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Remember the right context of prayer – Soh’amasmi, and Pray. HE will give Himself to you.

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Before entering into the next verse, I only wanted to add these few ideas. Please understand, whenever you pray….See prayer is the important component of our life especially if you are a seeker. Just like breathing, prayer becomes very important part of you. Prayer just becomes you! Prayer becomes important ‘You.’

Please understand the word I am uttering – Prayer becomes important YOU. I am not saying – to you, for you. Important YOU: means one part of you should become a prayer. Prayer is very important component, very important part of your life, especially if you are seeker. But, you always need to know the right context and understanding you need to hold during prayer. When you pray to a deity or Guru, have this context – I am praying to the Source where you and me are one and the same. I do not know whether that Source is here or there; because in the beginning when you are too much inside, the Source will be outside. Slowly, slowly when you start becoming lighter and lighter, the Source will move inside. Please understand, in the beginning when you are too much occupied inside, the Source where you and the Guru or God meeting, the source point will be outside. Because you are too much inside, how can that Source be here? But, slowly, slowly when you become lighter and lighter, more and more have completion, the Source moves inside.

So pray, “Oh the Source, where you and me are one and the same, I pray to you, you make this into reality.”

Whatever you want to say, say. In this way, you will never feel cheated. Understand, Guru will not give you what you want. Your stupid mind will try to make you feel – you have been cheated. It is like, I have seen in India, girls, the moment they become 19, just because father does not buy a cell phone for her, they develop a love affair with a boy who will gift a cell phone and run away, get married. They don’t live more than 1 or 2 years, divorce and come back. Please understand, I am not talking something exaggerated. I am talking something happening in villages. When she is depressed, that father is not giving her cell phone, that boy is using that depression to put himself as a hero into her. Once she feels he is hero, over. Understand, always the negative sources will try to show themselves as hero to you, when you feel you are not granted the boon you asked from Guru or God, whatever. (more…)

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Guru is the powerful wake-up call towards your spiritual possibility!

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Having all the necessary intellectual understanding to live Advaitha is “Jnana”. Having all the intellectual understanding, listen, having all the necessary intellectual understanding is “Jnana”.

Having all the necessary feeling-connection strength to live Advaitha is “Bhakthi”.

Having all the necessary cognitions to live Advaitha is “Vijnana”.

Listen! Having all the intellectual understanding which is necessary to live Advaitha.

Living Advaitha” means, radiating all powerful, all knowledge, always blissful, Satchidanandamaya.

Satchidananda is not a fantasy, please be very clear. It is not a fantasy of the Hindu brain. No! It is not a fairy tale from some old rishis of Taraka Vana or Naimisharanya. No! Listen! Listen! Satchitananda is not fantasy. It is reality! Satchitananda is reality! I am not interested in debating with the people who call this as fantasy. I am only interested in giving this experience to people who want to receive it. With more debates, more time will be wasted. I am not interested in that. I am not interested in leading to unnecessary debate; but I am always ready to clarify all the possible doubts. (more…)

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Isha, Kena, Katha, Prashna, Mundaka, Mandukya, Aithareya, Taittiriya

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Please understand, I am following the arrangement as per the Advaithic Tradition. Actually, Ishavasya Upanishad is part of the Yajur Veda, not Rig Veda. But, all Advaithic tradition masters commented on Ishavasya first. The arrangement is very unique: Isha, Kena, Katha, Prashna, Mundaka, Mandukya, Aithareya, Taittiriya. This was the set organized way followed by almost all Advaithic masters. But, originally, in the Vedas itself, they are not organized in this way. Ishavasya Upanishad comes in Yajur Veda. So, they are not organized in the way it is commented by Advaithic masters. May be the masters felt these Upanishads support one by one your enlightenment process; so they organized it. I am following the structure organized by the Advaithic masters.

The first sutra! Please listen! Let us repeat:

ईशावास्यमिदं सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत् ।
तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् ॥ 1 ॥

Eeshaavaasyamidham Sarvam Yathkincha Jagathyaam Jagath |
Thena Thyakthena Bhunjeethaa Ma Gridhah Kasyasviddhanam ||

In the original writing, the sutra is “Jagathyaam Jagath” (जगत्यां जगत्). But, if you see, when I pronounce, I will be pronouncing as “Jagathu”. This is the way I heard from my masters. It is called “Paata Bhedha”. See, the accent, each master has his own accent. Originally I heard the Upanishads from Isakki Swami, Yogananda Puri, and Vibhootananda Puri – these three. So, when I heard from them, the accent with which I heard is usually revered and respected as “Paata Bhedha”. And, moreover, when I retain the accent, I also remember them, and it is the way of honouring the Guru, retaining the “Paata Bhedha” of the Guru – means, the accent of the Guru – without questioning or trying to correct. It is a kind of respect and reverence shown to the masters in Vedic Tradition. It is called “Paata Bhedha”. Means, your teacher in your area, the way he teaches, the way he chants, the way the accent is maintained, just retaining it. When I heard the same Upanishads in Ramakrishna Mission in Bengal, the pronounciation and accent is a little different: “EeshOvOshyOmidhOm ShOrvOm YOthkinchO JOgOthyOm JOgOth”. Because, in Bengal, all the “ah” will become “oh”. In Bengali, it is never “VivekanAndA”; it is “BiBekanOndO”. So, retaining that accent is the respect given to that Guru, and it is called “Paata Bhedha” in our tradition. The way I heard exactly from my masters, I am repeating, retaining the “Paata Bhedha”. The way I chant – “JagathU”, “dhanammm” – all these additions are not actually available in the form of letter in the original verses. But, I just wanted to retain the purity of the “Paata Bhedha”. I don’t feel “Paata Bhedha” is in any way disturbing the originality of the verses. So I am retaining it as it is.

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Why is Mahadeva having poison in his throat?

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Somebody asked me, ‘Swamiji, why is Mahadeva having poison in his throat? Neelakanta (the blue-throated one)! After all it did not affect Him, it did not go inside. Can’t He just throw it out? Why is HE keeping it in his throat continuously?’

Understand the secret: All medicines are poison! That is why in Siddha Tradition, we have a word “paashaana”; means, “medicine”, “poison”; for both, the word is “paashaana”. The “Haala-haala”, the ultimate poison is the ultimate medicine for all diseases! He (Neelakanta/Mahadeva) keeps that in his throat. Just by his words which come from the throat, or the breathing air which comes from the throat, he heals everyone. Because, when it is with Mahadeva, it is no more the “poison- paashaana”, it is the “medicine-paashaana”, understand? In the hands of murderers, even medicine becomes poison. In the hands of Mahadeva, even poison becomes medicine! He did not want to spit it out because these fools will gather it and use it as poison. So, he feels, ‘Better be there (in his throat), so it will be used only as medicine.’ The most safe locker to keep the poison is His throat! So he keeps it there and makes sure nobody misuses it, and it is used always for the good of the society, humanity. Neelakanta, Mahadeva, keeps the poison just to use as medicine.

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Real ownership is constant actions performed in perfection in continuum

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Ownership is formed without any bone structure by continuous action!

Your actions are like flowers. Ownership is like thread. If the ownership thread is used and actions are tied, it is ego, garland of ego. Never the real ownership happens in that way.

Real ownership is flowers are arranged so thoroughly in such packed way, it looks like garland but without thread – that is ownership.

There is no separate thread other than continuously actions being performed so meticulously, so continuously that it looks like a garland. But they don’t have a thread, ie. the ego. In a normal man, more thread and less flowers. 25 meter thread and in the end one flower! That is the energy you guys are spending on the thread which is ownership. Real ownership is constant actions performed in perfection in continuum.

Your ownership is flowerless garland. Drop that. Real ownership is felt by others by your continuous actions. Be unavailable to your lower self, be available to your higher self and enter into the battle. Understand your every day is a battle. Lay down all the effects, side effects, after effects of your actions. Don’t carry the perverted wrong hope. Relax from the iron chain of ownership. Give up the lower self, disrespect the lower self and enter into life!

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If you observe deeply you will find out,

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If you observe deeply you will find out, if you have incompletion within you that day you will feel I am angry with you. When you have incompletion you will see the reflection on Me, means, if you feel I am angry at you, all you need to do is do completion with you and completion with others. I am not angry with you. If I am angry with you, then I am incomplete.

I am not angry with you because I am complete with me and with others. 

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Surrender is stretching yourself to my Anyakara about you – stretching yourself to my image, my expectations of you.  If SURRENDER happens for even a moment, I can enter your system and burn all the Karma.  I will just enter your system and the seed which causes these issues, I will just roast the seed and after this, it will never sprout. Roasted seeds cannot sprout even with a million tons of water and manure. Burnt Karmas do not grow back.  All your surrenders are your weaknesses, escaping, fear shelters, shelters for security. Most of the time your surrender to me is used as a shelter for security.

 Only when you stretch yourself to my integrity can you surrender. When you do this, I can burn your Janmas of Karma just like that. I also promise I will do for you.  I can do it, I promise I will do it for you.

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Secret for Enlightenment

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Do not continuously look at the ideas in which you fail or stuck, but continuously look at the ideas which you are able to make physically real. Please understand, even if you think you are the worst seeker, you will have at least 10 ideas which has become physical reality

Even in being bad you are not that Big.

Even among the worst, you are not number One. Don’t be Egoistic. So, even if you think you are the worst person, you have at least 10 ideas able to make it into physical reality. Hold them. That is the secret to enlightenment for you. Swamiji_Kailash

People ask Me, am I intellectual type, spiritual type, being type, which type ?  This is the way to find the scale. There are some ideas or truths which intellectually does not click. There are some ideas which intellectually clicks. There are some which physically clicks and you made it into reality. Looking those few and celebrating those few truths which have become physical reality will bring tremendous energy flow into the physically stuck ideas, those breakages will drop. Then that will spread into that intellectually stuck ideas also and break that also.  For example, I am giving the example of an ashramite. You have made living around ME as physical reality. Catch that one, all other things will lose its power over you. Such a big Himalayan task, after so much of obstructions, disturbances I made it a reality. I made it. Then, I am worthy. I can. When that shift happens, all other things which you are mid way or not even started will lose its power over you. 

The secret is ‘shifting your vision’. 

The mind is such a cunning fellow, he will remind only your silly failures. I tried many times to stop smoking, nothing happened. How can I even stop thinking. Smoking is such a superficial habit even that I am not able to stop, how can I stop thinking. NO. I can tell you, may be in smoking you are stuck but in stopping thinking you may be successful. You don’t know. There is no scale. You think one by one every engram you have to clean and then you will become enlightened, NO. Just hold the chain hanging on the wall, walk and jump that side. 

The secret is turning your attention to the truths which you made it into physical reality.

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Aaah! its happening, OK.

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I can say one of the great quality I enjoy about Myself is still I don’t feel I work in any way. When I sit with myself I don’t feel I am working.  I am very clear. I don’t feel at all, I made money or I contributed something to the world or I created this organization or I work. Just I know “Aaah! its happening. OK.”My personal belief about me and this organisation is this only. I do not believe I work. Except me everybody in the ashram thinks, they are all hard working. Except me everybody thinks too much is there in my plate. Krishna says beautifully “I have nothing to achieve, but still I go on working. I have achieved whatever need to be achieved. But still I go on, on, on”. 

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Am I with Right Guru or Wrong Guru ?

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A right guru will go on pushing you to continuously move forward. He will never give you the feeling you are done. The real peace is the explosion of the mind which asks for peace into piece, piece. What you think as real peace is tamasic tiredness, chronic fatigue. That is why when life comes in front of you, you just jump into some cave as you wanted to have a cozy cave. Even if you catch a cave, you do not understand that I am the walls of the cave. A real Master will go on be pushing you. The samadhi happens to a person whose non-mechanical parts of the brain is alive, awakened. The mind which asks you for vacation, for rest, for peace, for tiredness has to be blown away. It should explode to piece, piece, only then peace happens. A real master will go on be pushing you. Will not encourage the fatigue tiredness. He will never run a resort, He will run only a commune. May be after His death, His disciples might change it into a resort. A person who asks for the peace of a resort out of fatigue, tiredness, wanted rest, will never be allowed in the presence of a living master. The mind which asks once in a while “I think I need rest, I think I need a break”. Yes you need, not from the situation but you need break in the root. You need to be broken. The mind which asks for a break needs to be broken. That is the break it needs. A real Master is a person who goes on pushing you. 

Ability to receive what you think as suffering or poison given by Master as prasadam (gift) or nectar, what you think as poison as nectar and stand with it, is what I call Tapas. 

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Any idea you strongly remember and move your body, that idea will get engraved into your bio-memory. If you think by bending up and down, up and down 10 times, your stomach will become healthy. Just that idea I will become healthy and you moving up and down, up and down, you will become healthy. You don’t have to learn any formal yoga, exercise or anything. This is the whole science. There are so many exercises, everything is helping, how can it be. If you go to one system they say for stomach problems bend this way, if you go to other system for stomach problems you should never bend this way but instead but bend the other way, if you go to another system, they say for stomach problems you should neither bend nor stand, just lie down. But the big problem is all these systems work. How can it be ?

So, with any strong idea inside, anyway you move the body that idea becomes part of your bio-memory and brings result. 

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All your good o…

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All your good or bad habits are because of “Abhyasa” – practice. How much one person has to struggle for meditation or yoga, that much equally or I can say little more he has to struggle to learn the habit of drinking or smoking or drug. 

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Nirvikalpa Samadhi

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Nirvikalpa means being without any changes. When one achieves this Samadhi, he literally becomes God. He becomes one with ultimate. It means your whole being, your whole identity is dissolving into Cosmic existence. The individual inner space has no more disturbances, differences.  Best direct experience of Nirvikalpa Samadhi can be achieved by unclutching. Please understand, unclutching is not a path leading you to Nirvikalpa Samadhi. It is a process directly leading you to Nirvikalpa Samadhi. The moment you start unclutching you are falling into Nirvikalpa samadhi.

It is not a peak to attain, it is a valley to be fallen into. 

What steps, what tapas, what kriya need to be performed to attain it ?

Inner awakening is the steps, inner awakening is the tapas, inner awakening is the kriya – you need to perform to attain it and you are doing it. 

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When you are no…

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When you are not transferring the load or stress of one thought to another thought and not carrying the load you are unclutched. Unclutching is not about not connecting thoughts, it is not carrying load from one thought to another thought. When you are unclutching, naturally you experience peace.

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Nithya means past, present, future, all put together – Eternal, beyond time and something more. Ananda means being alive, existing, radiating. Nithyananda is just being, bubbling, overflowing, living beyond this mind, body and being Eternally. 

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Only the best can happen or nothing happens

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In the whole world there are only two kinds of people, one who feels everything is auspicious. Whatever is happening is auspicious. Other one, whatever is happening is bad, that’s all. The group which feels whatever is happening is good is too small that is why it is not able to run news channels. That is why it is not able to convince people whatever is happening is good. But the people who believe whatever is happening is bad, they are the majority and they are able to hold, take over the power and legal system. So, constantly they are convincing the society that whatever happening is bad and we need to do something to correct it.

The other day I was talking to a group of people and telling ‘whatever is happening is good, auspicious, mangalatva’. One guy asked ‘how can you say this. Just the other day 33 were murdered. How can you say whatever is happening is auspicious, managala.’ Of course, logically you don’t have answer, you cannot understand. So much of terrorism, so much of killing, so much is happening. How can one think amid these happenings that whatever happening is auspicious, very difficult to believe, very difficult to connect with, very difficult to understand. But, all the great traditions, all the great masters, all the enlightened beings are not only saying but they are radiating that confidence and energy in their body language. If you see or live around an enlightened being, you will see such an ecstasy and energy is radiated by Him. So much of confidence is radiated by Him. You will come out with a clear idea that whatever happening on the planet earth is good.

How can we say, we believe that whatever happening is good when so much is happening in front of our eyes. I tell them, understand, good or bad cannot be defined or decided with your logic. Good or Bad cannot be described or decided just based on what you think about them. Whatever your logic has learned that it is good or bad is limited only to you and the people directly present around you. But life is not just limited to you and the people who are around you. If you look little deep, life is beyond your logical comprehension, your logical understanding.

In Sanskrit we have a word – Shivam, it means auspiciousness. But the activity of Shiva is destruction. In the Vedic tradition, the word Shiva means Causeless Auspicious Energy, and His activity is destroying and creating space for new things happening. If you see the destruction from the other dimension its like creating space for new things to happen. Just think if nobody dies or nothing is destroyed what will happen. You think the creation or rejuvenation can happen, you think new energies or new people will happen, NO. Understand the planet earth is still alive because of two things – one, death is happening. Constant possibility for rejuvenation, new, new things happening. Second – you can’t take away anything from here when you die. If there was a U-Haul service to take whatever you want when you leave earth, anything would have been left. I don’t think these all things would have been here :=). (more…)

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Tapas is being intensely passionate with deep patience. It is being playfully sincere.

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Once a man went to visit a famous sculptor. He saw the sculptor sitting silently in front of a big marble block, smiling admiringly at it. When he saw the visitor, he turned to him and said

“Is it not she beautiful ?”

“Who?” asked the bewildered visitor.

“This woman, hiding in the marble block”

“Where I don’t see any woman”

“You will, just as soon as I finish removing all the unnecessary stuff around her” , sculptor smiled.

On the spiritual path, this process of removing all the unnecessary stuff is Tapas.Tapas is the intense joyful effort that transforms you from what you think you are now to what you are really. Of course the sculptor was working on the marble, but the material on which you will be working is ‘You’, yourself. The sanskrit word literally means “burning”. Tapas is the process of burning one’s ego with the fire of truth. One burns oneself with the truth. Letting the truth penetrate ones’ being, work on one’s being to remove all that is false in you. Tapas is not a spiritual practice to be added to you, it is the process of destroying all that is not you. So that whatever is really you may be experienced. Tapas is only for the very courageous. Because it is at the same time, the process of death and process of rebirth. Always the death leads to rebirth. Tapas is a death for your ego because it involves shedding all the false ideas, false concepts that you are carrying around calling them as yourself and your life. Tapas destroys only the false identities, not you.

Right now your personality is entangled in too many things, too many situations, too many people. When you remove all these things one by one from your life what remains is your individuality. At so many levels you are carrying ideas that you think of you as ‘You’. At the outermost level you are deeply connected to the world as you experience it. Your social identity, your family, your profession, you are carrying all these in yourself, as part of yourself. That is why traditionally seekers in spiritual path choose a life away from family and society. I can say it is not necessary to be physically away from family and society. It is enough if you can psychologically disconnect from them and clutch when you require. I am not asking you to become indifferent to the world, No. Just become aware of the subtle influences that world is exerting on you. You are carrying the baggage of so many other peoples ideas. Just become aware how many people are living inside your head right now, telling you how to run your life. Just listen and see how many voices you can hear. We are living our life based on ideas of right and wrong which are given to us by others. Becoming aware is the only first step. Many times we are already know it but we don’t have the courage to free ourselves from these influences. We know they are simply acting out of the ideas that have been given to us by our parents, by friends, by society, by media, but we don’t want to let go of these ideas because we are afraid of leaving without a social identity. You think social identity adds spice or juice to life. We are afraid of being ‘Kevala’ means ‘alone’. (more…)

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I don’t have any visions or darshans in my spiritual path…..I feel depressed!

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There are some people who to go to Bengaluru to Delhi with open window. They see so many visions, scenes and all kinds of visions and darshans and reach Delhi. There are some people whose windows are closed, they also reach Delhi. There is one danger if your window is open, you may see some middle station and think that Delhi has come and get down. But the journey itself will be very juicy. For people whose window is closed, you will not get anywhere in the middle, you will reach Delhi for sure, but journey itself will be little dry. But both will reach Delhi. 

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Whatever is happening is auspicious

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Look into the whole journey of your life. What is after all the whole journey, somehow you have the body and mind, you need to reach the space where you can be yourself, having everything, without the need of body and mind. So every experience which is added to you is pushing you to go beyond body and mind. Even what you think as suffering is nothing but teaching you that you will be better-of without body and mind. So constantly this truth is being  taught to you. So, in that way if you see, everything, everything is adding, adding, adding, adding. That is why I say there is a constant expansion in the universe. Everything is adding to you and you are constantly expanding.

Anybody who understands the constant expansion in the universe is in cosmic auspiciousness.

We always think, no, no, how can it be..only expansion without contraction. Even the contraction leads to next expansion, because it leads to next expansion it is the process of expansion. Because the ultimate outcome is expansion even the contraction or any low scale action or anything is expansion.