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Worries are the knots in the handkerchief. When we look at them with awareness, we will know how to dissolve them

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Worry is a deeply embedded pattern in us. It happens independently, without any solid, valid embedded pattern in us. It is an addiction like smoking and drinking. I read about some recent research conducted at the American College of Chest Physicians. It said that the proportion of people classified as highly nicotine dependent has increased by thirty two percent in the last eighteen years!

Any addiction happens because we want to maintain our patterns. The same is true with worry. You worry to maintain patterns. It becomes your nature.

Understand that the mind is like a piece of hardware programmed with the software called ‘worry’. For example, let us say you experience depression, or worry, every morning at ten o’clock when thinking of all your unfinished office work. Ten o’clock gets recorded as a low mood time for you. Everyday at exactly ten o‘clock you will experience a disturbance in your mood. Many of you might have experienced this. The same low mood happens on Sunday when there is no office to go to. Then you tell yourself, ‘No, today is a Sunday. I don’t need to go to the office. I don’t need to think about those things.’ Then you have relief but the mind goes back again and again to the same mood, because our mind is programmed hardware. (more…)


The only way to develop your inner identity about you is integrity!

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What is your reality?  Your perception about you, your perception about what you feel as you and what you project yourself to others and what others are expecting about you. When you practice authenticity naturally you have to develop what you feel as you continuously.
How to develop?  The only way to develop your inner identity about you is integrity. With more and more and more integrity you will be purifying your inner image more and more. When you take the responsibility to fulfill others expectation about you more and more, you become more and more responsible.
Understand, when you start practicing authenticity, your integrity and responsibility automatically starts happening and you can’t give up on you, you have to continuously enrich you. So enriching automatically happens. You can’t give up on others you have to enrich them. Enriching others automatically happens.
Every day, continuously by developing your integrity improve the identity you carry about you.
Many teachers tell you how much ever you listen unless you practice it won’t help you. I tell you how much ever you try to practice, unless you listen, it won’t help you.


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The material in which your waking state and dream state is made, is manifested from your very Self. You can alter, manipulate, extend, reduce, change everything as you want!

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Today, the Kundalini thought current, I want to share with all of you, listen, listen intensely and actively.  When you come to the space of listening, whatever I am speaking will become directly reality into your system.  See, every week, I am giving you, a new, new Kundalini thought current, thought current which will lead you into the conscious space.  If you are in the space of listening, just it will become part of you and it will go on and on inside you; it will simply manifest as reality in you.

Today’s thought current; I’ll just connect and tell you clearly.

First thought current I gave you is: You are your Intention, nothing else, neither physiological, nor psychological or neurological experiences, or you.  You are beyond all of that.

Now listen to this thought current: Everything your life is made of is your very expression.  Listen, everything your life is made of is your very expression. Experientially, playing with them, changing them, altering them, manipulating them, is powers, Siddhis.  Understanding, no need to play with any of this, you are beyond and going beyond, is Enlightenment.  

Listen now. Listen now. Now what I said is pure science.  Mahadeva gives a very powerful, practical methodology to experientially realize this statement.  The statement, which I uttered, now is a Sutra, pure science.  

Whatever you see in your life, including the walls of this hall and me sitting in front of you, this throne, your chair, the people sitting around you, everything is made of a material, which is from inside you. You can alter, manipulate, extend, reduce, change, everything as you want. Please understand, everything you see in your life, is made out of a stuff, which comes from your very Self. The wax, the material in which your waking state is made and your dream state is made, that material is from you, inside you; just like cobweb.  It’s from you, the material is manifested.

Listen, listen, how this can become our realization, how this can become our realization? This thought current, now which I said is pure science.  Now, Mahadeva comes next to applied science – how to make that into reality for you and how to use that in your day-to-day life.  It’s a very beautiful revelation. (more…)

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May my limbs, speech, vital life-energy, eyes, ears, and all the senses be fully matured and be enriched with strength and energy!

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Paramahamsa Nithyananda intercepts into the first part of Shanti Mantra, which is chanted before the Kena Upanishad, in this Nithya Satsang as on 29th June 2016, live from Varanasi. This glorious declaration by the Upanishadic Rishis is the ‘declaration of WILL”” forming the science of WILL. His Holiness reveals that the one core truth that the whole Hindu tradition accepts indisputably, be they from the Shakta, Shaiva, Kaumara, Ganapatya, Saurya, Jain, Buddha traditions or any of the 6 Darshanas of Hinduism is the sacred sound – AUM, the cosmic vibration and the sacredness of ‘cows’. This Shanti Mantra or peace invocation begins with AUM, and makes a declaration of WILL, which fully integrates us and enriches (āpyāyantu) with MATURITY, STRENGTH, ENERGY.

Swamiji enters into the deeper meanings of this verse with the essence of MATURITY.

HE defines: Maturity means being integrated to your WILL.

Maturity does not mean you become handicapped; you become filled with strength and energy. Revealing the sacred moments from his childhood, He narrates how He had tuned Himself to the Sannyasa life at age 6 by declaring to His Guru and integrating his whole system which became matured to the decision of Sannyasa. Shanti Mantra

aum āpyāyantu mamāṇgāni vākprāṇaścakśuḥ śrotram-athobalam-indriyāṇi ca sarvāṇi |

Aum. May my limbs, speech, vital life-energy (prāṇa), eyes, ears, and all the senses be fully matured and be enriched with strength and energy

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How do I practically apply the truth Completion is not about being in acceptance, but Completion is about being in the space of no resistance?’

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The first point of contact where any external information gets integrated into you as an understanding or cognition, as part of you, which is your default cognition, means your usual way of understanding…..

See, your regular way of understanding, cognizing always tells you “Life should not be this way”. Please understand, it’s like when you order a pizza, who receives it before bringing it to your table is very important.  If some worker who has come to clean your drainage system, cleaning your septic tank, if he receives with his bare hands and brings it to your table, will you be able to eat? So, unfortunately, whenever life comes to your door, you receive it with a dirty hand of “Life should not be this way”. And, after that, whatever you do – you practice spiritual truths, teachings to change this cognition – whatever you do, it will only be a struggle. Listen, after your worker who is cleaning the drainage, with his bare hands if he handles the pizza, brings it to your table and serves, after that how much ever you clean the pizza, will you be able to eat it? (more…)

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The best way to participate with the life without tiredness or boredom is ‘listening’!

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Whether you understand or not, experience or not, believe or not, you are nothing but ‘word’.  Understand. You are nothing but ‘word’.  You are just nothing but a word you create inside you about you, about world, about everything.  The word you create inside you about you, about others, about everything – you are just that, please understand. 

Vivekananda says very beautifully, when he was speaking in the West he says very jovially, “In our country, even if we want to become rich, we don’t go to market and work.  We don’t go to market-place.  We just go and sit under the tree or inside a cave and start chanting some words, and we become rich!”

Please understand, how much ever you logically analyze, it will not fit.  You may think, ‘If I go and sit in the Himalayas, one cave, and just start chanting, chanting, chanting, chanting, will I become rich?’  Please understand, I am not the guy who will spread superstitious things and I don’t speak illogical things.  I am not an atheist to speak superstitious things.  I am not a so-called irrational rationalist.  India is full of them.  India has more number of so-called irrational rationalists than the number of rats. (more…)

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Creation of Space


Every time you visualize and make it into reality, it is called “Creation”.  But you visualize, you didn’t make it into reality, you failed, means, it is only “Recreation”, it cannot be direct creation. Please understand, every time you hold a space for something, if there is incompletion, if there is an incompletion, the reality you created collapses.  So, again you will have to complete this incompletion and hold that reality back.  So, listen, so it cannot be called as “Creation”. 

I wanted everyone of you to provide intense listening, because one of the major mistakes we are doing in the Science of Creating Space and why we go on losing confidence over space or blaming ourselves, ‘Oh, this space creation and all works sometimes, doesn’t work sometimes, many times it doesn’t work.’ Listen!  I want you to learn these nitty-gritty’s of space creation.  Once you create a space, if there is an incompletion, the whole space collapses. Don’t think if you just complete that incompletion, that space runs.  No!  You have to recreate again.  So, whenever you find an incompletion, complete that incompletion and drop and recreate the whole space again.  Only then it gets its own individual energy, intelligence, inspiration.

Listen!  I will give you the exact example.  For example, I wanted health, or some things to happen as I want.  It is an example I am giving.  Let me give you an example of…..  If you want wealth, you create the space for attracting may be hundred million dollars.  After you created the space, after two-three minutes, you think, ‘Baaah!  Who is going to get fooled by this space creation idea and all?  May be by teaching this space creation idea, HE (Swamiji) might have become what HE wanted to achieve, but we have not got anything.’  Some foolish things.  But the moment that incompletion comes, you catch that, you catch your SDHD (Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial) and complete with that and drop.  After you complete and drop, you think that space you created earlier is by itself powerful.  No!  Once you complete the incompletion, again you have to visualize step-by-step and create the space, because when you complete the incompletions and drop them, along with that, the visualization you created earlier also goes away. 

See, the next few days I really wanted to teach you the science of space creation.  The science of space creation is a self-Kundalini-awakening process, understand?  The science of space creation is a self-Kundalini-awakening process.  You can awaken your Kundalini on your own right, on your own energy, on your own intelligence.  You can awaken your Kundalini on your own.  This science of space creation, the science of creating the space can awaken your Kundalini on your own and keep your Kundalini in the right direction. (more…)

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Seeing is Completion

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Questioner: what I’m beginning to notice about incompletion is that an inaccurate cognition can actually bring you to the next step in your expansion. So, it becomes a beautiful churning. So, what I used to do was, when I see an inaccurate cognition, I’d begin to hate myself or put myself down and then that would tie me up into more bondage. And now I see them, but they’re opportunities now. So that our expansion just becomes greater and greater. We start at as something insignificant’…….

Swamiji: When you see them itself, expansion starts. When you see them, all the incompletions melt away. Good! See, nothing other than seeing is required. Even if you see, they will all melt down. Seeing is Completion. Because you don’t see, I force you to see yourself in the mirror.

Questioner: I used to be afraid to see it. But now I see that it is beautiful, that the process is beautiful!

Swamiji: You feel the process is beautiful because it brings a beautiful YOU out of YOU! Great!

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You are not the doer, your incompletions are

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Questionnaire: ‘According to the Upanishads, we are not the “doer” where we do our job at work. How can we detach ourselves from the doing and just work as a service for the world that God created? If I am not supposed to have a desire to succeed in my business, and have pride, what will motivate me to do it? And, how can I detach myself from this desire to be successful?’

Swamiji: I will read the question. ‘According to the Upanishads, we are not the “doer” where we do our job at work. How can we detach ourselves from the doing and just work as a service for the world that God created? If I am not supposed to have a desire to succeed in my business and have pride, what will motivate me to do it? How can I detach myself from this desire to be successful?’

I think, just now I answered your whole question. Your question: ‘According to the Upanishads, we are not the doer where we do our job at work. How can we detach ourselves……?’

Please, I wanted you to understand the first statement you made, ‘According to the Upanishad, we are not the doer.’ You need to understand that more. You will understand that statement only after the Completion process. Only after the Completion process you will understand that all this while you were not the doer, your incompletions were the doers, your incompletions were making you do what you were doing. When the Upanishads say, ‘You are not the doer’, they mean your incompletions are the doer. But unfortunately, people started thinking God is the doer. No! When you are told “you are not the doer”, it means the doer in the wrong person, not the doer in the right person. It is so unfortunate!

One guy asks his friend, ‘Why are you not wearing your wedding ring in the right finger? Why are you

wearing your wedding ring in the wrong finger?

The guy replied, ‘Yes, I am married to the wrong woman!’


No, really! You have a wrong understanding! It is so unfortunate, when the Upanishads say “you are not the doer”, complete with who thinks is the doer, destroy the doer. But, unfortunately, you start thinking God is the doer! No! So, you need to understand this statement of Upanishad much deeper. Neither you are the doer, nor God is the doer, because you are God! Your incompletions are the doer. So, complete. Let your incompletions which were the doers, let that die. Then you will understand you have a great zeal to be successful in Enriching! Now, as long as you feel you are the doer, means your incompletions are making you believe you are the doer, you will not have success in anything you do, and you will not be able to detach from the doer. And, even if you try to detach from the doer, you will only fall into depression; you will not have motivation to do anything else.

Please understand the complications involved in the whole situation you are describing.

First thing, you can’t detach yourself from doing. Your incompletions are such it does all the crime, but it puts you into suffering. It won’t take responsibility. Completion is such, it makes you do all the good, but it gives you the benefits. The doer is the incompletions. Your incompletions are the doer. Please understand, your incompletions are so powerful, not only it does, but it puts you into suffering for all his actions. Completion is such, it gets all the pleasures, but makes you enjoy the results. Understand, incompletion is such, it does all the crime, it pushes you to do all the wrong things, but puts you into suffering. It doesn’t take the responsibility. Completion is such, it makes you do all the good, but gives you the benefits. 

Incompletion does not trust even itself. Incompletion has deep doubt about itself. And incompletion always leads to more and more complications.

Your whole question will be answered on its own if you enter even a little bit into Completion. Sometimes, even the surety of incompletion leads you to more problems. See, incompletions sometimes will be so sure, it leads to more incompletions. In the incompletion moment, you strongly believe this disease is going to come to you. You will see that incompletion brings the disease!

I have a story:

There was a trial happening in the court for murder. A defendant was on trial for murder. There was a strong evidence indicating guilt, but there was no corpse. In the law, the dead body is very important.

Corpse is very important to prosecute.

The defense’s closing statement, the lawyer, knowing that his client would be probably convicted, resorted to a trick saying, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I have a surprise for you all.’ The lawyer said as he looked at his watch, ‘Within one minute, the person you all presumed dead in this case, will walk into this court-room!’, he declared. And he looks towards the court-room’s door. The jurors, shocked, stunned, all looked on eagerly, all of them were looking at the door. A minute passed….nothing happened.

Finally, the lawyer said, ‘Actually I made up this previous statement, but you all looked on with anticipation. I, therefore, tell you all that you have a considerable doubt, a reasonable doubt in this case as to whether anyone was killed at all and insist that you return a verdict of “not guilty”.

The jury really got confused and they retired to deliberate. A few minutes later, the jury returned and pronounced the verdict of “Guilty”!

The lawyer asked, ‘How, but how can you say? You must have had some doubt. I saw all of you stare at the door!’

The jury foreman replied, ‘Yes, we all looked at the door, no doubt. But your client did not!’

Sometimes, the surety, the sureness of your incompletion itself puts you in more problem!


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Mom, tell me what is Advaitha Sathya?

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It seems, yesterday, one of our gurukul kids asked his mother, ‘Mom, tell me what is Advaitha Sathya?’

I wanted to answer that kid.



What you experience as you in the deepest corner of you when you are listening to you, not when you are talking to you, but when you are listening to you, what you feel as you. Remove the patterns, remove the thought patterns, remove the root patterns; all this is your aggression towards you. Thought pattern is the speaker, root pattern is the mike. If you remove all that, IN YOUR PURE LISTENING WHAT YOU EXPERIENCE AS YOU, THAT SAME ONLY IS EXPERIENCED AS THEM BY EVERY BEING EXISTING, that is Advaitha Sathya.

Even your worst enemy whom you don’t like, whom you can’t stand, even he experiences the same stuff as you. So, all your fight is your own one hand fighting with your own other hand, your own one part fighting with your own other part. Including the war I am waging! May be this whole drama is happening, or I am doing it just to prove a point how the power of Advaitha Sathya wins, how Advaitha Sathya, the power of an enlightened being can never be shaken or disturbed by any number of conspiracies. May be there is a reason. But all, all, all the wars you are waging is only one part of you waging with the other part. Same way, all desires you have is your own one part having desire for the other part. It is like your own one hand, if you have brought it to your cheek and you are wiping it, that is all is all attachment. Your fight: your own one hand hates that part of the cheek and punching it.

But, “the pain” and “the pained” is one and the same; the “desire” and the “desired” is one and the same. The person who desires, the desire itself, and the object which is desired is one and the same. Understand, “IN THE PURE LISTENING WHAT YOU EXPERIENCE AS YOU IS THE SAME STUFF EVERY BEING IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE EXPERIENCES AS ITSELF”, is Advaitha Sathya.

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The first aggression

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By your very nature, your consciousness, your existence is immortal. It cannot get destroyed. It cannot lose any of its glory. It cannot lose any of its attributes, powers. It can neither be damaged nor be destroyed. Even if you carry the desperate fear, anxiety, anger, even your desperation cannot make your consciousness lose its glory, its existence, its immortality. But, unfortunately, when you start believing that you are mortal, you can be disturbed, you can be damaged, you can be harassed, you can be abused, you can be killed, you can lose some of your original qualities, physically or psychologically, when this belief settles in your system, that survival instinct, the instinct to protect yourself which becomes the basic root cognition of you, the survival instinct which is awakened in you, please listen, that is the first aggression in your system, primary aggression.

Primary aggression goes on speaking, never listening. It goes on acts, never receives. The primary aggression that you have to do something to save yourself, protect yourself, Oh God, that is the biggest joke, tamasha. The frightened child thinks he needs to protect the whole world which cannot be destroyed. In this whole situation, there is only one thing that can be destroyed, that is the frightened child. But the child is so intelligent, he doesn’t say he is waging the war to protect himself, he says he is waging the war to protect the whole world which is not going to be destroyed! He doesn’t want to believe…..

Please listen! The frightened child, he wants to protect himself; but if he says openly that he wants to protect himself, that looks too cheap, too selfish. So he wants to look good to the onlooker. So he says, ‘No, no, I am waging the war to protect the whole world!’ Fool! The world is not going to be destroyed! Only you are going to be destroyed! Same way, your consciousness, YOU, you are immortal; but your agitated, desperate mind goes on telling you and everyone that it is fighting continuously to save your consciousness, to save you, to protect you. In you, only one thing can be killed; that is your desperation – your desperate mind, your agitation, and your aggression. Other than that, nothing needs to be killed, nothing can be killed! Nothing needs to be killed, nothing can be killed.

Please listen! The desperation, the idea you need to defend something, protect something, that aggression, because of that aggression in your inner-space, you go on being active. Please understand, aggression in your inner-space is you talking to you. Receptivity in your inner-space is you listening to you. I can just define two of the major principles in one line.

Please listen!

You talking to you is always incompletion.

You listening to you is always Completion.

That’s all! “You talking to you” means, are you associating yourself with the dimension which is talking to you, or the dimension which is listening to you. As on now, both actions are happening. Your inner-space is like Mahabharata war-field. That is why….. Listen! Listen! Duryodhana all the time shouting, aggressive; Pandavas always ready to listen; both are there in you. Whenever you associate yourself with Duryodhana – aggression – talking, talking, talking to you, you will be in the space of incompletion. Whenever you associate yourself with the listening component of you, listening, listening, listening, you get into the space of Completion. Whenever you are in the space of Completion, the consciousness in you stops the aggressive guy talking and he relates with you. That is why Krishna, whenever he wants to talk, he stops the whole war and Time! Whether he wants to talk to Arjuna, or he wants to talk to Bhishma, or he wants to talk to Drona, or he wants to talk to Karna, he stops Time and the war! The aggression cannot be talking while the listening is intensely listening.

Listen! Whenever you associate yourself with the listening, don’t ever have the fear the aggression part is going to be speaking to you and you are going to be listening to it. No! Whenever you get into the space of listening, the Lord will speak to you, Bhagawan will speak to you, Mahadeva speaks to you, the Advaitha Sathya, the truth of Advaitha speaks to you.

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Questions about Living Advaitha Process

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… continued from Living Advaitha III

Some people asked me, ‘Can we have pets in the teamily?

The teamily we create, you can have pets, you can have pets.  You can even have trees, hills; rivers are energetic enough, conscious enough, spirit enough to respond to you.  So, a river or mountain or a pet or a tree can be added into your teamily.  That’s the first question.

For the newcomers the word “teamily”. “Teamily” means: Family and Team together.  Unfortunately, human-beings have lost connection even with themself.  Forget about having connection with the family, even with themself they lost the connection.  The strong, deep-rooted, grounded lifestyle is lost.  Due to various reasons we became very unconscious.  Now making us come back to consciousness and created, complete, centred, grounded with yourself and with your family and team together – “Teamily”.  Means, “teamily” is the people with whom you share your life.  People who share their life with you is “teamily”.  Literally, people who are part of your living, your existence, only those people I call them as “teamily”.  Pets your trees, rivers, mountains can be part of teamily.

I have some questions.  I will try to answer.  These are from Bela Patel, California.

She’s asking, ‘Is interaction with teamily members a must on a daily basis?’

See, sometimes you will have a friend with whom you have not spoken for ten years but that friendliness is there alive in you.  So with teamily, whether you interact every day or you don’t interact, that is not a problem.  But the experience of Advaitha should be alive, that’s all!  That’s all. Nothing else. There is no such thing as just because you speak to somebody they are your teamily.  I know many people; they live in the same house, they don’t talk to each other!  No just because you live in the same place or you talk to them. There are some people, every day you talk to each other, but it is only fight….rat-a-tat-a-tat….gun! No! You talking to somebody every day, or not talking to somebody every day, all that does not count.

Please understand, Bela Patel I want you to know I am not a “good-relationship” teaching guru.  No!  Please understand, I am not teaching you to have a good, great relationships.  No, hell with your relationship! Even if you have a best husband, best wife, you are just going to die leaving him.  Neither he is going to come with you or you are going to go with him. No, no I am not the guy who is teaching how to have a great relationship, like how to win friends and influence people. No! Understand, the good relationship happens as a side-effect.  But the context I am teaching to all of you is establishing yourself in the spiritual space of Advaitha.

When you feel oneness, because of the oneness, you will know whatever insecurity the other person is feeling, you will know whatever desire or greed the other person is feeling, you will know the other person’s space.  Because of your knowledge, you will have love and compassion.  Understand, anything becomes known to you, anything becomes part of your knowledge, you start loving it.  Because you know the desire, greed, struggle, fear the other person is going through when you experience Advaithic space with them, because of that non-duality, you love them, you become compassionate towards them, the relationship may become better.  But, my purpose is not making just your relationship better. (more…)

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THE Definition of Completion by Mahadeva

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A few days before, I was just contemplating, how come Mahadeva who has explained all the philosophies did not explain the completion process. How come he did not define the completion process.  I was having the idea, basically, the completion process is from the Vedic tradition, the Upanishads, and Sankhya, Sankhya which is rooted in the Upanishads.  Because, the whole completion process is more like mathematics.  Mathematics of the Macrocosm is Sankhya.  Science of the Sacred is Vedanta.  Art of the Ultimate is Tantra.  So, I was thinking that, basically, the completion science, because of its nature of mathematics is from Sankhya which is rooted in this Vedaswara Chandogya Upanishads. Of course, Isavasya Upanishads.

So, I was contemplating, how come Mahadeva did not directly…….because in those sixty-four tantras, Mahadeva has given everything possible to Devi.  It is an amazing compilation, Vijnanan Bhairava Tantras, Spandakarika, and the Shiva Sutras, amazing compilation!  Whoever has done that book is Mahadeva, I can be sure, because nobody other than the person who has reached the space of Sarvajna, Mahadeva, can do that work!  The effect shows the cause!  The effect shows the power of the cause!  I can be sure, it is from Mahadeva, or a person who is in the space of Mahadeva!  Both are one and the same!  So, I was thinking, how come Mahadeva did not explain this completion process?

I was just sitting in the room as usual in my usual posture of going into Samadhi is – I will stretch the legs and put the body on the wall for back support.  Suddenly I saw in the golden letters, that the twenty-second verse of Vijnana Bhairava Tantra which has been beautifully translated and commented by Swami Lakshman Joo and Paul Reps.  Paul Reps is a person who wrote the book “Zen Flesh, Zen Bones”, more than writing I can say compiled “Zen Flesh, Zen Bones”.  Osho commented on it.  So I acknowledge the great contribution of Swami Lakshman Joo, Paul Reps, and Osho, for keeping and expanding this knowledge, and ultimately bow down to Mahadeva and I complete with Mahadeva for thinking “How come Mahadeva did not define the completion process” But anyhow I can say he himself has reminded saying that – “Hey I have clearly explained on this Completion process”. So, the moment I saw that verse, I got up and ran to get the books and referred.  Exactly the sutra defines completion, which is beyond any definition given in the Upanishads.  Please understand, Mahadeva has gone far beyond in defining completion than from the Upanishadic or the Sankhya tradition.  And I also have a good news for you guys.  Just in a few more days I am going to speak on the Sankhya philosophy as my offering to Kapila and the Mahanirvani Peetha – the Kapilas Sarvajna Peetha.  Soon, you will start listening about the Sankhya Karikas and the Sankhya Sutras in the morning satsanghs.  So, anyhow, Mahadeva has gone far beyond in defining the whole process of completion in a very beautiful way, in this twenty-second technique in Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, which is part of Shiva Sutras.  Shiva Sutras is a compilation of sixty-four books like GuruGeetha, Kularnava, Mahanirvana, Vijnana Bhairava, Spandakarika, etc.  All these put together is called “Shiva Sutras” which was delivered to Devi by Mahadeva.  Mahadeva directly transmitted this science to Devi.  It is the twenty-second verse; I will give you the translation, and we will start the science of completion by Mahadeva. We will learn.

The Sutra, twenty-second verse:

“Look at your past, disidentified; let attention be at a place where you are seeing some past happening; and even your form having lost its present characteristics is transformed.”

Listen!  Now I have to do a clear alchemy process.  You need to come to the space of listening.  Just by listening you can be transformed!  Just for alchemy process, you have to prepare one Herb – Herb A, second – ingredient B, third – ingredient C, then you have to add them one by one at certain degree temperature. So I am preparing different understandings, then I will collect and combine all of them and give you the ultimate understanding. Listen! First, Please Listen!

Every moment, how you are in the time and the space is recorded in you in your inner space.  That is individual memory.  And all individual memories put together is Cosmic Archives. (more…)

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  • Only when you demand authenticity from you, you are planning for Success.
  • Not wanting anything from the right context (I have everything I want) is an Avadhoota.
  • If you are trying to impress the other person that means you are not convinced of the part. 
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Completion needs tremendous love and care

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Completion is the lubricant with which you will clean, overhaul the whole inner-space. It has to be done with tremendous love and care. You will open your Being only when there is a complete security for you, only when you feel your Whole Being will be safe. See, only when you know the spare-parts will not be destroyed, you will open yourself. I know, in your young age, all of you would have done – I have done it – with a lot of love , enthusiasm and excitement, dismantling the alarm clock, and then hanging it over in a carry bag! How many of you have done it? I have done it! Dismantling anything in the house, whether it is an alarm clock or watch, or something, you dismantle it with all your excitement and joy and, finally, somebody comes to you house, some guests, or your parents who have gone out, they come back, you don’t know what to do, you put the whole thing in a carry bag and hang it! You can’t open you unless you are sure the spare-parts will not be lost, you will be able to put it back. The person who dismantles it can put it back. He doesn’t need to put it in a carry bag and hang it in the wall. There was a time when the house where I was born and brought up, in the walls, every nail will have a carry bag!

So, you cannot dismantle your Being in that space. It can be dismantled only in a very deep loving space, a powerful loving space, and lubricated, assembled back for the smooth functioning forever and ever and ever.

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Yoga and Completion

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A Sannyasi can miss eating, but he should not miss Yoga in the morning! He can miss sleeping, but he should not miss Completion in the night! I am not saying don’t eat, don’t sleep; but all I am saying is, the first priority, when the day starts, the first priority is Yoga; when the night starts, the first priority is Completion. After Yoga have your food. After Completion have your sleep. Because, Yoga itself is an energy supply to your body! Beyond Yoga and meditation if you need a little energy, let that be given through food. Completion itself gives you the best possible rest. Beyond that if you need any rest, just let a little sleep give you the rest.

The first meal course for your body should be Yoga. The first offering of restfulness to your body and your mind, should be Completion. After that if you need food, you can have. After that if you need sleep, you can have.

I tell you, when you sincerely do Yoga, may be within two years when the 1,200 full-breath happens, long-breath happens in you, in the morning one hour or forty-five minutes, I guarantee, you will become Nirahari! You will become Nirahari! And same way, night, in the twenty-one minutes if the complete Completion happens, you will become Gudakesha, that’s all! Yoga takes you beyond food, Completion takes you beyond sleep. You will not be tired, you will not be sleepless. I am not saying you will have insomnia! No! No! You will go beyond sleep, you will conquer sleep! Gudakesha! Gudakesha!

Listen, the secret is this: When the “I” becomes “we” out of Completion, when the “we” merges into the “I” out of Completion, you are an incarnation! Yoga will make “I” becoming “we” out of Completion. Completion will make “we” becoming “I” out of Completion. Morning Yoga, you will see the “I” becomes “we” out of pure Completion. Night Completion, you will see the “we” becomes “I” out of pure Completion. Out of pure Completion when “I” becomes “we”, and “we” becomes “I”, your life is the life of an incarnation, Jeevan Muktha!

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When you handle with incompletions how the Completion can be done, Completion can be easy. See, when you sit for completing with your incompletions, understand the futility of the incompletions; means, they do not have any value, utility value in your life; they are not going to give you intelligence, they are not going to give you inspiration, they are not going to give you excitement, they are not going to add joy to your life. Other than being cancerous and self-destructive, the incompletions have no utility value in your life. I can say, in a way, they are futile. Remember that and go back to the same incompletion patterns you started creating in your life from the young age; that frightened child who is living inside you, adamant child is living inside you. 

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The inability to handle the reality is suffering. The moment you have the ability to handle reality, it is no more suffering. And listening plays a very major role in that.

When you don’t have listening, you always come to the conclusion before the information is cognized in you.

The moment you start talking to somebody, when you don’t have listening, you start coming to your own conclusions either by rejecting that person or taking that person as a big threat. Both will lead you to suffering. If you take some joker as a villain, you will be suffering unnecessarily. If you take the villain as a joker, you are neglecting the great problems and big sufferings going to come. To gauge a villain as a villain, a comedian as a comedian, you need listening. 

Please understand, it is listening which is important to see the guy who is in front of your life is going to be a comedian or a villain or your friend. Just because it’s a close persons opinion I don’t take that as hundred percent proof . Just because it’s opponents opinion I don’t take that very lightly. In every moment I put my listening and separate the comedians, villains and heroes. Heroes let them be encouraged to support, comedians laugh at them, villains attend to them and give them the right reply.

Listening is survival need.

If you just have listening towards your mind it cannot cause any more suffering to you. Your mind is also one of the close attendants you have. Because of your confidence over that guy, that guy tries to give you false information and exploits you. I have seen this happening, I have seen this happening. It is not that he is a criminal but he does not have listening.

People ask me, “How can we get to the space of pure listening? How is it practically possible to be in listening? “

Each time in our so busy daily lives I can give you simple few techniques: Listen to your heart whenever you have a suffering thought, panic attack. Whenever you are confronting something , listen to your heart, listen to you blood flow, listen to your liver it will really help you. You will learn listening. Once in a while, sit with a tree, sit with a river, sit with a water-body. When I say “water-body”, I mean hundred times more quantity water than your blood level is a “water-body” It can be anything; it can be a tank, pond, river. I think your body carries almost five to seven litres of blood based on your size. So, around seven hundred litre water if it is there, it can be considered as a water-body. Even a water-tank seven hundred litres water. If you sit with a water body and listen, it may look very funny in the initial level; but, I tell you, it’ll develop listening!

In the Inner Awakening Level-4, the first initiation you are going to have is “Shravana Deeksha”, initiation into Listening.

I am really telling you, listen when you are feeling confronted. Listen when you are feeling conflict. Listen when you are sick and tired. Listen when you feel why life is like this. Listen whenever you have a resistance towards something. Listening.

Your inability to listen will make anything in the life as suffering. Even milk will become poison. Your ability to listen will make even poison into nectar. If you have the listening, when the idea starts in your throat. Please understand, listening in the source where the ideas are happening is “Unclutching”. If you just sit with you and listen you talking to you.
– See largest gathering of human beings is Kumbha Mela, largest action of human beings on same day, see like festival or celebration is also India, Indian election. That is the largest action or happening where largest number of human beings are participating. China has more population but they don’t have election. Largest gathering of human beings and largest active participating celebration of human beings both happen in India. Please understand your mind behaves like a mike starving mahatma. I tell you, sit and listen it out, listen it out.

Listening out to your mind is “Unclutching”. Every day, listening out to your mind before going to sleep is “Completion”. Completion is nothing but listening. If you are listening, you will be in the space of Completion. Listen to your physical ailments. When you have headache, listen to your head. When you have stomach pain, listen to your stomach. If you have diabetes, listen to your tiredness. If you have blood pressure, listen to your agitation. Listen to every conflict, every contradiction, every confrontation you face in the life. When you are in the space of Completion, you will be naturally listening without any struggle or effort.
Bring listening; bring listening into your life. Bring listening to your thinking. Bring listening to your words. Bring listening to others’ words. Bring listening to the conflicts you are going through. I tell you, when you don’t listen, your mind will behave with you like a politician. When you listen, your mind will behave with you like an enlightened being. If you listen, your own mind will behave with you like an enlightened being. Your mind will be Guru for you. It will take you away from all sufferings. It will melt down all worries, all sufferings, all conflicts.

Listening, listening whole day, Completion whole night, is the life of a Yogi. Listening whole day, Completion whole night, means being in the space of listening throughout the day, being in the space of Completion throughout the night. I tell you, listening is Dhyana, Completion is Samadhi. When you listen in the source of the words and thoughts, which is the neck, which is the throat, you will be in the space of Unclutching, even poison will not cross this and grow and disturb your body. That is what is the meaning of “Neelakanta”; because Mahadeva is established in the pure space of listening, even poison cannot cross his listening, the power of listening, and affect his body.

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I tell you, human life is supposed to be lived with lot of joy, lot of joy.

A person with tremendous life seeing whom self-hatred, self-denial, self-doubt gets frightened is a sannyasi.
When you decide to cause to make others reality, even your ability to think expands. Expansion always brings sacred joy.
When somebody carries incompletion, don’t think you need to correct them, you only need to complete them. Correction is not my teaching, completion is my teaching.

Continously live with the possibility for you go on causing the same space of possibility for others. That’s all. That’s all.

Integrity is nothing but the confidence on you. When you decide I will do it, you do it. That’s all.

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See, when you start from Completion, first thing you will not be pushing the bullock-cart by the broken fingers; you will be pulling it with a nice energy and strong strength. So, pulling itself will be easy. Next, it will be a beautiful journey. Once you reach, you will only feel more and more energetic. Because you have not suffered, you are not demanding everyone to respect you. And the ego will not be there. When you don’t have ego, you will not torture others.

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Please understand, either your thinking can make you more and more suffocated, bound, or your thinking can make you more and more free and liberated. If you start adopting the right thinking, in one year you will see, by the natural flow of your life you will be liberated! You will feel powerful; no suffocation, no complication; feeling free all the time! It is your thinking style! Understand, either you are going to become more and more free and liberated, or more and more bound. You cannot be anchoring your ship (thinking), you cannot stop, there is no break, because thinking will be going on whole day. So, either you start developing the thinking which liberates you, or which binds you.

By thinking, either you become “bandha” (bound) or “muktha” (liberated). “Baddha Jeeva” (bound soul) or “Muktha Jeeva” (liberated soul). I tell you, it is such a simple way! Anyhow you are going to think; you cannot stop it (your thinking). Then why not start thinking in the direction which will liberate you? You don’t need to blow your nose! You don’t need to wake up early morning 4 o’clock! You don’t need to clean your different holes! You don’t need to pour water in your different holes! You don’t need to do Nirahara! Simply adopt the cognitive shift: ‘From now I will think based on Completion.’ That’s all! Just learn the Science of Completion. Complete with you. Continuously be in the space of Completion. That’s all!

I tell you, one year is too much time for you to be liberated! Just think based on Completion everyday; you will be liberated! Don’t be stuck in any incompletion pattern. That will be like a bone stuck in your throat.

In this one thing, be fanatic: ‘I will think only out of Completion! I will not sleep without completing all the incompletions!’ If you have incompletions, lock yourself in a room, sit, decide, ‘I will complete and only then come out!’

Completion-based cognition! One year thinking in the right direction is enough; you will be liberated!

Sometimes I wonder why these human-beings suffer without getting liberated when such a simple practice is available! Then I feel, ‘I myself did the same. So, that is why these people are doing. I was also going this side, that side, here, there. Only then, finally, I saw, “Yes, yes, yes, this is such a simple thing”!’ I tell you, but one good thing, from this “janma” (life/birth), the day I took this body, from birth, in this birth, in this “janma”, I was very clear about this Completion-based life. This “janma” I didn’t waste any time looking this side, that side. This “janma”, it was completely beautiful and useful. I really tell you all, you don’t need to waste your energy, time, by going on thinking into the style of binding yourself. No! Not required! Not required at all! Think into liberating your life. Think into the pattern of liberating you.

Please understand, your mind is such a powerful tool you have. Awaken it! Use it! It is like a Kalpataru! It can give you whatever you want! It can lead you beyond it! That is the beauty of the mind. Guru can make you a bigger guru! My gurus have done it! My gurus made me bigger than them. I will be a guru only if I make you guys bigger than me, and I am always waiting for it to happen! Understand, your mind can lead you beyond mind if you awaken it. Just only one thing: Decide, ‘I will always live in the space of Completion.’ From the space of Completion continue. Build from the space of Completion.