprisonment. Whole day, whole night, you will be in that prison.  

I still remember very funny incident.  One police officer, when he was trying to arrest me illegally in Himachal Pradesh, I was very cool, calm, relaxed and going and just sitting in the car. He was so agitated, I think he knows he is doing something illegal; he should not be arresting somebody so illegally without even having any false complainant.  At least, he should cook up a false complainant and then arrest.  Without even cooking up a false victim he is arresting, he knows.  He is completely agitated.  He hit himself in the car frame and started bleeding and he was complaining of back-pain.  I just put my hand, immediately the bleeding stopped and back-pain became alright. But, I saw, poor guy he can’t directly express his gratitude.  I saw he was bending as if he dropped his kerchief and the kerchief is at least two feet away from my feet but his hand comes near my feet and touch. I was laughing inside.  I was thinking, ‘Poor fellow must be in the life imprisonment inside.’  But what to do?  He is only an arrow; he is not responsible for his actions.  He is forced to do what he is doing.  Who forced, nobody knows? Anyhow, leave it, what has happened has happened.  

I was just seeing whether it is police officials or the human-beings, or the devotee, or a disciple or a sannyasi or brahmachari, whoever you may be, if you have a wrong idea about you, you are in life imprisonment.  You are in life imprisonment, be very clear.

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Technique for all the big-belly

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Resistance forms the basic blockage which creates stress.  That is the reason for the cholesterol. The cholesterol which comes due to stress, starts getting built in your life and I tell you, I can give this as a technique for all the big-belly.  No, really, all the people who are little big-bodied, who have too much cholesterol, I  give this one technique:

Stop resisting !

I am not teaching acceptance.  Stop resisting. Suddenly, the stress level in you will drastically drop because you need to know, the stress in you, the stress built in you is not because of your life, but because trying to finalize the whole flow of life sitting in one room. It is like, before even you start living, you try to have the whole picture of your life.  When you stop resisting, suddenly your whole internal thinking will be free from stress and the cholesterol will melt as if it is put in the fire, like a ghee melts when it is poured in the lamp or the Homa. 

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Listen every moment !

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Every part of your body carries some or the other memory. For example, when you have worry, your stomach gets agitated. You should know one more truth and that is that every part of your body every moment awakens its memory inside you.Your thinking is nothing but the collection of the memories radiated by all the parts of your body. That is why there is no logic in your thinking. Sometimes because of small-small problems you experience self-hatred. And sometimes people are able to come out of diseases like cancer even because of their self-confidence. To silence the memories of your muscle memory you need the power of listening.


Listen every moment!


In the state of listening don’t allow your agitation to interfere. If you listen, whatever you do after that, will not be aggression but activism. Listen to every sound in life, whether that is the sound of a bird, or the sound of thoughts or feelings generated inside you.


Your thoughts are nothing but the sounds of your muscle memory.

Your feelings are nothing but the sounds of your biomemory.


Listen to both – sounds outside and inside you. The sounds outside you are the action. The sounds inside you are reaction. Action is reality but reaction is not natural.


When the sounds of the reaction inside you reduces, then your Kundalini Shakti awakens. Just the power of listening is enough to awaken the kundalini energy. Listening is the tool to awaken your consciousness, that is why Mahadev has not given the facility to close the ears. When the outer sounds silence the inner sounds, your Kundalini energy awakens.


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Your body is an integrated intelligence!


When was the last time you sang with your eyes? Danced with your smile? Throw your whole body and being into anything, just anything?

If you notice children, their whole body is one organic unity. Whatever they are doing, their whole body just flows into that action. They don’t create separation in the body. It is not as if the head is important and the feet are unimportant. The truth is that there is no division in your body, no natural demarcations exist. But by and by demarcations start coming up. Then the head becomes the master, and the whole body is divided into parts. We stop experiencing our body as a whole. We create roles for each part of our body, and then limit them in these roles. We forget to be total in anything. In the martial arts tradition, students are told, Your whole body should become an eye! Just imagine! This is the kind of sensitivity that needs to be developed in the body! This is what is being total. Totality is the way to live. Your mind is always limiting you. Drop your mind and be total in whatever you do. Then there will be no hangover in anything. Everything will become a joyful meditation. You will experience fulfillment in whatever you do. When you miss the totality, you become fragmented. When you are total, you become integrated. Being integrated is your true nature.

Whatever you are doing, it naturally becomes your meditation for that moment. When you are looking at something, look with your whole body. Understand, you don’t just see with the eyes. You can see with your whole body! When you are looking at something intensely, totally, your whole being flows towards that. But we rarely enter into anything totally. Now, be total and integrated in all your body movements. When you are listening, listen with your whole body. Let a deep silence be created in your center. Let your listening happen from that center. When you are laughing, feel the laughter rising from deep inside you. Let your whole body bubble with laughter! Even when you are working, using only your hands, feel the movement in your whole body. Experience your body as an integrated whole. Experience every pore of your skin looking, listening, laughing. Don’t think, how can I see with my skin? There are many interesting incidents where blind people have taught their fingers to ‘see’ colors!

You don’t realize, your body is an integrated intelligence! You never use all the possibilities of your body. When you are total, a new sensitivity flowers in your body. Your body responds as a whole to life. You begin to live completely with your body. Not only that, you will find your body expressing abilities that you never imagined. Your body has a tremendous potential that you have never used. When you fulfill all the possibilities of your body, naturally you become ready to go beyond the body.

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One word is enough !

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Once a small town was visited by a saint. As he passed by a small hut, a woman came to him and begged him to pray for her critically-ill child. Since the saint was new to the town, a crowd gathered around him and see if he could do anything. 

The woman brought the sick child to him and he said the prayer over her.

‘Do you really think your prayer will help her when medicine has failed?’, yelled a man from the crowd. From the crowd one guy shouted, ‘Will your prayer work when medicine has failed?’

‘You idiot, you don’t know what I am doing! and just shut up’, said the saint to the man.

The man became furious with these words with his face grew hot and red. He was about to say something or perhaps hit the saint.

The saint walked towards him and said, ‘If one word has such power to make you so angry and hot, may not another word have a power to heal?’

When one word can make you mad, another word can make you heal!

Please understand, single word can break relationship of ten or twenty years. Single word can make the relationship which was not there for ten or twenty years. Single word can break the relationship of ten or twenty years. Single word can make the relationship which was not there for ten or twenty years.

Even when you decide in your feeling that you are going to take the responsibility for the words you uttered, for the words you are uttering, the Power of Words expresses through you.

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Power of Words

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I can give you one small example.
If you just go on uttering for a few days “I am sick, I am sick, I am sick!”, and others also utter that words towards you, you will simply be sick. I am giving you a negative example, because the negativity catches you very quickly, you catch negative examples very quickly.

Same way, if you constantly tell yourself “I am healthy, I am healthy, I am healthy!”, and you use the same words towards others also, to others also – “I am healthy, I am healthy, I am healthy!” – I tell you, from somewhere the courage and energy and Kundalini will be awakened in you. The courage and Kundalini will be awakened in you, you will be really healthy.

As natural programming, you tend to hold your words up and high. So, when you give word to yourself and others “I am healthy, I am healthy”, the extra Kundalini awakens in your system and holds your declaration as reality, holds your declaration high and up. Words you utter towards you, the words you utter towards others are so powerful, you need to know, the words you utter towards yourself and others guides your thinking, the way your thinking flows.

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Constantly, the emotions you cherish becomes the source of your bio-energy. Whatever is the source of your bio-energy impacts your thinking. Please understand, it is like a vicious circle. It is like one feeds to the other. If you are constantly agitated, having depression, that becomes your bio-energy. If depression and agitation become your bio-energy, naturally you tend to think towards more depression and more agitation. So, what you think becomes your bio-energy, what is your bio-energy forms the basis for your thinking.

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Authenticity is nothing but completing with the incompletions you carry about being active. Complete with all the incompletions you have about being active ! Most unfortunate thing, happened in the world is parents not able to handle the kids when they are active and kids getting controlled for it. Kids start developing a pattern that being active is bad !!!! 

The first thing that will happen when you complete with the incompletions you carry in life regarding being active is: your lust pattern will leave you. Lust is just a side effect of being incomplete with being active…you are trying to be secretly active !!!

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Completion and Listening are the foundation

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Disciple asks Master, ‘What is the difference between you and me?’ Master replies, “I eat when I eat, I sleep when I sleep!’

Only if you are complete, you can do this! Only when you are complete, you can eat while you eat, you can sleep while you sleep. Unless you are complete, you can’t eat while you eat. You will be doing everything while you are eating! You will be doing everything while you sleep! Eat while you eat, sleep while you sleep.

Completion is enlightenment! Completion is auspiciousness! Completion is consciousness!

Complete!You will become more conscious.

Complete! You will become more auspicious.

Complete! You will have enlightenment!

Complete! You will have life!

Understand the life! Understand the strength! You will stop feeling powerlessness only after completion. Till completion, every moment of your life, in some way or other, you will have that shivering, feeling powerlessness continuously in you. Feeling powerless happens because you are broken to pieces! 

Integrity makes you feel powerful, strong. Strength happens in you with Integrity. Strength happens in you with Integrity. Knowledge happens in you with Integrity. Energy happens in you with Integrity. Power happens in you with Integrity. Everything good happens in you with Integrity, but Integrity happens in you only with completion! So, Completion and Listening are the base foundation on which these four principles stand as a pillar, and the space of miracles stands as a roof, enlightenment as a Kailash, and this is the building of Jeevan Mukthi!

Completion and Listening are the foundation. Without this foundation, nothing is possible. So, learn to find your root-pattern and complete! Learn to find your root pattern and complete!



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Holes in our Whole

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At any time even once if there is a situation or incident which is making us feel powerless, worried, angry, stressful, unhappy, sad, agitated, violent, guilty, vengeful, frustrated, overwhelmed, less than peaceful or blissful, then we can be sure there are incompletions or holes in our true self.



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The invisible hangovers [incompletions] crowding our inner space from every single incident that we encountered.


The innerspace of a child is more of visualization than verbalization. But when a child goes through a conflicting incident [less than blissful, could be a reprimanding from an elder, a sibling rivalry, fear stroke, etc] for the first time and thereafter, the child handles such a situation with inadequate cognition. That is when the identities and thought patterns set in.

To handle this emergency situation, one picks up 3 identities:

Mamakara: The image about oneself

Ahankara: The image one projects to others & the world

Sva Anyakara: The image about others & the world

Anyakara: The image which one believes that others & world has about oneself


These identities become the repeating root thought patterns which attracts similar situations throughout one’s life. The inner space with the hangovers starts handing all incidents and people with a repeating pattern, even though the people, time & place are different.

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By and by playing with identities of inadequate cognition and masks has become the accepted reality.


We need to integrate who we believe we are and who we project we are with who we truly are.

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Why ?

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WHY?! This is the first stone you face in the life. You can take this stone as obstruction and never move beyond it. Or you can use this stone as a stepping stone and start going up. Or you can use this stone even to take off!

This great ‘WHY?’! Please understand whatever is said and done, human-beings can move only with this ability to handle the great ‘WHY?’ If you are not able to answer to this great ‘WHY?’, if you are not able to convince yourself for this ‘WHY?’ you will continuously suffer lack of inspiration, energy, laziness, boredom. 

I tell you, the worst things can happen to human-beings is laziness attack, boredom attack. People talk about panic attack. No! I tell you, boredom attack and laziness attack is more costly than panic attack.

Panic attack happens to you if you have too many answers for ‘WHY?’

Boredom attack happens to you if you don’t have answer for ‘WHY?’

Laziness attack happens to you if you don’t even want to know the answer for ‘WHY?’! 

The great ‘WHY?’ which created philosophies, gave birth to principles, gave birth even to gods, goddesses, gave birth to religions, gave birth to spiritual groups, cults, sects, cultures, we will today indulge on this great ‘WHY?’
I have a news. You can take it as a good news or a bad news. For this great ‘WHY?’ you have to discover answer. It can be a good news if you are interested in finding the answer. It can be bad news if you think, ‘Oh, I have to find out! Nobody else will give me the answer!’

I tell you, with Integrity and Authenticity I tell you, please do not accept anybody’s answer for the ‘WHY?’ If you accept my answer for ‘WHY?’ you may be living for my answer. At the most, my answer can be an inspiration for you to find out the answer for ‘WHY?’

This ‘WHY?’ created religions, made many people reach their peak and killed many people brutally in religious terrorism. For the religious terrorism to spiritual enlightenment, for the whole – see, one end of the spectrum is religious terrorism, one end of the spectrum is spiritual enlightenment – for both, “WHY?” is a reason. If you don’t find the answer for “WHY?” and eat somebody else’s answer, you can even be made as a religious terrorist! If you find your own answer for the “WHY?” you will become spiritually enlightened! 

This great “WHY?” this was the yesterday’s discussion with me and my, I can say that top organizers of Dhyanapeetam who run my sangha literally. I was having discussion. 

All of them asked, ‘We need to answer this one question, Swamiji, “WHY?”! 
So, I contemplated, contemplated, contemplated on it. I told them straightaway, ‘Now I don’t have answer. I will get back to you.’ Thanks to the disciples who give me the space to say, “I don’t know”, understand, it is a; it is not greatness of me; it is the greatness of my disciples! They are ready for an answer of this sort from me that ‘I don’t know! I will get back to you guys!’ Of course, I have started contemplating, meditating, and I can see the answer is evolving. 

They were asking me, ‘Why these four tattwas? Why meditation? Why kriya? Why all this?’ We go on teach people ‘HOW’: how to live the four tattwas; how to do the kriya. But still we have yet to answer this great question of “WHY?”


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Don’t follow rules and tradition blindly !

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In the Olden days, people in India did not stitch clothes after sunset. This is because all stitching was done by hand with a needle. In the dim candle or kerosene lamp light it w$as not possible to see properly and one could get hurt by poking the fingers with needle. Even now in India, some people will not stitch with a needle after sunset. Even seamstresses and tailors will not do it, though we now have electricity and lights. They may not even stitch using machines! When we don’t have the necessary understanding of a practice, it becomes a dead rule, a superstition. With understanding, any rule can become a technique, a tool that helps us to lead life happily.

With deep understanding, it will dawn upon us that all rules were basically created to help people live blissfully and happily. The rules were meant to ensure that you were in peace with yourself and the others around you. Today, we have forgotten the basis for these rules. We create hell for ourselves and others with these rules.

There are people who truly believe that meditation and prayer will save their lives. They have been told so! They fuss a lot before they begin to meditate at home. They silence the children and all others around. They turn the whole household upside down. All for the sake of ten minutes of meditation! Let us see how the meditation proceeds. The moment meditation begins, they doze off! After a minute or two, they will start swatting mosquitoes. A couple of minutes later, a major itch manifests on some part of their body. Then, the back will begin to ache. Enough is enough, they decide, “I will continue this tomorrow. It is enough for today.”

Meditation is done for the sake of peace and silence. Why meditate at all, if inner awareness cannot be created? It is like a speaker trying to silence the listeners by outshouting at them. Will it help? If the listener is not interested however much one shouts, it is of no use. You cannot silence your inner chatter by making others quiet. You need to become silent, not others. We follow rules and tradition blindly. That is why religion has such a powerful hold on us.

Let us awaken to the powers that are within us! Nature has endowed us with unimaginable energy to be free. Be alert, awake and reach for this liberation!

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Cause and Effect

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If you don’t know the connection b/w cause and effect and confused, you are in incompletion and confused. What happens is called accident.
If you know the connection b/w cause and effect, you are in completion. What happens is life.
If you don’t know the connection b/w cause and effect, you are in utter clarity. You are in super-consciousness. What happens is called miracles.

Neither for chandalaas nor for enlightened beings – Cause and Effect will make no sense. As chandalaas has too much Cause and too much Effect. Enlightened beings has no Cause and no Effect.

Cause is a action/word/deed/thought which creates certain incompletion in you and in others, and pushes you to reap the fruits of incompletion in your life.
Effect is the incompletion multiplying continuously instead of moving towards completion.

Stopping the effect immediately and rewinding the effect towards the cause and merging the effect into the cause is Completion.

Anything which has not made its effect completely in you is Cause.
Any cause which has made its completion on you is Effect.

Any pattern which you have not completed as long as it remains as a pattern in you, it is called Cause. 
When it is expressed in action it is called Effect.

Cause is which happens in your mamakara. 
Effect is which happens outside you. 

You need to know it is always from inside to outside.
Whatever you give will come back. NO. How you cause that same way only it comes back to you. If you cause something out of completion what you get back is a miracle. If you cause something out of incompletion what you get back will be great hell. Even giving boon out of incompletion is dangerous – Karna.

The space you are in is more important for understanding the law of cause and effect.


Be Cause. Because if you are not Be and Cause, you will be causing the effects for which you cannot say because.


Let your being be in completion and Cause, Effect will also be in completion.

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Why is listening so important to people?

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Because listening is attention, and attention is energy! When you genuinely listen to someone, you not only boost their self worth, but also their energy levels! This is why people feel so fulfilled when someone listens to them. If you listen closely when somebody is sharing, especially if they are sharing a problem, you will see that almost always, what they are looking for is understanding and empathy, not your solutions for their problems. It is also a commonly held notion that one has to be loud and heard to be noticed and to progress in society. In fact true power may lie in the ability to be silent and truly listen as this brings real insight into the needs and how we can best interact with the other.

Listening has become a lost art. Although we are taught the communication tools of reading, writing and verbalizing from childhood, the art of active and empathetic listening is often overlooked. Research suggests that people accurately comprehend and recall approximately 50% of what they hear. Within the next forty eight hours, most forget half of the retained information, hence leaving a mere 25% of what was initially heard. Why is listening so hard? Most of the time, and especially in the midst of disagreements, we are busy formulating our own opinion and thinking about what we are going to say. This prevents us from actually hearing what is being said. In addition, emotions such as anger and certain words may trigger thought patterns that can cause our mind to be distracted and wander. As a consequence, we hear what we want to hear and don’t hear what we don’t want to hear.

Only when we are externally silent and have quietened our inner chatter can true listening happen. This creates the space for a deep understanding of what the other person really wants to communicate. The inability to set aside the urge to voice our emotions and opinions and listen without judgment is a major cause for misunderstandings and disagreements. The complaint that family, employers and others are not listening to us is commonplace in today’s society, and may be a major factor in the popularity of therapy, where one feels one is being listened to. Studies show that true leadership is linked to the ability to effectively listen to those around you. Practice the art of listening in your life. Observe the tendencies we have to formulate our responses without really listening to the other, and see what new understandings and closeness it can bring with those in your life.

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Have you taken an honest look at your relationships?

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In every relationship, we are constantly trying to sculpt the other person in the way we have imagined them to be. Even without being aware of it, we continuously try to control and change and possess the other. To try to possess a living person is the ultimate disrespect you can show them! It means we are trying to convert a person into property. We degrade energy into matter. We carry an image of our ideal person inside our heads, and try to mold the other person in the same image! If we can only drop the images inside us we will find endless possibilities for enjoying the relationship. A real relationship can never happen as long as you have fantasies. Even if you stay for twenty-four hours in the same house with the other person, you don’t look into their eyes! Because you live with fantasy and not reality. You don’t actually live with the real person. When you learn to drop your fantasy and imaginations about others, you will experience the real relationship blossoming!

InnerAwakening – experience blissful relationships

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Wealth is an extension of you !

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Wealth is not just an object, a thing to be achieved. Anything that adds to you is wealth! The quality of health you enjoy, the state of your relationships, the fulfillment you experience in your career, your mental state, your sense of inner fulfillment – all these are measures of the success with which you have created wealth in your life. When there is a beautiful coherence in all these dimensions of your life, material wealth follows naturally. In the same way, the success with which you create and sustain wealth is a measure of the success with which you are managing your life. Life management is wealth management.

Wealth is your personality. If you are fully alive, you would be naturally creating and enjoying wealth. If you are not wealthy, it means that some part of you is still struggling for complete expression. In Sanskrit, the goddess who presides over wealth is called Lakshmi’. The word ‘Lakshmi’ has a deeper meaning – it means ‘intensified goal’. Lakshmi is the quality of being intense, total in your pursuit, no matter what the goal. Any goal that is pursued with intensity will naturally bring wealth into your life.

Wealth is a natural dimension of you. That is why it is possible to create wealth through meditation. This does not mean that you will learn some secret mantras for materializing wealth! But meditation can clear the unconscious mental-set-up and behavioral patterns that are obstructing the flow of wealth in your life. When the confusions and obstructions in your life are removed, wealth follows naturally.

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Past records verses Possibility is the fight between creativity and laziness.

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Past record continuously claims laziness even for the greatest creator. I want to confess here even my past record makes me believe I am a failure,after creating this whole universe.Understand when I said ME at that moment I don’t mean this six feet, I meant what I experience as ME. 

Do not believe in Past records. Believe only in Possibility. All great things are created by people who believe in possibility.

The man who perceives the possibility is a Theist – creator. Man who constantly looks at the past record is Atheist.

Integrity of thinking means not having past records continuously influence you, instead letting the new life happen to you. Possibility is life. Past record is dead. When ever you look at the Past records you are dead. Whenever you look at the Possibility you are alive.Whether it is relationship, health, wealth or mental health or even enlightenment, if you look at the past records you are sure you will never be able to get enlightenment, not only now, never. If you look at the possibility you will feel – “Wow! He is here, why can’t then me?”

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Take Responsibility!

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When you take responsibility for everything that is happening inside and outside you, then many possibilities are available for you. Take Responsibility! When you take responsibility, then your very breathing will expand. Your thinking, breathing and experience of life – all this progress, when you take responsibility. When you take responsibility with integrity and authenticity, then the mystical spiritual powers are awakened in you. Taking responsibility, awakens the power of creativity in you. With responsibility, you can cure all diseases from your head ache to cancer. Understand – When you expand and experience responsibility, then a unique grace is awakened in you.  

Being responsible is not just to increase your productivity in your work, but to enrich your entire life. Taking responsibility is life. Not taking responsibility is death. When you don’t take responsibility, you shrink. When you take responsibility you expand. In whichever field you feel responsible, you expand in that field. If you take responsibility in every field, then in that every field, you will expand.When you take responsibility for your heart beat, then you will have the capacity to understand the others heart beat also. 

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Relationships are expression of your Inner state

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Integrity expands your relationship at different levels. You relate with a lot of things in your life – others, wealth, business, healthy, etc. When you bring integrity, then – you will remove the ignorance that exists in all your relationships. Whenever you experience conflict in your relationships, again and again your in-authenticity presents itself to you. When you bring integrity as the space inside you, the space you perceive, you experience, you operate, suddenly so much of healing happens to you and others. With integrity and authenticity, you will experience a new ‘you’ in you. 

Only when you honor the word you give to others, they will have confidence over you and the relationship expands. Only when you honor the word you give to others, they will have confidence over you and the relationship expands. Relationships are not something external, relationships are expression of your inner state. When you bring in the state of integrity, others will have confidence in you and the conflicts in your life will end. 

Unfortunately, humans are not ready for permanent solutions, they only search for temporary solutions. That is the reason why Guru or teachers give temporary solutions. Permanent solution, even if it takes time, if you start living it, it can immediately end your conflict.

When integrity becomes your way of thinking, then, your self-confidence on you and others’ confidence in you increases. Listen, take on only permanent solutions in your life. Integrity expands you in your view and you in others view. The power of Integrity can make you into a Siddha Purusha. Not only this, Sampoorthi (Integrity) brings friendliness in your relationships. Sampoorthi is an amazing practice that can continuously bring completion in your life. Without integrity you will not know the speed of your life. Only with integrity you will know the purpose of your life.

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Nirbhaya Dhyana – Death Meditation

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Every fear you accumulate, every fear makes you feel agitated, every fear which you do not want to think or remember – go through, go into all those fears consciously neither deciding to save yourself from that fear nor having greed to achieve what you are afraid of. So without having the greed or fear enter into the fear. Naturally the fear will lose its quality of fear when you do not carry fear or greed for the fear. Greed has its quality of greed because you are greed for greed and fear about the greed. Same way the fear has the quality of fear because you are fear for the fear and indirect greed towards the fear. So when your fears are approached with fearlessness and greedlessness, the straightening out of your consciousness every day happens.

The change of consciousness from Jagrath to Swapna, Swapna to Sushupthi ; The waking state to dream state and dream state to the deep sleep state happens because your awareness is not straightened out. Either the bumps of the fear or bumps of the greed responsible for your consciousness jumping from waking state to dream state or dream state to deep sleep state. If you remove all the bumps of the fear before falling asleep you will not fall asleep, you will fall into something called restful awareness, which is recorded by the word – Turiya – by the earlier mantra drashtas. So the word Turiya denotes the state of falling into the restful awareness without the bumps of fear or greed. Every night remove all the bumps you created during your day time through fear or greed. Continous practice of removing all the bumps of fear and greed by facing them will help you to fall into the state of Turiya. This is what Mahadeva calls as Death process – Nirbhaya Dhyana.

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Completion – Poornatva


What is Pattern. A action unfulfilled as per your fantasy either because of outside hindrance or inside hindrance is in-completion. Please understand ,if expectations are not met yourself or by persons outside ,it remains as incomplete , for
example, you always wanted to wake up early morning and practice yoga but you never succeeded in that ,it remains as in completion.You always wanted your father to be very loving and caring and he never honored your expectation that remains as in completion. Completing, please understand completing all the in completion is the basic step in the life.Whatever hurts you are carrying ,if any body reach out to that person feel complete.If you are not able to reach out to that person at least sit in front of the mirror , invoke that person and complete. Unless Poornatva happens ,nothing nothing can be done. Life does not start. Same way within you ,if you have certain fantasies about you ,the ideas about you either fulfil them or drop
them. If you can afford to fulfill them with your adopted life style fulfill, if you cant fulfill it authentically with your adopted life style drop.

Authentic listening. Please understand, authentically listen to the cries of your heart , Your heart continue to cry for your attention. Authentically listen. Listening does not mean you will just do your heart says. Even if you are ready to give your ear ,after telling your heart says it is OK you have heard me that is enough. Many time even in your family, in your team people does not want you to solve their problem , they just want you to listen to their problem. Once you listen even if you don’t solve it is OK .

First thing understand complete with yourself and complete with others. Completion has to be taken like spiritual practice for at least one year. One year go on dig out with whom all you carry in completion. If you are carrying in completion with me sit with my photograph. Every photograph listens to you and respond to you, it is independent intelligence. Understand very authentically and with integrity, I tell you this word – This Body is Chinmaya Vigraha. Embodiment of super-consciousness without any rajas and tamas i.e. restlessness and inertness.It is Shuddha-Chitta Chinmaya Vigraha, any shadow of it, even if you painted it because you paint it after you visualize it. Already the Chinmaya Vigraha has entered your heart and came out through your hand , it has filled your inner space.Even my remote paintings , pictures done by eN genius kids about me is Chinmaya Vigraha. 

Understand Chaya is Kaya – Shadow is original. Portrait is being . Either is rajas or thamas is added in the body then all photographs may not be chimaya vigraha. Only when I am in satwa photographs taken is Chimaya Vigraha. But I tell you I have not added this time anything. A pure Shudda-Chitha Chinmaya Vigraha. Any of my photograph, any painting , any portrait done by any amateur artist is Shudda-Chitha Chinmaya Vigraha. Sit with any one of that and complete, I will listen to you. I am listening to you. I will help you to listen to your own heart.

First learn to listen to your own heart’s cry. Most of the time you are not listening to yourself. Sit in front of a mirror talk what ever you wanted to tell yourself, spend time with you. Talk, talk. Listen as a person inside the mirror. Listen,listen,listen .This one process of completion of yourself humanity will walk out of depression.

Humanity can invite this one practice as lesson in your schools, educational organizations as curriculum for bringing up human beings. Helping humanity to sit with mirror and talking to themselves. Completing with your self – swapoornatwa.
Swapoornatwa means completion of your self. Try this any of you have knee pain, back pain ,can’t sit straight, can’t sit in vajrasana, do this swapoornatwa, sitting with mirror and completing with you. Next day you will sit with out pain.Because every pain you carry inside you as different parts of your body is nothing but not completing with you.

Yesterday one of my ashramite came and told me, I was speaking to one of our brahmmachari, he was feeling very disturbed, I asked him the reason. He said our ashramites and devotees when they come to the ashram they should use some decent dress , they should not wear churidar. He is a brahmmachari , he was telling, they should not use the dress and body language provoking, inviting. Moment I heard , I felt so sad. Understand, the disturbance is from not from outside it is always disturbance from inner woman. It is always from the woman in the inside.This is nothing but in-completion inside. 

There is a beautiful story in Narada’s life .Before he was given the status of Chiranjeevi, Deva Rishi. Seems Narada was made to go through. Life with Narada, He is one of the celestial media officer, that is the right word to use. He was made to go through living with beautiful naked woman and the rivers of nectar, alcohol, somarasa all types of pleasures and wide varieties and wild quantities because He was not touched by all this He was given the title of Deva Rishi. I know I am not going to put you in that situation, I know what chaos you will create. Don’t worry, don’t fantasize, I am going to help you for that.

All I am telling you is completion inside. Listen to your heart’s cries. May be your heart is crying that it want certain pleasures, lust or love that may come from lust. Your heart may be craving for it listen. I am not saying just go behind heart and fulfill. No. Just listen. By listening itself your heart will get finished saying that is all I wanted, leave it, don’t need any thing more.

Sit in front of a mirror ,connect with the person you are seeing in the mirror eye to eye. With your eye contact sit alone with the mirror, alone with yourself. One of the great Avadhutas happened in Southern part of India, He is called Vaikuntapathy Ayya. He was called Ayya, Vaikuntapathy, a great Avadhutha, great social reformer , still they have around 3000 temples all over the world . There only mirror is the deity. He knew this technique and He promoted this technique. Mirror is the deity, you go and stand infront of the mirror and talk to your self , complete with yourself. Do Poornatwa and come back . His samadhi is there near Kanya kumari.He is called Vaikuntapathy, great Avadhutha . In his memory, respect to him, we will dedicate a mirror in all our centers and ashram , where people can come and do swapoornatwa. Beautifully framed mirror should be kept in all our centers and ashrams , where people can come and do swapoornatwa.

As a reminding the process of Swapoornatwa. Please understand completing with yourself. Let me describe the technique:-

Comfortably be seated in front of the mirror. 

Have deep eye to eye contact with the body and reflection.Please understand both put together is you. I will call as Kaya and Chaya ,both put together is you.

Let the kaya and chaya have a deep eye to eye contact. The moment you have deep eye to ye contact. First thing you will have is ripples. You are waiting to cry yourself. You are waiting to cuddle and cry yourself.Cuddle yourself and cry yourself for so many things you did to you or others did to you .The injustifications you did to you and others did to you ,waiting to cuddle with you and cry. Cuddle your chaya ,hold your chaya and cry. Nothing wrong. Complete.

Just this Swapoornatwa eases so much and makes the miracle space available in you. Ananda Gandha is what I call miracle space. Complete, complete it with yourself . Let you talk to your shadow, your chaya. You will be surprised ,your shadow will start talking to you., advise you. Listen to you. Will relive you from fear, relive you from many of your lust patterns, relive you from many of your attention need , will relive you from many of your guilts.

Sit with mirror to Swapoornatwa. Complete with yourself. Whenever you feel any disturbances in you, just sit with a mirror and complete. If you sit with mirror and start completing, you will learn two things. You will learn to listen to yourself. Please understand , when you start learning to listen to yourself , then you will know how to listen to others. Listen, listen listen, that is the completion starts, whether the completion with in you or others.It starts by listening.

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Secret for Enlightenment

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Do not continuously look at the ideas in which you fail or stuck, but continuously look at the ideas which you are able to make physically real. Please understand, even if you think you are the worst seeker, you will have at least 10 ideas which has become physical reality

Even in being bad you are not that Big.

Even among the worst, you are not number One. Don’t be Egoistic. So, even if you think you are the worst person, you have at least 10 ideas able to make it into physical reality. Hold them. That is the secret to enlightenment for you. Swamiji_Kailash

People ask Me, am I intellectual type, spiritual type, being type, which type ?  This is the way to find the scale. There are some ideas or truths which intellectually does not click. There are some ideas which intellectually clicks. There are some which physically clicks and you made it into reality. Looking those few and celebrating those few truths which have become physical reality will bring tremendous energy flow into the physically stuck ideas, those breakages will drop. Then that will spread into that intellectually stuck ideas also and break that also.  For example, I am giving the example of an ashramite. You have made living around ME as physical reality. Catch that one, all other things will lose its power over you. Such a big Himalayan task, after so much of obstructions, disturbances I made it a reality. I made it. Then, I am worthy. I can. When that shift happens, all other things which you are mid way or not even started will lose its power over you. 

The secret is ‘shifting your vision’. 

The mind is such a cunning fellow, he will remind only your silly failures. I tried many times to stop smoking, nothing happened. How can I even stop thinking. Smoking is such a superficial habit even that I am not able to stop, how can I stop thinking. NO. I can tell you, may be in smoking you are stuck but in stopping thinking you may be successful. You don’t know. There is no scale. You think one by one every engram you have to clean and then you will become enlightened, NO. Just hold the chain hanging on the wall, walk and jump that side. 

The secret is turning your attention to the truths which you made it into physical reality.