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Wow, how can I describe Varanasi!

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Varanasi, Anandavana, the place of Annapurni. Only yesterday I realised the power of Annapurni’s energy field. Please understand, it is not only that she gives food, the moment you enter this space your metabolism just goes up. That is the power of the Annapurna’s energy field. Just yesterday night, I discovered it, why I feel so blissful. See, the bliss of enlightenment is always there, why I feel so blissful when I enter Varanasi? I was just looking why I feel so healthy the moment I enter the energy field of Varanasi. Because, the metabolism goes so high, literally the body is digesting the air itself. The very air is digested by the body. Body is enjoying the very breath or the energy field of this Anandavana, Varanasi.

This place is ecstasy for people who seek the higher purpose of life. See, the highest purpose is enlightenment, no doubt, but even if somebody is seeking little higher than what they are seeking. Even if they are seeking for health, they want complete health, then little higher than what they are seeking. They were looking for wealth, now they are looking for more wealth. That is little higher than what they are seeking. (more…)

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Am I changing due to boredom, am I re-strategizing, re-inventing myself out of my seeking?

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Please listen, I am using little tall words. See sometimes the tall words are required to tell you what I am talking about is a tall philosophy. If I am doing small talks, I can use silly words. But if I am explaining some tall philosophical truths, sacred secrets, tall words are required. Listen, giving in to your pattern compulsions are not freedom; unfortunately, the western society is teaching you, the western civilization is teaching you, the materialistic civilization is teaching you, giving in to your pattern compulsions is freedom, and they supply material for your pattern compulsions, and swindle you, rob you. Giving in to your pattern compulsions are not freedom. If you think that is the freedom, you are stupid; that is the right word I will use, you are stupid. Don’t give in to your pattern compulsions. Make seeking as the compelling reality of you. Let the seeking be the first response from you.

Let me define Seeking. Please listen, let me define Seeking.

Whatever I feel as ‘me,’ what is that? It is constantly changing, dilly dallying, sometime it feels good, sometime it is bad, sometimes right, sometimes wrong, sometimes knowledgeable, sometimes ignorant. What is it? What am I? You should not even as ‘who am I,’ because the moment you say—“Who am I”—you already assumed you are a being.

You should only ask the word—“What am I?” because you don’t even know whether you are a being or some inanimate object. The word ‘Who am I’ comes with the presumption you are a being, even that is not sure. Only when you realize who you are, you can be a being; till then, you are just only innate existence. (more…)

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The obstacles you will face in seeking

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Let us enter into today’s Satsang. I will continue to expand on 9th verse of the Isavasya Upanishad. Please recite along with Me:

andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate |

tato bhūya iva te tamo yau vidyāyāṁ ratāḥ || 9 ||

Those who worship avidyā, ignorance that veils the true knowledge of Truth, Consciousness, enter into blinding darkness characterized by the absence of perception; but into greater darkness of ignorance than that, enter they who, considering themselves as scholarly and learned, are engaged in vidyā, the incomplete knowledge acquired for vested interests, characterized by the impure perception of Truth and Consciousness.

See, this verse talks about two types of people—one, who worship ignorance, second, who worship half-truth. Knowledge for the sake of vested interest, not for the sake of knowledge itself. Understand, knowledge for the sake of vested interest, not for the knowledge itself.

When you start worshipping the knowledge for the sake of knowledge, you become embodiment of vidyā, knowledge. (more…)

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Saying “NO” to life, leads to the lower levels of existence, “Dussangha”, company of the lower level people.

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असुर्या नाम ते लोका अन्धेन तमसाऽऽवृताः । ताँस्ते प्रेत्याभिगच्छन्ति ये के चात्महनो जनाः ॥

Asurya naama they lokaa andhena thamasaavruthaah | Thaagumsthey prethyabhigachchanthi ye ke chaathmahano janaah ||

Listen!  “Athmahana”, saying “NO” to life, leads to the lower levels of existence, “Dussangha”, company of the lower level people.  I tell you, that is the hell!  That is the hell! 

Company of the lower level people, because, they will somehow brainwash you to get into their space, and they will make you do what they want you to do.  Finally, they will put you in trouble; then they will escape; because they are very shrewd.  They will escape so that they will go and haunt the other person. One fellow, very popular preacher of suicide theology, he will preach, teach, literally mesmerize, hypnotize everyone to commit suicide, and lot of people have started committing suicide.  Teaching death is very easy.  That is why all death-based concepts spread like a wildfire.  All the death-based religions, concepts, killing yourself and killing others, they spread like a wildfire.  But the life-based religions, concepts, take lot of time.  The best life-based religion in Toto, hundred percent, is Jainism.  The pure, life-based religion, Ahimsa and life, saying “YES” to life!  But how much struggle that religion has to go through to spread!  Actually, there are no followers; literally there are no followers of Jainism.  That is the truth.  Except a handful of monks, a few people!  Because, it is life-based, doesn’t spread that wildly.  But all death-based concepts, they just spread like wildfire!


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Enriching is the amazing, ultimate, secure, showering lifestyle!

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Please understand, I am defining this word “coveting”. “Kasyasvid” (कस्यस्विद्) I am defining. Anything which you take from others, which is not enriching them, is “coveting”. Anything, by enriching them, they offer, is “offering”. Understand, the whole life, all transactions, either covet, coveting or offering. Whether it is a simple smile, or billion dollar, simple smile, or billion dollar, anything, if you are enriching, and they share it, it is “offering”. If you are not enriching, and taking it, it is “coveting”. I tell you, keep your accounts free; that is the best way to prepare yourself for your death!

My accounts is free. This moment if I want to leave the body, my accounts is free. I have not coveted anything from anybody. It was always enriching, enriching, enriching, enriching. From that anybody shared anything, that was “offered”. So, the cycle of life, I have functioned in this cycle of life only by enriching, enriching, enriching.

Decide! Please listen! It has nothing to do with quantity. Sometimes, even a small stone will be stuck. Sometimes even this huge stone ball can be rotating in the water. I have seen in these fountains, where pressurized water lifts the huge stone ball, and that stone ball rotates in the pressurized water. So, when you are flowing with enriching, your whole life will flow beautifully like the ball rotating or floating in the water. No friction. All around you, life is completely lubricated. No incompletion. All around you, life is beautifully flowing. So decide, whether it is your career, personal life, relationships…..even with your body! Even with your body, don’t covet pleasure from your body. Whenever your body feels tired and you continue to do some action because you think it brings pleasure, it is “coveting” from your own body. Whether it is relationship with your body, relationship with other person, your career, your attitude towards life and world, human society, anybody, decide, from today – “Maa Gridhah Kasyasviddhanam” (मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम्). “Thena Thyakthena Bhunjeethaa Maa Gridhah Kasyasviddhanam” (तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम्). (more…)

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Everything is a gas balloon in your life

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Every form you carry in your life, everything which is most valuable or most dangerous in your life, most valuable or most dangerous in your life, gets alive, becomes alive, gets life only based on the incompletions you infuse into it. Understand, everything is gas balloon in your life. Whether it is the most important form or the most dangerous form, it’s a gas balloon which balloon you are going to inflate it by infusing your incompletion. Please understand, the most dangerous thing you think in your life, whether it is poverty, or death, or disease, or accident, or losing your name and fame, or losing your identity, the most dangerous thing is also inflated balloon by your incompletion. And the most beautiful form in your life, even if it is Guru’s form, even if it is your Ishta devatha’s form, is nothing but form inflated by some of your incompletions. Please listen; I am using the word “incompletion”, not “Completion”! I am using the word “incompletion”, not “Completion”. Even you making your God or Guru a hero or saviour or father figure is nothing but you feeling something is missing in your original space of Completion. So, both inflations are your creation. Please listen, I am giving you one of the greatest advaitic truth in a simple, straight-forward way.

The most important truth you need to know, whether it is the most dangerous form you think in your life or the most blissful, reassuring form you think in your life, form is a form is a form. Form gets its power only based on incompletion. If you think somebody is a villain, somebody is a hero; both are from your incompletion. Do not have God or Guru in your life because of your incompletion. Have both of them because of your Completion, strength and love. I tell you, people who try to project hero figure, father figure on me because of their incompletion, I am afraid of them, because any day they will pull out their gas supply to my form. Whether it is Guru or God, if your devotion, if your love is based on Completion, only then you will also grow, you will be really, really, really growing in pure love and devotion towards Guru or God.

If you have fear of snakes, in your whole life if you see the statistics, you would have seen snake only once and that also in a zoo, at a very safe distance where they cannot come near you. You can only see them and they can only see you. You would have seen only twice, but mentally you will be seeing snakes every day two-hundred times and having the panic attack. Not by the snake, but by the memory of the snake, you will have much death sooner. Not by the poison of the snake, but by the visualization of the snake, you will have early death!

Life in its pristine pure form is Completion. When you bring Completion into you, no form will bind you, whether it is love or danger, no form will be binding you whether it is love or fear.

Means, only by spontaneous decision of Completion, anything great can happen in the life, never by something which you have been mulling over in incompletion for ages and ages and ages.

Adi Shankara says in Viveka Choodamani, ‘Even Kalpakaala Paryanthaam you are sitting with certain visualization or ritual out of incompletion, nothing can be done’ – He says, “even the age of a Brahma if you are sitting with some ritual, visualization, you cannot achieve anything great, you cannot achieve any Completion”. So, understand, even Kalpakaala Paryanthaam if you sit with incompletion, whether you sit with your negative visualizations or positive visualizations, life is not going to become complete, it is not going to be liberating you.

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Presented bare, truth hurts

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A lady came to me complaining that she is hurt by even small criticisms coming from others. She said she was very sensitive. I asked her to stop using that word. I said, ‘You are not sensitive. A really sensitive person will be porous; she will allow the words to pass through her. Only arrogant people get hurt. If you are hurt, please understand that you are arrogant. You are strong like a stone, which is why words come and hit you.’ A sensitive person would have allowed the words pass through her; she will never suffer. Even if someone is deliberately rude, a sensitive person understands where such a person is coming from and is not defensive. Suffering is always from arrogance, never from sensitivity. A person who is sensitive will never suffer. A sensitive person will suffer on account of another person in distress, not for oneself. You suffer from words when you stop them, when you resist them, when you create your own meaning out of them. When we do not create our own meanings out of words, we do not suffer. We play with words. We always choose nice words to support our ego. We do not say, ‘I am hurt because I am arrogant.’ We always use polished words such as, ‘I am hurt because I am sensitive.’ Please don’t cheat yourself with words. Let your words be unfiltered by your ego.

Let me tell you a small story:

Once, a contractor wanted to donate a sports car to an official. The official refused, saying, “I am an honest person and I cannot think of accepting this gift.” The contractor asked him, “In that case how would it be if I sell you this car for Rs 10?’ The official replied immediately, ‘In that case, I will have two cars!’

When an untruth is wrapped in gift packing, you forget you have a problem. You accept it without a murmur. However, when truth is presented bare, you do protest. Presented bare, truth hurts; ego cannot tolerate truth easily. We are so concerned about politically and socially correct statements, it seems no longer acceptable for anyone to speak the truth. But it seems to be perfectly acceptable to lie in a politically correct manner.

Ramakrishna says beautifully, ‘Let your words and mind be straightened.’ Whatever is, let it be offered straight without filtering.

Learn to accept truth bare. At least you will know you have a problem that you can solve.

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Choicelessness is bliss

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Choicelessness is bliss. If you choose it, bliss will not happen because you have made a choice and thereby have eliminated it as a possibility. When you are choiceless, when you are completely relaxed, bliss simply happens in you. When you are concerned about bliss, your very concern will ensure that you will not experience it. 

The moment you try to retain an unclutched experience you clutch yourself. 

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When you are no…

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When you are not transferring the load or stress of one thought to another thought and not carrying the load you are unclutched. Unclutching is not about not connecting thoughts, it is not carrying load from one thought to another thought. When you are unclutching, naturally you experience peace.

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Tapas is being intensely passionate with deep patience. It is being playfully sincere.

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Once a man went to visit a famous sculptor. He saw the sculptor sitting silently in front of a big marble block, smiling admiringly at it. When he saw the visitor, he turned to him and said

“Is it not she beautiful ?”

“Who?” asked the bewildered visitor.

“This woman, hiding in the marble block”

“Where I don’t see any woman”

“You will, just as soon as I finish removing all the unnecessary stuff around her” , sculptor smiled.

On the spiritual path, this process of removing all the unnecessary stuff is Tapas.Tapas is the intense joyful effort that transforms you from what you think you are now to what you are really. Of course the sculptor was working on the marble, but the material on which you will be working is ‘You’, yourself. The sanskrit word literally means “burning”. Tapas is the process of burning one’s ego with the fire of truth. One burns oneself with the truth. Letting the truth penetrate ones’ being, work on one’s being to remove all that is false in you. Tapas is not a spiritual practice to be added to you, it is the process of destroying all that is not you. So that whatever is really you may be experienced. Tapas is only for the very courageous. Because it is at the same time, the process of death and process of rebirth. Always the death leads to rebirth. Tapas is a death for your ego because it involves shedding all the false ideas, false concepts that you are carrying around calling them as yourself and your life. Tapas destroys only the false identities, not you.

Right now your personality is entangled in too many things, too many situations, too many people. When you remove all these things one by one from your life what remains is your individuality. At so many levels you are carrying ideas that you think of you as ‘You’. At the outermost level you are deeply connected to the world as you experience it. Your social identity, your family, your profession, you are carrying all these in yourself, as part of yourself. That is why traditionally seekers in spiritual path choose a life away from family and society. I can say it is not necessary to be physically away from family and society. It is enough if you can psychologically disconnect from them and clutch when you require. I am not asking you to become indifferent to the world, No. Just become aware of the subtle influences that world is exerting on you. You are carrying the baggage of so many other peoples ideas. Just become aware how many people are living inside your head right now, telling you how to run your life. Just listen and see how many voices you can hear. We are living our life based on ideas of right and wrong which are given to us by others. Becoming aware is the only first step. Many times we are already know it but we don’t have the courage to free ourselves from these influences. We know they are simply acting out of the ideas that have been given to us by our parents, by friends, by society, by media, but we don’t want to let go of these ideas because we are afraid of leaving without a social identity. You think social identity adds spice or juice to life. We are afraid of being ‘Kevala’ means ‘alone’. (more…)

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I don’t have any visions or darshans in my spiritual path…..I feel depressed!

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There are some people who to go to Bengaluru to Delhi with open window. They see so many visions, scenes and all kinds of visions and darshans and reach Delhi. There are some people whose windows are closed, they also reach Delhi. There is one danger if your window is open, you may see some middle station and think that Delhi has come and get down. But the journey itself will be very juicy. For people whose window is closed, you will not get anywhere in the middle, you will reach Delhi for sure, but journey itself will be little dry. But both will reach Delhi. 

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Whatever is happening is auspicious

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Look into the whole journey of your life. What is after all the whole journey, somehow you have the body and mind, you need to reach the space where you can be yourself, having everything, without the need of body and mind. So every experience which is added to you is pushing you to go beyond body and mind. Even what you think as suffering is nothing but teaching you that you will be better-of without body and mind. So constantly this truth is being  taught to you. So, in that way if you see, everything, everything is adding, adding, adding, adding. That is why I say there is a constant expansion in the universe. Everything is adding to you and you are constantly expanding.

Anybody who understands the constant expansion in the universe is in cosmic auspiciousness.

We always think, no, no, how can it be..only expansion without contraction. Even the contraction leads to next expansion, because it leads to next expansion it is the process of expansion. Because the ultimate outcome is expansion even the contraction or any low scale action or anything is expansion. 

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When you understand, Master is not a mass you will not miss. As long as you think He is a mass, you will miss. If somebody is a mass, he cannot be a Master; If somebody is a Master, HE is not just mass. Who has mastered the mass is a Master.

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Intensity is deep passion with profound patience

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Different techniques, different methods, different deities, different paths, then what is the point that decides a person’s enlightenment ?  Intensity is the one which decides the person’s enlightenment- the higher experience. With Intensity whatever you do will be meditation, without intensity even if you meditate, it will be just a ritual. Whenever I teach meditation to a group of 100 people, I learn hundred versions of that same meditation. The success depends on the person, not on what he is doing, but what he is. It depends on the intensity which he carries. Patanjali says ‘Based on the intensity, the success- low, medium and high, is achieved.

Intensity means the ability to stand forwhat you believe and break free from the past attitudes or methods of functioning and live in a new way. If you do not have intensity we go on and on in the same way. You can see in your life, even inside your house, you will walk in the same route, sit in the same sofa, go to your bed in the same way and you will lie down in the same way, you will sit  in the same chair in the dining table, you will eat and come out of the garage in the same way. You will not even be alive or creative. I always tell my bramhacharis ‘atleast do new, new mistakes, I will have some entertainment’. You need intensity to do things new, otherwise even your mistakes – same old, may be difference in quantity – big or small.

Intensity is not seriousness. Intensity means deep passion and patience.  Strong will is passion, deep prayer is patience.


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If you are living with the master and still He is not driving you crazy either He is not enlightened or you are not living with Him.

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As long as you think you are a separate entity other than higher reality, He will be driving you crazy. Constantly shaking the very roots on which you build your foundation. But fortunately if you identify with Him or with Higher reality, this is the most fortunate thing which can happen in the planet earth to you because without any effort the ultimate will just happen in you. 

The ultimate will just happen in you without any effort, nothing needs to be done just hanging around Him. 

But you will see His simple movements, His simple words, His just look will be shaking your foundation on which you are building you or the false ‘you’. Anything you do, He will be constantly on His job. How He will create situations, how He will create people, how He creates happenings around you, you do not know, you cannot imagine. Just the person who is walking next you will exactly hit you where you are holding you. Don’t think he is hitting you, I am hitting you. When you are living around the master even the mosquito bites you after taking permission from Him about the time, the intensity of the bite and the place where you are needed to be bitten. If you are inside his Sangha, you are under the controlled condition where your ego is constantly operated. Whatever is not you but you hold to it as you is removed from you. I can say ‘living around the master without resisting is living enlightenment process’. All you need is whatever He asks you to do or be, just co-operate with that. If He asks you to unclutch, just unclutch as much as you can. Thats all nothing else, nothing more. If He asks you to chant the maha mantra as long as there is energy in the throat do it, nothing more.

As long as you identify yourself with the higher reality living around the master is ultimate celebration. But when you identify yourself with other realities it will be suffocation. 

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Swamiji, do you have thoughts ?

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Please listen, if your inner space is 10 acre, all 10 acre is filled with thoughts. In my inner space I have 10 million acres and some 100 acres are filled with thoughts – Negligible, but much more than you. For the total inner space I have, the thought-filled inner space is negligible, that is why it is called ‘no mind’. But, if you see the number of thoughts in the actual- factual space, it is much more than yours. That is why I say, I have a mind which you don’t understand. But, it doesn’t mean that there are no thoughts, there is no process. The process is 100 more times intense than yours but the background or the canvas or the space in which the process is happening is so vast, the process is negligible.

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The one who is ignorant, who doesn’t have trust and who is a skeptic, perish.

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If you doubt my ability, I will always show you that I am able, I can. If you doubt my stability, I will always show you with my compassion, I,  constantly in a very stable way waiting for you. If you doubt my availability, I will prove that I am always available for you.  But if you doubt My very purpose of the mission, very purpose of My Existence, My vision statement, nothing can be done.

Let me define Me and My purpose –

 “I am an incarnation in the planet earth to do the job of radiating and sharing enlightenment, the highest conscious existence.”

If you have any doubt on this My very being and the vision, nothing can be done. Then like Sri Krishna, I have to say samsayatma vinasyati. Other than this if you doubt my ability, if you doubt my stability, if you doubt my availability – nothing wrong. It is not a crime. I will always have patience to show you, to make you understand my stability, ability, availability – everything. I will have tremendous patience to work with you, to inspire you, encourage you. But if you doubt that very root purpose, the source purpose, the cause of my existence then I only have to repeat 4th chapter, 40th verse of Bhagavad Gita –

“ajnas casraddadhanas ca samsayatma vinasyati|

nayam loko sti na paro na sukham samsayatmanah||”

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samsayatma vinasyati

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“ajnas casraddadhanas ca samsayatma vinasyati|

nayam loko ‘sti na paro na sukham samsayatmanah||”

Translation – “The one who is ignorant who doesn’t have trust and who is a skeptic perish. They do not have this ordinary life or the higher life. There is no sense of well being for the skeptic.”

It is like a blow on the brain not just mind. Sometime blow on the mind you don’t catch it that strongly. so blow on the brain is the only way. Beautiful word ‘samsayatma vinasyati’. It is a shock, powerful shock Bhagavan gives. I know for sure many of the orthodox idiots of those days would have screamed at Bhagavan – how dare you say vinasyati ? See…its like…imagine….I won’t do it. Imagine suddenly I say all the fellows who have opposed me, who are doubting me, let them all vomit blood and die! Then understand how much of opposition I will attract and how it will be shocking for people. First thing all the fellows will say – how dare! This fellow tells all these things? How can an enlightened person say all these types of words? You will scream too many thousands of foolish things. That is why I am not saying it, I am saying Bhagavan is saying :=). But when I repeat, I mean it. Understand it is a strong word Bhagavan is using – ‘vinasyati’.

When He says ‘samsayatma vinasyati’, He means I think now He is almost fed up of Arjuna and his dirty ignorance. See there is something called as ‘sweet ignorance’. Means when a disciple is ignorant, he comes to you with a suffering, you sit with him and you offer the solution, he imbibes it and stands up with life and light. It is such a sweet ignorance. Even ignorance can add sweetness to you and your master. When you stand up, when you are out, even ignorance can be sweet. But this is too much, I think it would have gone to the extreme. I kknow how Krishna’s face would have been when He uttered this word – samsayatma vinasyati!. He must have been really, really, really tired of Arjuna’s dirty ignorance. I won’t even say dirty ignorance. I tell you all dirty ignorance is clear arrogant doubting of the authenticity of the Master Himself. I have seen when some disciples are in depression, suffering. When i call and give them the solution, if they don’t practice, if they don’t want to come out of the depression, I will always cearly see that they are doubting the very authenticity of Me.  The moment you doubt the authenticity of Me, I cannot help you. See it is like you are struggling in the ocean screaming for My help, I am sitting on the ship and sending a rope to you – “Please hold this rope I will lift you”. If you say, no, I don’t even know how to hold the rope, I am struggling even for that, then I can atleast come down, and hold you by the hand and lift you up.  But, if you doubt the very authenticity – aah, who knows after taking me to the ship You will kill me or not, after taking me into the ship You may kill me, what will happen ?. When you doubt the very authenticity, the purpose of rescuing – bye! I can’t even say good bye! I can only say bye. (more…)

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You are a spiritual being having human experience

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As long as you think you are the body, you can’t escape from the pleasures of the physical world. When you think you are mature, naturally the small attachments like attachment to toys disappear. Till you are mature, you may try to renounce  physically but you will be thinking about it. Same way, till you experience the consciousness you can’t renounce the physical pleasures, even if you renounce you will be mentally thinking about it.The one who doesn’t know the difference between matter and consciousness, won’t be able to practice restraint. You are not human being having spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having human experience. Only when you understand the truth, you are a spiritual being having human experience, suddenly you will see the pleasures of the world is not attracting you at all, it is not affecting you anymore. You are just beyond all these things. You are just living in a different space.

spiritual being

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Why do I insist on being around the master ?

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These words which I utter you can learn from this blog or from my audio/video discourses or dvd. But when you sit in front of the master you will see the honesty which radiates in My eyes. The truth, which expresses in My body language will catch you. You will feel that ‘click’, that connection – yes, he is talking the truth. Even if you want to suspect it, suddenly you will see your logic has no power anymore over you. Beyond your logic simply these words are going inside you.

Your logic is crying….i am dying, i am dying, i am losing ground; But just these words are going inside, they are just filling you, they are just overflowing in you.

This will happen only when you sit in the presence of the master. This is Upanishad!. Just being around, sitting, opening to the master.

I always tell people, even if you die, die around the master in his presence. The greatest thing that can happen to you, can happen only in his presence.

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Uncompromising compassion

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I had such a non-compassionate mentors and masters for me. I am really lucky. As far as techniques and spiritual knowledge is concerned they are so compassionate. But they will never, ever give me any support for my human weakness. When I say human weakness, its like – “tomorrow we can do the practice, its Ok. We can do the practices later on. I don’t want to do meditation.”, this laziness. They never bent for this, they just stood strong. One side compassion, the other side completely cruel. Because of them, again and again and again standing up has become very easy.