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if you take full responsibility of deciding whether it is right or wrong, you can avoid all guilt feelings!

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Many times you justify your guilt by labeling it as responsibility. No! How does one differentiate between guilt and responsibility? If you get into a low feeling when you think about it, it is guilt. If you feel intensity and integrity, it is responsibility. This is the clear scale. If you are pulled to low energy at the thought of what you did, then it is guilt. But if you feel good about it, then it is responsibility. Falling into guilt is a clear way of escaping responsibility. Once a man came to me complaining, ‘I am suffering. I have fourteen children.’ I asked him why he chose to have so many children. He replied, ‘Why? God gave me!’ The problem is, we do all that we want to do without taking responsibility for it. After doing it, we feel god made us do it! If we take up responsibility for every action, we will never land up in guilt or trouble.

All guilt related to extramarital affairs comes under this category of sheer lack of responsibility in behavior. Be very clear that extramarital affairs clearly show disrespect to another being, your spouse. You have no right to disrespect another being.

What is the meaning of the relationship of marriage?

Let me explain. Man as such is centered on muladhara chakra or the lust energy center in the body, and woman is centered on the swadhishthana chakra or the fear energy center in the body. That is why man gives in to lust easily and woman gives in to fear easily.

If you see during the traditional vedic marriage ceremony, in front of the sacred fire considered to be a representation of god, the man promises to the woman, ‘I shall give you security and release you from insecurity (fear).’ The woman promises to the man, ‘I shall give you love and free you from lust.’ Both of them decide to liberate the other from their weaknesses. (more…)

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True Love!

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In real life, we always look to express our love towards others in some tangible way. Only if love is demonstrated in tangible form, it is considered to be love nowadays. True love is like a communion. It is a resonance between two beings. It can be felt without any expression. It doesn’t need communication because it is already happening as a communion. If you really love a person, then your very body language will show it. It will be too much to express in words. You will feel that any words are inadequate and will only bring down the love that you feel. But if you are using words, then somewhere the love has not really happened. When you have to speak to express love, then somewhere there is a lie in it! You are using the words just to decorate the lie.

Real love liberates because it doesn’t compel you to express it all the time. It just is. Real love also gives you the freedom to freely express what you want to express. You can easily express anything like disapproval or anger and it will not be mistaken for reduced love. Not only that, with real love, there will be no domination or power play in relationships. Each person will be like a beautiful flower that has blossomed to radiate its unique fragrance, that’s all. With real love, there will be no fear or insecurity either.

In normal love, physical distance between two people causes a lot of insecurity and a lack of trust. Real love doesn’t look for utility. It operates on sheer trust and is also beyond space and time. These days I see people gifting each other with so many things to show their love. Gifting has become an expression of love. If the gifting happens as causeless overflowing, it is okay. We are totally relaxed anywhere in the world. (more…)

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Why do people break up, don’t live happily ?

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Mohandas Pai: Swamiji, why is there conflict in families between 2 people. Between spouses, why do people break up, don’t live happily, how to handle conflict and what causes this conflict?

Swamiji: Basically, you keep somebody as part of your cognition, but you are not ready to take the responsibility for how they expect you. See when….for example when you visualize….when somebody visualizes their joy, if they do not keep their spouse and children in that joy frame, then they don’t have to be responsible. If  they visualize fear, in that fear frame if something happening to their child, their spouse, is not there in that frame, then he doesn’t need to bother about what they think about him or how they hold him. When your joy frame, greed frame, life frames, has all of them as part of it, then we are responsible for how they hold us, what we stand for them, what is our commitments and relationships, what is our understandings and said-unsaid agreements. Not leaving any grey area, with the people who are in your life frame, is relationship.

Mohandas Pai: But Swamiji, this is very fascinating. Then, how do we relate to the rest of society? (more…)

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How do we overcome this need for power within our souls, within our body, within our lives?

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Mohandas Pai: Swamiji, you know all of us want power in our lives, we want control, we want wealth, we want people to listen to us and this need for power in all human beings, is the root cause of much conflict, because this power is exhilarating, how do we overcome this need for power within our souls, within our body, within our lives?

Sri Nithyananda Swamiji: See first, when we are not able to handle our self, control our self, when we are not able to come to relationship with our self, we are trying to do this to others. For example, when you are not able to handle….when we are not able to handle our self  if we are trying to behave like giving up on us, we will give up on the society. If we are trying to behave like controlling us, we will control the society. How we feel with our self, the same way only we will feel with the world. If somebody is trying to control others and feel, controlling others give them joy, there is a deep vacuum in them that they are not able to control themselves. So they are struggling in controlling them selves. When we are struggling to control our self, we will also be struggling to control the world. 

If we come to completion with ourselves knowing clearly, ‘this all can be controlled’. For example my eating habit, sleeping habit, my digestion, all this can be controlled but my blood circulation, my breathing, all this cannot be controlled, that is actually good for me. When we know, ‘I myself put something in automatic gear, for my own benefit’, so this ‘what I put in automatic gear is not binding me, it is actually some of the responsibilities off from me, which I decided’. For example, our breathing pattern, our blood circulation, we put all of them into automatic, by us, it is our decision, we put them into automatic so that we can attend to something else.

End of the day, coming to the Source of everything, Context, and understanding everything, we are responsible, makes thousands of things clear.

When we start getting complete with our self, we will manifest the same completion with others. When we are not able to control our self, we will try to control us and control others. When we are not able to control our self and we give up on us, we will give up on us and give up on others.

Everything, the way we behave whether in a traffic signal or in our career or in our relationship, everything finally boils down to – ‘how we cognize us, how we behave with ourselves’. Our idea about us is the Source from which all this manifest. Even the need for the Power, is not always going to lead to a completion space or happiness space, we know!

Mohandas Pai: we know..

Swamiji: We know!

Mohandas Pai: Yes..we know…

Swamiji: But still!

Mohandas Pai: we do it…we still we do it…

Swamiji: I should say it’s a blind spot.

Mohandas Pai: blind spot…

Swamiji: We know our goal is not going to make us feel the way we want. See we want certain feeling at the end of the goal and we want something as the goal, even though we know this feeling and that goal is not going to come together, sometimes we just start travelling….towards any one direction. So I should say, it is more or less our own blind spots based on our blind spots inside us.

Mohandas Pai: Inside us but Swamiji, we live in a society, now we have relationships. We are children of a parent, we got friends, we marry, we have spouse’s, we have children, we have colleagues, we have Gurus. Now this need to find peace within. How does it correlate with the need to have relationships, can you let relationships dominate your life, how should two people deal with each other when they live together, they are part of a family?

Swamiji: With whoever we live, if we are remembering somebody or seeing somebody more than thrice a day, we are responsible for how they feel about us.

Mohandas Pai: we are responsible..

Swamiji: Yes! Sure, because they are part of us. See, when you cognize everything, for example, if you cognize your peace, can you exclude your spouse and kids and cognize your peace?

Mohandas Pai: No…

Swamiji: If you cognize your happiness, can you exclude them and cognize your happiness?

Mohandas Pai: No…

Swamiji: So if somebody is part of your cognition, they are part of you.

Mohandas Pai: We are all together…

Swamiji: They are part of you…us!

Mohandas Pai: They are part of us

Swamiji: Us! Whoever is part of you, when you cognize your fears, can you exclude them and calculate your fears? No. Something happens to them is also your fear.

Mohandas Pai: Yes…

Swamiji: When you cognize about your joy, can you exclude them and cognize?

Mohandas Pai: No…

Swamiji: So, whoever is part of your fear, your joy, your pleasure, your pain, everything happening to you, is part of you, so how you feel with them, how you feel about them, how they feel about you, for that you are responsible. Unfortunately, we always think,”Why should I be responsible for what they think about me?”

Mohandas Pai: Yes…

Swamiji: Which is see…you don’t need to be responsible for the person who goes in the street, passerby. How he feels about you, you are not responsible. You don’t need to be.

Mohandas Pai: Yes

Swamiji: Because he is not part of your life.

Mohandas Pai: Yes…

Swamiji: But everyone who is part of your life, now all titles you’ve described: spouse, son, father, daughter, Guru, all these relationships are not passerby people, people who walk in the street. They are part of your very cognition. In the cognition if they are part, how can you not be responsible for how they hold you or perceive you? The biggest blind spot all of us have is whoever is part of our thinking system….see for example when you visualize what is your joy – whoever is part of them, part of that visualization, when you visualize what is your fear – whoever is part of that visualization, when you visualize what is your happiness – whoever is part of that visualization – we are not even taking responsibility for what they think about us or how they hold us or how they perceive us!! Taking responsibility for everyone who is part of our cognition, how they feel about us, how they hold us, how they expect us – bringing Completion in that, means

if they are holding us in some way, expecting us to be something – either you make them understand that expectation is not going to become real or if you are very sure you are going it into reality, giving it as a commitment and removing the insecurity from them. This is what I call Completion.

Either you remove that expectation. The way they hold you or you make it as very vocal, oral, clear cut commitment and you stand by it. This removes, I can say 99% of the incompletions.

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Romance with the life, not because it is your other half, because it is you.

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Let us enter into the sixth verse.  

यस्तु सर्वाणि भूतान्यात्मन्यॆवानुपश्यति ।

सर्वभूतॆषु चात्मानं ततॊ न विजुगुप्सतॆ ॥

Yasthu Sarvaani Bhoothaani Aathmanyeva Anupashyathi |

Sarva Bhootheshu Cha Aathmaanam Thatho Na Vijugupsathe ||


One who, indeed, lives by seeing as it is the whole Existence existing in the Consciousness, the Self itself, and the Consciousness existing in the whole Existence, by virtue of not seeing oneself as separate from the Consciousness, does not feel violated or hates anything existing.

“One who, indeed, lives by seeing as it is the whole Existence, all manifest and un-manifest beings existing in the Consciousness itself, and the Consciousness existing in the whole Existence, thus does not feel violated or hates anything existing, by virtue of not seeing oneself as separate from Consciousness.”

So the concept you have about you plays a very important, major role, in the way you live, the way you exist.

Understand, I am not searching for my other half, because I am not half!  I am already full!  I am complete!  So, what you experience about you, that decides your attitude about life, understand?  If you feel there is something other than you existing, you may have fear, or, feeling.  If you think the other part will complete you, you will have feeling, romance.  If you have an ounce of romance in the room, everything will be cleared, then fear will start happening; that’s all. (more…)

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Sometimes it seems like love alone is not enough to have a successful relationship. We seem to have many conflicts with people we love. What else other than love is needed?

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I tell you, Completion! Completion with yourself and with others is the most important ingredient of relationship. Love is actually the side-effect of the relationship. Completion is the main ingredient of relationship. Completion with yourself and Completion with others is the main ingredient of relationship. Please understand, ability to see the possibility in you is Completion with yourself, ability to see the possibility in others is Completion with others. So, Completion with yourself and Completion with others is the first ingredient for a successful relationship. Love is side-effect. When I say “Completion”, I mean your ability to look at your possibility instead of denying constantly yourself, loading yourself with all the impossibilities and past failures. So, denying yourself all possibility is incompletion, allowing your possibilities is Completion. Same way, seeing and allowing others possibility is Completion with others.

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What makes it so difficult to move on from previous relationships? My past is affecting my ability to love. How can I clear the past and rewrite the relationship the way I want?

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Listen! Listen! You need to know, anything which brings you powerlessness, difficulty, you never had that systematically! Please understand, if you had wealth and lost it, you had relationship and lost it, if you had health and lost it, you have not systematically built it; it has happened to you as accident. Anything you consciously build, anything you consciously build, stays with you and makes you more and more powerful. If you feel your earlier relationships are failure, you need to know you did not build that consciously; it happened as an accident. May be just because you were a young girl or young man, relationships would have happened, not because you wanted to enter into it consciously with a purpose, with a clear goal in life.

So, understand, the word “relationship” should not be used if it has happened as an accident. So, whenever some relationship breaks, fails, remember to name that as an “accidental” relationship, so that it is easy for you to get out of it, complete with it, you can clear the past, and at least next time you can be very sure about what you should be doing and should not be doing. The earlier relationships, why it worked and why it failed, the right lessons are learnt, the right context is set for you to rewrite the relationship, the new relationship, the way you wanted, the way you want to live. So, understand, you can clear the past and rewrite the relationship the way you want, the way you want it to be by understanding the right reasons why it worked and why it failed. So, whatever is the reason why it failed, you need to complete with it, get rid of those patterns to make the relationship work in a right way.

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I seem always to attract the same kind of relationships? How do I get out of this pattern? How do I attract the right person into my life?

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First thing, you will always attract the same kind of relationships in your life as long as you carry the same pattern. When you get out of the pattern you are carrying, when you complete with all the patterns you are carrying, when you bring yourself to Completion from all the incompletions you are carrying, you will attract the right person into your life. Right person into your life! Till you carry the same pattern, you will attract the same kind of relationships in your life.

Please understand, the way you relate, the way you respond, the way you utter words, that puts the expectation, that makes the other person to react, respond, reciprocate. So, end of the day, it is you who is moulding even the other person through your relationship with that person. So, your pattern decides the way the other person responds to your relationship.

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If you observe deeply you will find out,

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If you observe deeply you will find out, if you have incompletion within you that day you will feel I am angry with you. When you have incompletion you will see the reflection on Me, means, if you feel I am angry at you, all you need to do is do completion with you and completion with others. I am not angry with you. If I am angry with you, then I am incomplete.

I am not angry with you because I am complete with me and with others. 

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Why is listening so important to people?

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Because listening is attention, and attention is energy! When you genuinely listen to someone, you not only boost their self worth, but also their energy levels! This is why people feel so fulfilled when someone listens to them. If you listen closely when somebody is sharing, especially if they are sharing a problem, you will see that almost always, what they are looking for is understanding and empathy, not your solutions for their problems. It is also a commonly held notion that one has to be loud and heard to be noticed and to progress in society. In fact true power may lie in the ability to be silent and truly listen as this brings real insight into the needs and how we can best interact with the other.

Listening has become a lost art. Although we are taught the communication tools of reading, writing and verbalizing from childhood, the art of active and empathetic listening is often overlooked. Research suggests that people accurately comprehend and recall approximately 50% of what they hear. Within the next forty eight hours, most forget half of the retained information, hence leaving a mere 25% of what was initially heard. Why is listening so hard? Most of the time, and especially in the midst of disagreements, we are busy formulating our own opinion and thinking about what we are going to say. This prevents us from actually hearing what is being said. In addition, emotions such as anger and certain words may trigger thought patterns that can cause our mind to be distracted and wander. As a consequence, we hear what we want to hear and don’t hear what we don’t want to hear.

Only when we are externally silent and have quietened our inner chatter can true listening happen. This creates the space for a deep understanding of what the other person really wants to communicate. The inability to set aside the urge to voice our emotions and opinions and listen without judgment is a major cause for misunderstandings and disagreements. The complaint that family, employers and others are not listening to us is commonplace in today’s society, and may be a major factor in the popularity of therapy, where one feels one is being listened to. Studies show that true leadership is linked to the ability to effectively listen to those around you. Practice the art of listening in your life. Observe the tendencies we have to formulate our responses without really listening to the other, and see what new understandings and closeness it can bring with those in your life.

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Have you taken an honest look at your relationships?

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In every relationship, we are constantly trying to sculpt the other person in the way we have imagined them to be. Even without being aware of it, we continuously try to control and change and possess the other. To try to possess a living person is the ultimate disrespect you can show them! It means we are trying to convert a person into property. We degrade energy into matter. We carry an image of our ideal person inside our heads, and try to mold the other person in the same image! If we can only drop the images inside us we will find endless possibilities for enjoying the relationship. A real relationship can never happen as long as you have fantasies. Even if you stay for twenty-four hours in the same house with the other person, you don’t look into their eyes! Because you live with fantasy and not reality. You don’t actually live with the real person. When you learn to drop your fantasy and imaginations about others, you will experience the real relationship blossoming!

InnerAwakening – experience blissful relationships

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Past records verses Possibility is the fight between creativity and laziness.

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Past record continuously claims laziness even for the greatest creator. I want to confess here even my past record makes me believe I am a failure,after creating this whole universe.Understand when I said ME at that moment I don’t mean this six feet, I meant what I experience as ME. 

Do not believe in Past records. Believe only in Possibility. All great things are created by people who believe in possibility.

The man who perceives the possibility is a Theist – creator. Man who constantly looks at the past record is Atheist.

Integrity of thinking means not having past records continuously influence you, instead letting the new life happen to you. Possibility is life. Past record is dead. When ever you look at the Past records you are dead. Whenever you look at the Possibility you are alive.Whether it is relationship, health, wealth or mental health or even enlightenment, if you look at the past records you are sure you will never be able to get enlightenment, not only now, never. If you look at the possibility you will feel – “Wow! He is here, why can’t then me?”

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A glimpse of love makes you expand more and more in love.

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Take responsibility for love, that is where a relationships starts. If you fulfill others expectations and they also fulfill your expectations, then that is business, not love. Love is beyond business. Love creates life in you. A glimpse of love makes you expand more and more in love. When you take responsibility for a person with the context that you will fulfill their expectations, irrespective of whether they fulfill your expectations or not, then you can experience, happiness, peace and completion in your life. I have a question with me :- If the others expectations limits me, even then should I fulfill their expectations? Answer is : Even then fulfill their expectation and then make them understand that their expectation is limiting you. In-authenticity shrinks you. Only with authenticity, integrity and responsibility you can experience true love and expand. When you are authentic, you can relate with anyone who comes near you with spontaneity. When you respond being in completion, then that leads to more completion. Authenticity means you fulfilling the expectation you have about you, and the expectation others have about you in a complete way. It is more difficult to fulfill yourself than fulfilling others.

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Relationships are expression of your Inner state

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Integrity expands your relationship at different levels. You relate with a lot of things in your life – others, wealth, business, healthy, etc. When you bring integrity, then – you will remove the ignorance that exists in all your relationships. Whenever you experience conflict in your relationships, again and again your in-authenticity presents itself to you. When you bring integrity as the space inside you, the space you perceive, you experience, you operate, suddenly so much of healing happens to you and others. With integrity and authenticity, you will experience a new ‘you’ in you. 

Only when you honor the word you give to others, they will have confidence over you and the relationship expands. Only when you honor the word you give to others, they will have confidence over you and the relationship expands. Relationships are not something external, relationships are expression of your inner state. When you bring in the state of integrity, others will have confidence in you and the conflicts in your life will end. 

Unfortunately, humans are not ready for permanent solutions, they only search for temporary solutions. That is the reason why Guru or teachers give temporary solutions. Permanent solution, even if it takes time, if you start living it, it can immediately end your conflict.

When integrity becomes your way of thinking, then, your self-confidence on you and others’ confidence in you increases. Listen, take on only permanent solutions in your life. Integrity expands you in your view and you in others view. The power of Integrity can make you into a Siddha Purusha. Not only this, Sampoorthi (Integrity) brings friendliness in your relationships. Sampoorthi is an amazing practice that can continuously bring completion in your life. Without integrity you will not know the speed of your life. Only with integrity you will know the purpose of your life.

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Listen !


Authentically listen to the cries of your heart. Your heart continue to  cry for your attention. Authentically listen,Listening does not mean  you will just do what your heart says. Even if you are ready to give your ear, after listening your heart says “it is OK you have heard me that is enough”. Many time even in your family, in your team people does not want you to solve their problem , they just want you to listen to their problem. Once you listen even if you don’t solve it is OK .

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When the real relationship happens, even the stone can become God

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When there is no trust even if God comes down you will ask for ID card. When the trust happens, even the stone can become God. I tell you one thing, when really the relationship happens, the other person really looks like a God. She/He will look like a God and He/She will be God. It is not looking like a God, He/She will be God.

Vivekananda gives a discourse in one place, when He speaks He says “Ramakrishna is God”.

Somebody asks Him, “How can you say He is a God?. You can say He is an enlightened person, a Guru. How can you say He is a God”.

Vivekananda says “He is much more than what you know as God. Whatever you know in the name of God, He is much more than that”. Naturally we can’t accept. It is very difficult.

The guy started fighting, how can He be God, this and that.

Then Vivekananda starts asking “What do you know by the name God?”.

The person says “Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient”.

Then Vivekananda asks “What do you know by the word ‘Omniscient’ ? What do you know by the word ‘Omnipresent’ ?”.

 “Omnipresent – He is present everywhere”.

“What do you know by the word – He is present everywhere. It means He is inside this pillar”.

The person says “Yes, He is inside the pillar”.

Vivekananda – “Then He is inside the pillar material or He is the pillar material”.

The guy says “He is inside the pillar material”.

“Then what about the pillar material, He is not the pillar material?”.

When Vivekananda started questioning, the guy who said Omnipresent, he just started – “No, no,  I don’t understand. I know only few words”.

Vivekananda says “You know only few words about God. Whatever you know about God is only idea, it is just few words, it is not God. You only have idea, I have experience. Ramakrishna is far more superior than all your concept of God”.

Enlightened Master’s are far more superior and higher than your idea of God. 

When the real relationship happens, you really experience the Master as a God. People come and ask me, “Swamiji are you God ?”. I tell them “That depends on you”. They ask “What is this ? How can you say that ?”. 

But true when you really open up and fall in tune, whatever you know as God, whatever you think God can do, all that will be happening in your life through My form. If you think that ‘God will appear in front of you and answer your questions’, you will see that I am appearing and answering. If you think that ‘God will appear in your dreams and heal you’, you will see that I am appearing in your dreams and healing.

When you fall in tune and open up, whatever you think God will do to you, everything will be happening through Me to you. When you are closed, even if I am God I can’t help you.


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Fear of God ?

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Understand, God knows better than you know yourself. So there is no reason to fear Him or please Him. Even better than your mother or father, God knows you. He knows you not only in this birth but in all the births that you have taken until now. You are an open book in front of Him. He can refer to any page at any time! So drop your fear of God and look upon Him as a totality of Existence. Look upon Him as the ultimate friend. However hard society tries to make you afraid of God, don’t listen to it. Develop your own relationship with God – a solid and trusting one – the only relationship that is required in your life. 

When you start relating with Existence or God, you start relating with yourself much better than before. You will know what exactly is going on inside you. Your inner intelligence will grow. Your fears will drop. You will learn to look properly into anything before feeling fear about it. You will not feel any compulsion to do anything. Intelligence will replace fear. You will be more relaxed and joyful. You will feel liberated. 


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How can we learn from past experience ?

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Be very clear, you will never be able to learn from past experiences. Past experience can only make you do the same things again and again. Any memory about the past experience can only make you do the same thing in a larger or smaller way, but the quality will be the same.  Be very clear, you will never be able to achieve any significant transformation or change in your personality by remembering your past.

A connected, clutched mind creates more and more miseries in our personal life, professional career and relationships. It tremendously affects our creativity and economic well-being. Just unclutch. When we unclutch, the first thing that will happen to us will be the inner healing effect – a deep silence and peace in us. Second, that inner healing will start radiating in the physical well being, which is our health. Third, naturally it will start radiating in our relationships. Fourth, because these three are going beautifully, we will be creative and productive.

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Am I with Right Guru or Wrong Guru ?

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A right guru will go on pushing you to continuously move forward. He will never give you the feeling you are done. The real peace is the explosion of the mind which asks for peace into piece, piece. What you think as real peace is tamasic tiredness, chronic fatigue. That is why when life comes in front of you, you just jump into some cave as you wanted to have a cozy cave. Even if you catch a cave, you do not understand that I am the walls of the cave. A real Master will go on be pushing you. The samadhi happens to a person whose non-mechanical parts of the brain is alive, awakened. The mind which asks you for vacation, for rest, for peace, for tiredness has to be blown away. It should explode to piece, piece, only then peace happens. A real master will go on be pushing you. Will not encourage the fatigue tiredness. He will never run a resort, He will run only a commune. May be after His death, His disciples might change it into a resort. A person who asks for the peace of a resort out of fatigue, tiredness, wanted rest, will never be allowed in the presence of a living master. The mind which asks once in a while “I think I need rest, I think I need a break”. Yes you need, not from the situation but you need break in the root. You need to be broken. The mind which asks for a break needs to be broken. That is the break it needs. A real Master is a person who goes on pushing you. 

Ability to receive what you think as suffering or poison given by Master as prasadam (gift) or nectar, what you think as poison as nectar and stand with it, is what I call Tapas. 

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Any idea you strongly remember and move your body, that idea will get engraved into your bio-memory. If you think by bending up and down, up and down 10 times, your stomach will become healthy. Just that idea I will become healthy and you moving up and down, up and down, you will become healthy. You don’t have to learn any formal yoga, exercise or anything. This is the whole science. There are so many exercises, everything is helping, how can it be. If you go to one system they say for stomach problems bend this way, if you go to other system for stomach problems you should never bend this way but instead but bend the other way, if you go to another system, they say for stomach problems you should neither bend nor stand, just lie down. But the big problem is all these systems work. How can it be ?

So, with any strong idea inside, anyway you move the body that idea becomes part of your bio-memory and brings result. 

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Only the best can happen or nothing happens

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In the whole world there are only two kinds of people, one who feels everything is auspicious. Whatever is happening is auspicious. Other one, whatever is happening is bad, that’s all. The group which feels whatever is happening is good is too small that is why it is not able to run news channels. That is why it is not able to convince people whatever is happening is good. But the people who believe whatever is happening is bad, they are the majority and they are able to hold, take over the power and legal system. So, constantly they are convincing the society that whatever happening is bad and we need to do something to correct it.

The other day I was talking to a group of people and telling ‘whatever is happening is good, auspicious, mangalatva’. One guy asked ‘how can you say this. Just the other day 33 were murdered. How can you say whatever is happening is auspicious, managala.’ Of course, logically you don’t have answer, you cannot understand. So much of terrorism, so much of killing, so much is happening. How can one think amid these happenings that whatever happening is auspicious, very difficult to believe, very difficult to connect with, very difficult to understand. But, all the great traditions, all the great masters, all the enlightened beings are not only saying but they are radiating that confidence and energy in their body language. If you see or live around an enlightened being, you will see such an ecstasy and energy is radiated by Him. So much of confidence is radiated by Him. You will come out with a clear idea that whatever happening on the planet earth is good.

How can we say, we believe that whatever happening is good when so much is happening in front of our eyes. I tell them, understand, good or bad cannot be defined or decided with your logic. Good or Bad cannot be described or decided just based on what you think about them. Whatever your logic has learned that it is good or bad is limited only to you and the people directly present around you. But life is not just limited to you and the people who are around you. If you look little deep, life is beyond your logical comprehension, your logical understanding.

In Sanskrit we have a word – Shivam, it means auspiciousness. But the activity of Shiva is destruction. In the Vedic tradition, the word Shiva means Causeless Auspicious Energy, and His activity is destroying and creating space for new things happening. If you see the destruction from the other dimension its like creating space for new things to happen. Just think if nobody dies or nothing is destroyed what will happen. You think the creation or rejuvenation can happen, you think new energies or new people will happen, NO. Understand the planet earth is still alive because of two things – one, death is happening. Constant possibility for rejuvenation, new, new things happening. Second – you can’t take away anything from here when you die. If there was a U-Haul service to take whatever you want when you leave earth, anything would have been left. I don’t think these all things would have been here :=). (more…)

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Tapas is being intensely passionate with deep patience. It is being playfully sincere.

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Once a man went to visit a famous sculptor. He saw the sculptor sitting silently in front of a big marble block, smiling admiringly at it. When he saw the visitor, he turned to him and said

“Is it not she beautiful ?”

“Who?” asked the bewildered visitor.

“This woman, hiding in the marble block”

“Where I don’t see any woman”

“You will, just as soon as I finish removing all the unnecessary stuff around her” , sculptor smiled.

On the spiritual path, this process of removing all the unnecessary stuff is Tapas.Tapas is the intense joyful effort that transforms you from what you think you are now to what you are really. Of course the sculptor was working on the marble, but the material on which you will be working is ‘You’, yourself. The sanskrit word literally means “burning”. Tapas is the process of burning one’s ego with the fire of truth. One burns oneself with the truth. Letting the truth penetrate ones’ being, work on one’s being to remove all that is false in you. Tapas is not a spiritual practice to be added to you, it is the process of destroying all that is not you. So that whatever is really you may be experienced. Tapas is only for the very courageous. Because it is at the same time, the process of death and process of rebirth. Always the death leads to rebirth. Tapas is a death for your ego because it involves shedding all the false ideas, false concepts that you are carrying around calling them as yourself and your life. Tapas destroys only the false identities, not you.

Right now your personality is entangled in too many things, too many situations, too many people. When you remove all these things one by one from your life what remains is your individuality. At so many levels you are carrying ideas that you think of you as ‘You’. At the outermost level you are deeply connected to the world as you experience it. Your social identity, your family, your profession, you are carrying all these in yourself, as part of yourself. That is why traditionally seekers in spiritual path choose a life away from family and society. I can say it is not necessary to be physically away from family and society. It is enough if you can psychologically disconnect from them and clutch when you require. I am not asking you to become indifferent to the world, No. Just become aware of the subtle influences that world is exerting on you. You are carrying the baggage of so many other peoples ideas. Just become aware how many people are living inside your head right now, telling you how to run your life. Just listen and see how many voices you can hear. We are living our life based on ideas of right and wrong which are given to us by others. Becoming aware is the only first step. Many times we are already know it but we don’t have the courage to free ourselves from these influences. We know they are simply acting out of the ideas that have been given to us by our parents, by friends, by society, by media, but we don’t want to let go of these ideas because we are afraid of leaving without a social identity. You think social identity adds spice or juice to life. We are afraid of being ‘Kevala’ means ‘alone’. (more…)