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When you remember this whole life is maya and fall asleep being aware of the third eye, you will naturally be able to heal yourself!

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Be very clear, these are not theories. These are all the truths of thousands of years of research and development by our rishis on the human consciousness.

Let you be very clear, this technology, these techniques can directly develop the quality of your life from today. You don’t have to think, ‘Oh! If I practice this technique for ten years, maybe in the eleventh year, it will give results.’ No!
Let you be very clear, because we do not know this technology, we started suspecting the science itself. For example, in some way if the theory of gravity is useful, applicable in your life, you will not suspect the science of the theory of gravity. But if it doesn’t have any direct application in your life, if you don’t have any direct benefit in your life from the theory, naturally, you tend to forget, you tend to question, and you tend to suspect it. Finally, you tend to completely throw out the whole science itself.

Just because we have not practiced this technology, this kind of truths and techniques in our life, we started suspecting the whole spirituality itself, ‘Is it going to really work for me? Is it going to really help me?’ (more…)

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By your very nature you are unclutched from body and mind!

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Please first understand that the thought that you are the body is itself an illusion. That is the first thought shaft that you create and suffer with as a result. If you start experiencing the truth that by your very nature you are illogical, independent, unconnected and unclutched, you will start creating a new, alive, and fresh body.

We abuse and disrespect our bodies in order to satisfy our ego. The moment we start to realize that we are not the body, we allow the body to function naturally. By its very nature, the body heals itself. The body has its own intelligence. However, you have lost connection with that wonderful intelligence. You constantly abuse and torture your body. The moment you start thinking, ‘I am the body,’ you start abusing the body. You do so many things to satisfy the mind that, by their nature, abuse the body. If you can relax from the idea that you are the body, you will start to respect the body. You will make decisions that allow the body intelligence to function beautifully. You will allow the body to live naturally. You will be alive, bubbling and overflowing with energy. The moment you start understanding that you are not the mind, you will have sharp intelligence and spontaneity. (more…)

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When you completely unclutch, tremendous awareness, energy and intelligence happens in your system.

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The purpose of social training is to make you believe that you have continuity of thoughts. Society constantly trains you to hold onto either the shaft of pain or the shaft of pleasure. If you start believing the shaft of pain, you will spend your whole life trying to break the shaft and you will waste your life. If you start believing the shaft of pleasure, you will spend your whole life trying to elongate the shaft and you will end up wasting your life again.

Society cannot tolerate your freedom. That is why it never gives you the courage to unclutch. Because once you unclutch, you cannot be controlled, manipulated, or exploited by anyone!

If you are in a cage, society can play with you and make you follow all the rules it wants you to. It can feed you when it wants to, and what it wants to. You become very useful to it. But you will be just a utility. The society does not really care for you, you are only a means to an end for them.

The moment you understand the truth that you are by nature a liberated being, the moment you relax, the inner healing or the bliss comes out and you feel the freedom. Once you start feeling the freedom, it is enough. It will give you tremendous confidence and courage to fly, to spread your wings in the sky. You will see that your being simply becomes a Paramahamsa in the pure cosmic Consciousness. (more…)

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It is the intelligence of the energy that is within us and in spite of us makes it possible for us to live and grow!

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If we are able to truly manage our mind with the understanding that it is our mind that connects thoughts to form shafts of pain and pleasure and if we stay unclutched, we can stay in what Buddha calls mindfulness. We can stay in awareness and in the present moment. It is our thought process that constantly takes us from past to future and back again and does not allow us to rest in the present moment.

Understand this clearly, when we are in the present moment we can stay out of trouble without fear and desire. We can act without fear and desire. You may ask how? How can I be motivated to do something if I do not desire it? There is no need for motivation. Do you think that it is motivation that makes you breathe or digest your food? It is the intelligence of the energy that is within and without us that makes it possible for us to live and grow. We live not because of us but in spite of us.

When we act without attachment, there is no consequence to our actions, there is no karma arising from our actions.

There is a very beautiful verse in the Isavasya Upanishad:

Om poornamadah poornamidam Poornaat poornamudachyate Poornasya poornamaadaaya Poornamevaavashishyate

From the Whole came the Whole. If you remove the Whole from the Whole, only the Whole remains. By very nature we seek the Wholeness. By very nature we seek fulfillment in anything we do.

Whether it is eating, drinking, jumping, reading, talking, sleeping, or meditating, in any activity that we engage, our being yearns to completely experience the activity and be fully involved in it. Are we fully conscious of every action we engage in? Are we aware every moment of our lives?

A small story:

A man was travelling by cab to the airport. The cab driver was driving very fast even around corners and sharp turns. The passenger was getting terrified with his driving.

Finally, the cab driver seeing the terrified passenger, said, ‘Why don’t you do what I do when I take turns? Just shut your eyes!’

When you are not completely aware and involved in the action you are engaged in, your being remains unfulfilled in that experience. The unfulfilled experience remains inside you and keeps pulling you to do the action again with intensity to fulfill it. This is karma.

Karma is the collection of unfulfilled experiences that stay in us and constantly pull us to fulfill them.

Anything that we do and experience intensely and deeply will always leave our system. It will liberate us. Any experience that we did not go through completely, through which we did not have complete fulfillment, that did not get our full energy, attention and awareness, remains inside us as karma.

Even though we carry some karma, basically we are complete fulfillment, Wholeness. So any karma that has not been fulfilled cannot rest inside us for too long. It will try its best to fulfill itself. It will drive us again and again to go through the same activity so that it can be fulfilled. Any desire, any experience, which has not become complete in our system, will remain as karma and push us again and again to make us go through the same experience until it is fulfilled.

We think, speak and do things without clarity, without fulfillment and with deep ignorance. All these thoughts, words and actions collectively contribute towards our karmic baggage because none of them gives rise to fulfillment in us. When they do not give rise to fulfillment our karma pushes us to somehow fulfill them. Our own thoughts, words and deeds become our karma and drive us to reach fulfillment in some way.

source: Living Enlightenment
source: Living Enlightenment
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Remembering the ‘Seer’ meditation technique

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There are two steps. Remember who the seer is. When you open the eyes, understand that you are seeing through the eyes. You are not seeing. Then suddenly you will see that your whole energy is centered in the ajna chakra or brow center between the two eyes. You will see things more clearly, in more detail like How you see things as fresh after it rains. Then you will have neither attachment nor detachment, you will not have any suffering.

For example, sometimes in your sleep, you know you are dreaming but you don’t come out of the dream. In that state, you can see that your dreams are clearer and you can even alter the dream. In the same way when you realize that what you think as reality now is only a dream, you will have the energy and intelligence to alter it!

When the frequency of your consciousness rises, you will get the intelligence to realize that it is only a dream and so there is no need to change it.

source: Living Enlightenment

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Whenever your mind suffers with worry, immediately be aware that somewhere you are interpreting the ways of Existence with your own ignorant mental setup!

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When you clearly understand that you are part of the grand plan of Existence, no worry can take root in you. Existence is a live energy being. It has tremendous intelligence with which it runs the whole show. We are all part of it. The same intelligence that conducts Existence is available to us too. If we tune in to it, our actions will be fluid and spontaneous like the happenings of Existence. If we don’t tune into it, we will harbor worry and fear and remain closed.

There is so much to learn from Existence!

Take animals, for example. Have you ever heard of worried sheep or cows? No! They conduct their lives like you. They are born, they reproduce, they find food, and they face death, just like human beings. You may say, ‘They don’t have to face the challenges that we have to face.’ What about their other activities like reproduction, facing death, etc.? Are they worried about all that? No! But these things happen to them too. So understand that Existence is running this whole macrocosm. It can surely take care of you as well! Surrendering to the laws of Existence is the greatest relaxation from worry. Once you surrender, you start seeing that everything that happens is auspicious! Nothing causes you any worry. You find blessings in everything. Either there is surrender or worry, never both. Once you surrender, you see that Existence plans even the small things beautifully, only we don’t see it.

The Isavasya Upanishad*, an ancient vedic* text, says, ‘The one who sees all living entities as spiritual sparks, can never have anxiety on any account!’ (more…)

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Not only what you perceive as the world, even the perceiver is changing!

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तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् ॥
Thena Thyakthena Bhunjeethaa Ma Gridhah Kasyasviddhanam ||

Cognizing whatever is, is change established in changing, and this whole thing is filled with Consciousness and intelligence. Don’t think only the planet on which you are standing is moving; the whole Solar System in which the planet is established, even that whole Solar System is moving! So, understand, not only what you perceive as the world, even the perceiver is changing!

The biggest fear all human-beings go through is, ‘If the perceiver changes, what will happen?’ See, your whole life you conclude something as pleasure, something as pain, and you plan, act, work, build everything based on that. Suddenly, at some time, the perceiver who gives you the understanding about which is pleasure, which is pain, he seems to be changing. That is what frightens you. That is what makes you shiver. That is what shakes you. I tell you, the person who knows that even the perceiver changes, and accepts this change, updates himself. You might have spent ten years on your career – may be, IT Engineer, Lawyer, Doctor, Activist. Suddenly, when your inner-space changes, the concepts of your pain and pleasure…… I am not saying give up the career you built. I am only saying, don’t be afraid of that change; don’t be afraid of that change of your perception, because, that change of perception is the gift given to you for your sincerity in supporting your perception. (more…)

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Any problem in your life is nothing but incompletion, which is imaginary.

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I will recite the mantra. I request everyone to recite the mantra along with me. Then I will start revealing the Akashic Records.

ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते |
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ||
|| ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ||

Om Poornamadhah Poornamidham Poornaath Poornam Udhachyathey |
Poornasya Poornamaadhaaya Poornamevaavasishyathey ||
|| Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthih ||

I offer my respects to everyone who is responsible for this great truth, the rishis who revealed it, and the great Masters who wrote Bhashya, Varthika, Teeka, and their Sampradhaya Devathas. I bow down to all of them, invoke all their presence, offer our respects to all of them, and enter into the Sutra.

“Completion, from Completion even if you think Completion has moved out, the Completion remains Complete!”

Completion, even if you feel moved away from Completion, it remains Complete. And Completion merging into the Completion remains Complete.

All your incompletions are imaginary! Listen! All your incompletions are imaginary! If you tell your DNA, your body, the source of your body, ‘All your incompletions are imaginary!’, you will walk out of any disease, because, disease is nothing but you strongly believing you are away from this Whole, understand? For example, somebody comes to me with a stomach pain. All I do is tell that stomach, ‘Hey, till yesterday you were producing whatever is required to function smoothly from this Cosmos, either from food or water or air. Come on, now wake up! Again do the same job!’ That is all I do. And the body gets healed! Unfortunately, that person has moved too much away from his stomach; the stomach listens to me, but not to him! But if you have not moved away from your stomach, even YOU can tell your stomach. (more…)

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  • If you are clear, the other is convinced.
  • The amount of prana you feel inside you is the abundance you feel inside and that is the way you attract money.
  • Vision + intelligence + selling your time => more and more money.
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Your body is an integrated intelligence!


When was the last time you sang with your eyes? Danced with your smile? Throw your whole body and being into anything, just anything?

If you notice children, their whole body is one organic unity. Whatever they are doing, their whole body just flows into that action. They don’t create separation in the body. It is not as if the head is important and the feet are unimportant. The truth is that there is no division in your body, no natural demarcations exist. But by and by demarcations start coming up. Then the head becomes the master, and the whole body is divided into parts. We stop experiencing our body as a whole. We create roles for each part of our body, and then limit them in these roles. We forget to be total in anything. In the martial arts tradition, students are told, Your whole body should become an eye! Just imagine! This is the kind of sensitivity that needs to be developed in the body! This is what is being total. Totality is the way to live. Your mind is always limiting you. Drop your mind and be total in whatever you do. Then there will be no hangover in anything. Everything will become a joyful meditation. You will experience fulfillment in whatever you do. When you miss the totality, you become fragmented. When you are total, you become integrated. Being integrated is your true nature.

Whatever you are doing, it naturally becomes your meditation for that moment. When you are looking at something, look with your whole body. Understand, you don’t just see with the eyes. You can see with your whole body! When you are looking at something intensely, totally, your whole being flows towards that. But we rarely enter into anything totally. Now, be total and integrated in all your body movements. When you are listening, listen with your whole body. Let a deep silence be created in your center. Let your listening happen from that center. When you are laughing, feel the laughter rising from deep inside you. Let your whole body bubble with laughter! Even when you are working, using only your hands, feel the movement in your whole body. Experience your body as an integrated whole. Experience every pore of your skin looking, listening, laughing. Don’t think, how can I see with my skin? There are many interesting incidents where blind people have taught their fingers to ‘see’ colors!

You don’t realize, your body is an integrated intelligence! You never use all the possibilities of your body. When you are total, a new sensitivity flowers in your body. Your body responds as a whole to life. You begin to live completely with your body. Not only that, you will find your body expressing abilities that you never imagined. Your body has a tremendous potential that you have never used. When you fulfill all the possibilities of your body, naturally you become ready to go beyond the body.

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Holes in our Whole

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At any time even once if there is a situation or incident which is making us feel powerless, worried, angry, stressful, unhappy, sad, agitated, violent, guilty, vengeful, frustrated, overwhelmed, less than peaceful or blissful, then we can be sure there are incompletions or holes in our true self.



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The invisible hangovers [incompletions] crowding our inner space from every single incident that we encountered.


The innerspace of a child is more of visualization than verbalization. But when a child goes through a conflicting incident [less than blissful, could be a reprimanding from an elder, a sibling rivalry, fear stroke, etc] for the first time and thereafter, the child handles such a situation with inadequate cognition. That is when the identities and thought patterns set in.

To handle this emergency situation, one picks up 3 identities:

Mamakara: The image about oneself

Ahankara: The image one projects to others & the world

Sva Anyakara: The image about others & the world

Anyakara: The image which one believes that others & world has about oneself


These identities become the repeating root thought patterns which attracts similar situations throughout one’s life. The inner space with the hangovers starts handing all incidents and people with a repeating pattern, even though the people, time & place are different.

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By and by playing with identities of inadequate cognition and masks has become the accepted reality.


We need to integrate who we believe we are and who we project we are with who we truly are.

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Real ownership is constant actions performed in perfection in continuum

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Ownership is formed without any bone structure by continuous action!

Your actions are like flowers. Ownership is like thread. If the ownership thread is used and actions are tied, it is ego, garland of ego. Never the real ownership happens in that way.

Real ownership is flowers are arranged so thoroughly in such packed way, it looks like garland but without thread – that is ownership.

There is no separate thread other than continuously actions being performed so meticulously, so continuously that it looks like a garland. But they don’t have a thread, ie. the ego. In a normal man, more thread and less flowers. 25 meter thread and in the end one flower! That is the energy you guys are spending on the thread which is ownership. Real ownership is constant actions performed in perfection in continuum.

Your ownership is flowerless garland. Drop that. Real ownership is felt by others by your continuous actions. Be unavailable to your lower self, be available to your higher self and enter into the battle. Understand your every day is a battle. Lay down all the effects, side effects, after effects of your actions. Don’t carry the perverted wrong hope. Relax from the iron chain of ownership. Give up the lower self, disrespect the lower self and enter into life!

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Incomplete conversations with you how much ever you

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Incomplete conversations with you how much ever you push them under the carpet, they are not going to die, they will be running around in your inner space like Tom and Jerry  Today or tomorrow you have to face those in-completions.

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Intelligence is being aware and spontaneous

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EVERY one of us has intelligence.

It is an inherent, inborn quality of life. Intelligence is not something to attain; every living being is endowed with intelligence. Most of us have lost touch with our natural intelligence; that is why we are not able to live life to its fullest potential. We constantly mistake our acquired knowledge for intelligence. We have been conditioned to think that we have only limited capabilities, that ‘we cannot…’. So we have forgotten how to use our full potential. And because of this, we are not tuned to the technique to tap into all the dimensions of our being.

We have a natural, spontaneous intelligence inside us. We have tasted it as children.

As children, we looked at things in a very simple, straightforward way.

That is why we were so spontaneous. What took away that spontaneity? The societal conditioning has been telling us right from when we were children, ‘You are not enough…’ Because of this, we are constantly trying to become something else, to prove something to others. By constantly thinking that we are not enough, we try to imitate others and waste the wonderful natural energy bubbling inside us.

When we are deeply aware, we cannot make mistakes! With awareness, we don’t rely on what others have taught us. We don’t rely on the past conditioning that has gone inside us for many years. We act just out of the fresh intelligence that comes with awareness every moment. With deep awareness we are in the present moment. When we are in the present moment, we are alive and alert — what we call as intelligence.

Our intelligence by its very nature is spontaneous. It is only a question of awakening it from within. Most of the time, we continue to live in the dead past and miss the wonderful dimensions of life. Or, we get angry over what has happened and feel hurt. Either way, we are escaping from the problem by going to one extreme or the other. Instead, if we just look with deep awareness into the problem, an energy will awaken — the energy of intelligence — which is enough to bring about the solution. The very awareness is enough to awaken and break free even from the past conditioning — and we can act intelligently. The light of awareness is enough to remove the darkness created by years of living by habit. The whole key lies in being aware so that our intelligence can function. Live every moment in total awareness. Live with intelligence.

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Space of utter positivity

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Many a time, people come and tell me, ‘I am not able to get out of my fear.’  Why you are not able to get out? Because already you committed to yourself many times with that negativity. For example, ‘I am going to be destroyed, I am going to be destroyed, I am going to be destroyed, I am going to be destroyed. This is the way it is going to happen, I am going to be a loser, loser, loser’ Means, hundred times you have committed to yourself you are going to be the loser. Then, naturally, whole energy of you will be working only to fulfill that concept, the commitment you gave to you that you are a loser.

Only once if you say, ‘I am a winner’, that will look too silly. It is like for the sake of argument you say. Sometimes you know your spouse is going to win the whole argument, but just to record your opposition, you make some statement knowing that you are going to be a failure. Exactly that is the way it will look after you utter a hundred times you are a loser to yourself, only once you are a winner. It is your wrong commitments to you, makes you feel you are a loser. I tell you, other than your negative commitments to you, you don’t have any enemy in your life. Just understand and liberate yourself. I am not teaching you, I am not inspiring you, I am not ordering you! I am requesting you.

I know the space of utter positivity, a complete positivity. I know the space, I cherished that space, I am cherishing that space. I am exactly in the mood of the rishi when he screamed at the peak of his voice,

shrunvanthu Vishwe Amruthasya Puthraaha vedaahamekam purusham mahaantam;

Oh sons of immortaility, I know the path to it. Wake up and start achieving it’

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Conflict-free life

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The outer world is nothing but a reflection of your inner state. We continuously experience some conflict or other every moment – in our relationships, in our goals, in our desires, in life-situations. We invariably attribute our conflict to someone or something in the outer world. We blame the outer world for our problems. People ask me, ‘How can I be conflict-free in a world that is filled with conflict? Only when the whole world is silent, happy and peaceful can I become conflict-free.’ Understand, that is never going to happen! There is no such thing as bringing peace into the whole world. All problems are usually created by people who try to make the world peaceful! In the last 3000 years, several thousand wars have been fought. Every leader who declared war claimed that he was going to bring peace to the world!

A conflict-free world starts with a conflict-free individual.

How to live a conflict-free life? By asking yourself one simple question in the situation of conflict. Do I really need to change this situation?If the answer you are hearing from within is Yes, if you feel that the change really needs to happen in your life, bring in a powerful intention, the energy, the shakti, to create that change in your life.

Understand, not all things need to be changed. Understanding and accept what need not be changed is intelligence, buddhi. To start living a conflict-free life, all you need to do is bring in the energy to change the things that need to change in your life, and the intelligence to accept what need not change. Above all, understand that whether you change anything or not, life itself is a continuously changing phenomenon. Once you realize this, you will naturally hold onto the one thing that never changes: the eternally unchanging Truth. Then you will automatically be conflict-free. When you start living a conflict-free life, you start living enlightenment. When there is no conflict inside you, you experience no conflict in the world!

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With Integrity anything you express will be creativity

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Krishna receiving King Yudhishtra in the fores...
Krishna receiving King Yudhishtra in the forest (yellow background) (Photo credit: thesandiegomuseumofartcollection)

When you are integrated in thinking, anything expresses will be creativity because integrity means naturally you have to be aware. When there is integrity towards the words you utter, you are very cautious, very careful of every word you utter because its your life.

You have to become like a Yudhishtra Raja. He was so integrated, the whole world respected his integrity. Even his enemies believed his word. In the Mahabharatha war, Dhrona the Master and Teacher of Yudhishtra, in the opposite side at one time needs to be conquered because he was literally destroying the whole Pandavas army.  “Ashwathama the Elephant died”-Yudhishtra said. During the time of the word elephant Krishna blows the Conch and Dhrona heard “Aswathama died’. Ahswathama was Dhrona’s son name. Dhrona looks at Yudhishtra to confirm. Yudhishtra’s eyes tells “Yes”. That is the moment Yudhishtra fell to the ground. After that he was never a king even though he was coronated as king afterwards. Yudhishtra’s words did not lose integrity. His eyes lost integrity. Integrity of thinking is broken in Yudhishtra. Last moment of his life when he left the body he carried his whole body, he could not carry his eyes. His eyes has become wordly,dirty. He has to leave both of his eyes in the place Kedharnath. Kedhar means in that local language – eyes.

Integrity in thinking is more important than integrity with words. Integrity with words brings lot of awareness to the words you utter. Integrity in thinking brings tremendous awareness to your thinking.

When tremendous awareness comes to your thinking two things happen

1) Your thinking reduces, and

2) What ever you are thinking becomes creativity – because every time you complete one statement, thinking one sentence, you will also verify whether that sentence is aligned to your life’s existence, purpose.

Integrity in thinking cleanses away 1001 things which you may have to work individually. For example: Your worry thought pattern, your jealousy thought pattern, your attention-need pattern, your ego thought pattern – you may have to cleanse individually. But when you bring integrity into your thinking all these patterns get destroyed by just its own existence because every time when you think every statement, you complete every statement, you will see whether it is in alignment with your existence, life’s purpose. So please understand take the integrity to the level of Yudhishtra and don’t even do the one mistake which he did. For every human being Yudhishtra’s integrity is extraordinary, start with that.

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Creativity means aligning your every thought with the purpose of your existence.

Creativity is not just painting or sculpting or designing something, creativity means creating the life as you want.

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Ananda Gandha


There are 7 major energy centers. The 8th energy center where all these 7 merge, become one with, is what is Ananda Gandha. It is not even a separate chakra, it is a space, source of super-conscious energy; where the matter comes in direct contact with Consciousness, where the Consciousness is directly touching the matter. It is the experience where the consciousness has Samyoga into matter, where matter has Samyoga with Consciousness. When you relax into that space, Consciousness fills matter, so naturally Super-Conscious healing happens. It is the highest happening which can happen to matter. Not just physical healing or mental healing, radiating pure consciousness. 

The source of Ananda Gandha which is source of spiritual super-conscious healing is the ultimate science towards enlightenment. Not just physical healing or mental healing. Physical healing also happens, because the very DNA structure gets re-altered when you relax into super-conscious state. 

Ananda Gandha chakra is the door where Consciousness can infiltrate matter. Where it can fill you. Where it can give you the extra-ordinary conscious experience means break-through in consciousness. The subtlest possible chakra is Ananda Gandha chakra, where you are no more ordinary human and just disappeared into the extra-ordinary super-consciousness. 

The technique or process for the Ananda Gandha to be opened is two:- 

1. If it has to be done by your effort – Unclutching.

2. If it can be done with My effort also – Process.

3. If it has to be done only by Me – Initiation. 



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Healthy body

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Your body is the vehicle for your dreams and your ornament. Your body is vehicle for your dreams, for all your dreams. The dream may be related to relationships or luxury or comforts, joys, experiences or enlightenment or whatever it may be. Your body is vehicle for all your dreams and it is an ornament. This is the definition of body.

Health means the ability to fulfill all the dreams you are carrying in a very casual way without losing the quality of being an ornament. Your body should be able to fulfill all the dreams which you are loading on it by being an ornament for you. It should be an ornament for you and it should be a vehicle for your dreams. That is what I will define as a health. If your body is fulfilling all your dreams and it got damaged, that is not health. It should fulfill all your dreams undamaged, that’s what I call health.

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When you become enlightened..

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The whole universe wants you to achieve success in your life and is continuously backing you to achieve that success. It is supporting you. If you are able to experience this in your life, you are enlightened. As of now continuously we defend ourselves against the universe, against the existence. When you become enlightened you feel so directly connected, you realize the whole wants you to achieve success and it is backing you, it is supporting you, you just relax and flow with the current.

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Morality makes you totally dull and dead!

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Morality always instills fear. In our lives, morality is nothing but a poor substitute for intelligence. When you act out of your own intelligence, you can be confident of yourself. But when you act out of rules and regulations, you can never be sure of yourself, because you are not yourself to start with! You are not centered in yourself; you are centered on the rules. People who preach morality are so deeply in fear. That is why they preach about it. They are afraid either because they are unsure of themselves or because they know to be moral only with fear. Moralists can become neurotic with their concept of morality and discipline. 

Once there was a moralist who normally walked on the streets with carefully measured steps. 

One day it suddenly began raining very heavily. 

The moralist just followed the crowd and ran along. 

After running for a while, he realized that he was careless about his manner. He said to himself, “What am I doing! Running is undignified. A gentleman must correct his mistakes regretfully if he has made any”. 

So he returned in the rain to the place where he had begun running, and walked again, with measured steps. 

When I tell you this, I am not telling you that this is a free world and you can do anything you like. I am telling you that you have to develop your own intelligence and live so that rules will only be a confirmation of what you already know and feel. This is real intelligence. Any proper rule will only be a confirmation of what the rightly flowered intelligence feels. So drop your fears and try to find your inner intelligence, your inner master. 

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Fear of God ?

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Understand, God knows better than you know yourself. So there is no reason to fear Him or please Him. Even better than your mother or father, God knows you. He knows you not only in this birth but in all the births that you have taken until now. You are an open book in front of Him. He can refer to any page at any time! So drop your fear of God and look upon Him as a totality of Existence. Look upon Him as the ultimate friend. However hard society tries to make you afraid of God, don’t listen to it. Develop your own relationship with God – a solid and trusting one – the only relationship that is required in your life. 

When you start relating with Existence or God, you start relating with yourself much better than before. You will know what exactly is going on inside you. Your inner intelligence will grow. Your fears will drop. You will learn to look properly into anything before feeling fear about it. You will not feel any compulsion to do anything. Intelligence will replace fear. You will be more relaxed and joyful. You will feel liberated.