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Whether the idea of pleasure is inserted into you, by the solid experience of pleasure or because you spontaneously lied or planned lies you created, for some reason that it is pleasure ? Find out by acid washing it with Integrity!

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Listen. The other day I was explaining various levels of Integrity.

Integrity to your thought current.

There is a next level. Integrity to your lifestyle, the lifestyle you have chosen. About that, we will see later. The initial, the fundamental principle of Integrity – integrity to the thought current you cherish and you share. About that I will explain.

See, incompletions with the thought current you cherish and share, leads to tremendous confusion about your existence. Understand. The whole problem is the pattern of lying and spontaneous lying, more than others are cheated, you yourself cheat you and you do not really know what you want. I have seen, people don’t know what they want. They actually know what they want, they don’t know what they want. They actually know what they want, they don’t know what they want.

They know they want Sadāshiva and Kailasa, because 4-5 times they spoke about the cars, they think they may want cars. They know what they want, they don’t know what they want. Understand. I am repeating – ‘they know what they want, they don’t know what they want.’

The words continuously uttered, convinces you more than convincing others. That is the biggest danger. When you utter a lie, whether a planned lie or a spontaneous lie again and again, after a few times more than others, you are cheated. What will you do with the stupid cars, vacation homes? After few days, it will be bored because without looking into the reality….you see, past few times when you went to vacation, did you really enjoy something which you visualized, when you planned for a vacation? You plan for a vacation, hoping certain experience you go for it and you know what happens and you come back. Even though you have not experienced what you planned, you go on try to lie, “What a vacation!” Put it in the Facebook……. (more…)

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Dhīrās are those who discover the ear of the ear, mind of the mind, speech of the speech, prana of the prana, and realizing that, they achieve, the immortal eternal!

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I welcome all of you with My love and respects. I’ll enter into the 2nd verse of Kenapanishad.

śrotrasya śrotraṁ manaso mano yadvāco ha vācaṁ sa u prāṇasya prāṇaḥ |

cakṣuṣaś-cakṣur-atimucya dhīrāḥ pretyāsmāllokād-amṛtā bhavanti || 2 ||

Understand, the most sophisticated of answering a question is, giving you the methodology you will find experience, the most sophisticated way of answering a question is as an answer giving you a methodology, through which you will find, the experience.

śrotrasya śrotraṁ manaso mano yad |

The whole verse is not giving you any point you can hang around, any visualization, any possibility for imagination, no. It’s very clear. Your pure questioning is turned towards you; your pure questioning is turned towards you. Listen, pure questioning is one of the most powerful way of integrating you.

Pure questioning is one of the most powerful way of integrating your intellect, mind, emotion, thought currents, everything, body. (more…)

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Whatever way you perceive you in your inner image, you will exactly attract those same people around you.

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The science of Sri Vidya says each of those lotus petal, actually 16 lotus petal, then 8, then 43 triangles, then bindu; and below that 6 lotus petals, and 3 square lines. Now each of those energies revealing the ideal they represent; the satyas they represent. Maybe once the energizing process is over, when we connect everyday satsang and the whole Sri Chakra, we will know clearly which Devi represents which great Truth, Advaitha Satya, It is one of the greatest and most exciting Truth, because such powerful revelation, I was so excited, Listen! All of us are always in the space of Advaitha, whether you are completely unaware, unconscious, or you are in the peak of realization! Please listen. The practical implications of this Satya need to be understood.

See, if your inner space is in the mode of self-denial, you will have exactly the friends, family, people with self-denial only falling in your eyes, senses, perception. If you are in the mood of Completion, you will have only the people want to do Completion falling in your perception. Listen!

So, whether you are in the state of a devil, demon, bhoota, preta, rakshasa, mooni, kinnar, gandarava, aksha, rakshasa, rishi, whatever space you are in you are in Advaitha! So that can never be lost! If you are in the space of completely denying you, you will exactly perceive only those people who are also in self denial and denying you; you will be denying them, they will be denying you, both of you will be having a great Indian mother in law, daughter in law, relationship. Then, if you decide to Complete, suddenly everyone around you will be struggling towards Completion.

Understand, when you allow the higher intelligence of you to pull you up, raise you constantly, suddenly you will perceive Guru happening in your life, because your own part of you, which is constantly pulling you up, only allows the Guru to happen in your life and continue to exist in your life. Only then you perceive Guru in your life. If you are in the level of, “oh, he has stolen my 200 rupee, he may steal my plastic bucket,” you will only have only the people around you, in your perception,in your life style you will only have the people, who will steal your mug, jug, the cloth you kept without using, or the shampoo packet you hid under your pillow, you will exactly have only this kind of people in your perception. And, when you start perceiving, “oh, I will defame this fellow, I will destroy his identity,” you will see exactly that kind of people around you, who will be defaming you, and trying to destroy your identity.

Understand, listen, now I have to answer one of your important doubt: one of the devotee who came to see me was asking, “Swamiji, I am asking really, why did You come down to live with human beings?” I told her, “Relax, I am not living with you guys. I still have in My perception Nandi, Bhringi, Patanjali, Aghastiar, Rishis, Devaganas, Siddhaganas, only they are in My perception; I am around them only!” I allow the people with royal perception also to play with Me and evolve. Arunachala allows people to come up, Kailasha allows people to come up, but that itself does not come down to you! Kailasa doesn’t come down to your level, but it gives way for you to come up to Kailasa! I allow people to perceive Me from their perceptions, also. (more…)

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Your boss is nothing but one part of you, which always wants to rule without explaining!

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Thought-trend is how you consciously choose to align a few thoughts as part of you. That is “thought-trend”.

Thought-current” is, which is the default thinking style of your personality, your being, your inner-space.

For example, the day I went to do Ganga Arati, those few days we celebrate the “Colours of Life” in Hindu Tradition by throwing colour powder. So, I saw, people were throwing colour even on Ganga Ma! They were throwing colours on Ganga and celebrating. See, when you throw the colour powder on Ganga, naturally the colour powder will float on the top of the Ganga, and in a few days it will disappear into the Ganga. So, imagine the colour powder floating on the Ganga; that is what I call “thought-trend”. And the flow of the Ganga is “thought-current”.

Every day, how you perceive you, with what all you are directly struggling, that is “thought-trend”.

And your whole life’s thinking flow, what you perceive as you in your dreams, in your deep sleep, all that I will call as “thought-current”.

My only request: just co-ordinate your thought-trend; that is enough! You don’t need to worry about your thought-current. Thought-trend” means, every day in your thought-trend, thinking trend, based on which you make your day-to-day decisions like, ‘Should I drive my car and go to office, or should I go by bus? Should I get up and brush my teeth, or should I just have a cup of coffee and lie down? Should I take up a job or not?’ How every day decisions you make, that you make naturally based on thought-trend, not on thought-current.

Understand, based on thought-current you make bigger, stupid decisions like marrying, divorcing, committing suicide; those kind of stupid decisions only you make based on thought-current. But these small decisions like, ‘Should I drive my car, or should I go by bus? Am I feeling sleepy, or am I feeling fresh?’, these things you do based on thought-trend. Please listen, don’t worry at all about thought-current. Just decide you will align your thought-trend. Means, every morning when you get up, tell yourself, ‘I cannot have tiredness or boredom. I am the eternal, excited, Satchitananda Swaroopa, Nithyanandoham!’ Naturally, your inner-space will raise a doubt, because you are all brainwashed by psychologists: ‘No, no, no….unless the truth becomes my experience, how can I start living it?’

The SDHD (Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial), one of the biggest diseases with which human-beings are suffering, is supplied, controlled by psychologists. Please understand, the collective karma the profession is suffering is because of constantly keeping people in SDHD, Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial. The collective joy that sannyasis are enjoying is because we go on giving courage and confidence! I tell you, even the beggar Sannyasi who does not contribute anything, just because he wears this cloth (“kaavi” – the saffron-coloured cloth), he gets food and money. Even a foolish psychiatrist who does not know much of psychology, just because of his profession, he commits suicide.

Listen! Don’t believe the idea these psychologists put in your system that only if you transform your thought-current you can be complete, you can rest in peace. No! Just organize your thought-trend; that is enough! From morning waking up to night falling asleep, your every day, if you align it to Advaitha, that is enough. Morning when you wake up if you feel bored or tired, just tell yourself, ‘I am the eternal space, Nithyananda! I cannot be tired! I cannot be bored!’ One part of you continues to tell you, ‘No, no…..I am tired! I am bored!’ Don’t worry about it. It is okay. You be democratic. Tell it, ‘You be tired for some time. I will be fresh for some time.’ Don’t give up, saying, ‘Oh, God! Unless I transform the whole thought-current, I cannot be Advaithi.’ No! Start with the thought-trend; then, every action, small-small actions.

In India we have this bunch of Maoists, Naxals, terrorist fellows, with weapons. One bunch is with weapons. There is another one bunch with ideology. In Tamil Nadu, there is the bunch of atheist fellows. These atheist fellows are robbers of society. They rob society. How many thousands of crores they swindled by different means – through cinemas, through media, through the entertainment industry, through politics! But they go on abusing: ‘Why should you give these few coins to sadhus….sadhus and priests?’ Please understand….understand some of the important ideas I am trying to share with you. Those few sadhus and priests, they may not have transformed their thought-current into Advaitha, but their every-day thought-trend is mixed with so much of Advaitha! So, please understand, they are a thousand times better than any of your psychologists. These sadhus and priests, they are thousand times better than any of your psychtherapists! The priests and sadhus at least help you to align your thought-trend to non-dualism.

You don’t need to bother about the whole thought-current. The thought-trend being aligned towards Advaitha is enough, because as life you are experiencing only thought-trend. Actually, when you align your thought-trend, the thought-current also will become non-dualistic. But we always think that only after thought-current becomes non-dualistic, the thought-trend should become non-dualistic. No! Start with the thought-trend. Then your thought-current will automatically become non-dualistic. Start tuning your thought-trend to non-dualistic.

Handle your every-day actions, simple actions like what kind of food you eat, how many hours you sleep, what is your simple perception about your neighbours, what is your simple perception about your boss, what is your simple perception about your spouse, these day-to-day things, align it to Advaitha. Know very clearly, your boss is nothing but one part of you which always wants to rule without explaining! Again your spouse….is also one part of you who goes on explaining which you don’t want to listen! Whether you realize it or not, everyone who is part of your life is extension of you. I may not even want to use the word “extension”. I want to correct that word to,“Everyone who is part of your life is YOU!’ Because, the word “extension” gives a certain gap. Everyone who is part of your life is YOU!

Kundalini awakening, Yoga, meditation, Kriya, everything is great as long as it leads you to experience the non-dualistic truth, Advaitha Sathya, Advaitha Poorna, Advaitha Jnana. So, I wanted our whole Sangha – please listen – the whole Sangha, whether you are a Thanedar, Mahant, or Kothari, Shrimahant, whoever you are, align all your relationships with everyone to Advaitha. If there is a problem that the other person is not listening to you, first see you are not able to speak into your listening; that is why you are not able to speak into others’ listening. See where you are not able to speak into your listening. Do that!

My dream Sangha is: Never anybody will force the other person for anything; where everyone is able to speak into his own listening and others’ listening. Understand, in every step of your life, infuse Shuddha Advaitha Sathya, the pure Advaithic principles, pure Advaithic knowledge, pure Advaitha. Make it as thought-trend. Make it as thought-trend.

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When the real relationship happens, even the stone can become God

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When there is no trust even if God comes down you will ask for ID card. When the trust happens, even the stone can become God. I tell you one thing, when really the relationship happens, the other person really looks like a God. She/He will look like a God and He/She will be God. It is not looking like a God, He/She will be God.

Vivekananda gives a discourse in one place, when He speaks He says “Ramakrishna is God”.

Somebody asks Him, “How can you say He is a God?. You can say He is an enlightened person, a Guru. How can you say He is a God”.

Vivekananda says “He is much more than what you know as God. Whatever you know in the name of God, He is much more than that”. Naturally we can’t accept. It is very difficult.

The guy started fighting, how can He be God, this and that.

Then Vivekananda starts asking “What do you know by the name God?”.

The person says “Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient”.

Then Vivekananda asks “What do you know by the word ‘Omniscient’ ? What do you know by the word ‘Omnipresent’ ?”.

 “Omnipresent – He is present everywhere”.

“What do you know by the word – He is present everywhere. It means He is inside this pillar”.

The person says “Yes, He is inside the pillar”.

Vivekananda – “Then He is inside the pillar material or He is the pillar material”.

The guy says “He is inside the pillar material”.

“Then what about the pillar material, He is not the pillar material?”.

When Vivekananda started questioning, the guy who said Omnipresent, he just started – “No, no,  I don’t understand. I know only few words”.

Vivekananda says “You know only few words about God. Whatever you know about God is only idea, it is just few words, it is not God. You only have idea, I have experience. Ramakrishna is far more superior than all your concept of God”.

Enlightened Master’s are far more superior and higher than your idea of God. 

When the real relationship happens, you really experience the Master as a God. People come and ask me, “Swamiji are you God ?”. I tell them “That depends on you”. They ask “What is this ? How can you say that ?”. 

But true when you really open up and fall in tune, whatever you know as God, whatever you think God can do, all that will be happening in your life through My form. If you think that ‘God will appear in front of you and answer your questions’, you will see that I am appearing and answering. If you think that ‘God will appear in your dreams and heal you’, you will see that I am appearing in your dreams and healing.

When you fall in tune and open up, whatever you think God will do to you, everything will be happening through Me to you. When you are closed, even if I am God I can’t help you.


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In search of Death

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There was a famous king by the name of Uchaishravas. He was suddenly possessed by a desire to control the entire world and so he performed a Vaajapeya yaga – a fire offering that is done when one wants to rule the whole world. According to the rules of this offering, one has to give away as offering all valuable things that are of great attachment to them. Only then, one can get the position of the lord of the world.

Kings are always good business men. They have to be otherwise they cannot be  kings and have control over such vast property. They will see what minimum they can give and what maximum they can get out of it.

This king started offering things such as cows that were at the fag end of their lives, that had given all the possible milk they could give for a lifetime, and that had given birth to as many calves as possible in their lifetime and ready to die. He was offering all such worthless things.

His son, Nachiketa, about 7 years of age, was watching what was happening. Nachiketa knew that his father was not doing the right things but he did not know how to tell him. You see, children are very sharp and intelligent. You can’t cheat them. Society has not yet corrupted and conditioned them.

He was watching his father carefully. He finally went up to him and said, “Father, you have to give away all your highly priced possessions. I am one of your highly priced possessions. To whom are you going to give me as an offering?”.

The king understood that his son was digging at him for what he was doing, but his ego didn’t allow him to give way. He continued with his worthless offerings.

Once more, the boy asked him the same questions and the king kept quiet.

The third time, the boy shook his father and asked him to whom he was planning to offer him. 

The king got very angry and blurted out, “I will give you to Lord Yama. You go to Yama”.

An ordinary boy would have said “Why should I go? You have lived a full life, so you go!”.

But Nachiketa was a very sincere and committed boy. Commitment and honesty possessed him like a ghost. To respect his father’s words, he decided to go and meet Lord Yama. 

Remember that the first and the last person on planet Earth to go and meet Yama was Nachiketa. Normally only Yama comes to meet people, but for the first time, Nachiketa went to meet Yama. 

He reached the abode of Yama, but Yama was not there! He had gone out. 

For three days Nachiketa waited. 

Understand one thing here: A great truth is established at this point of the story. When we go in search of death or we have the courage to face death, death will not be there as we know it!

Anyhow, Yama returned after three days. His servants told him about the young boy who was waiting for him.

Yama rushed to see Nachiketa. He apologized for not being there to receive him. He further told him, “For having made you wait for three days, I grant you three boons. You may ask for any three boons, and I will grant them to you”. 

For Nachiketa, death turned out to be God that granted him boons! He asked for three boons. 

The first boon was, “My father should not be angry any longer. He should recognize me and receive me with love when I return”. Nachiketa asked for this boon out of the deep love for his father so that he does not suffer from the consequences of consigning his son to death. 

Yama granted him the boon. 

The second boon was, “Instruct me in the fire sacrifice that leads to heaven, for there is no fear in heaven, nor old age nor death”. 

This boon was also granted and Yama led Nachiketa through the fire sacrifice, and then named it Nachiketa Agni. This was a fire which could raise one’s consciousness to a heavenly experience, and experience of pleasure. 

The third boon was,  “Please teach me the truth of Existence, of life and death. Do I exist after death or not. Please tell me this.”

Yama was shocked at Nachiketa’s question. He told him “Please do not ask me this question. You are asking the very secret of death which I cannot deliver to you. I will give you immeasurable wealth if you wish, but please don’t ask me this question”. 

But Nachiketa was insistent. 

He said, “Even if I take all this wealth from you, I will be a mere trustee to your wealth for about 100 years to 1000 years, that’s all. I still have to come to your abode once that period is over! It is not going to be of any use to me. So please tell me the secret of death instead”. 

Yama saw the maturity and commitment of the boy to know the truth. He decided that he should give Nachiketa the truth. The experience he took the boy through became the experience of the soul for the boy and Nachiketa flowered and became enlightened. 

This is a beautiful story from the Upanishad called Katopanishad. Don’t analyze whether this story is a fact or not. Don’t start looking for dates and history. It conveys the truth – that is enough. Use it as a ladder to reach the truth, instead of clinging onto the ladder and missing the truth. 

Four things need to be understood from this wonderful story. The first thing is that when we go in search of death, when we face death, it will not be there as we thought it would be. This is symbolized by Yama being absent when Nachiketa goes to meet him. Secondly, even if death is there, it is not the terrifying thing that we think it is; it is loving and giving. This can be seen from the way Yama greeted and spoke to Nachiketa. The third thing is that death is our greatest teacher ever. That is why Yama taught Nachiketa many things. Lastly, death can give us the ultimate gift – enlightenment, which Yama did. 

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Objective Reality


First thing you need to know whatever you understand as reality – the dimensions like a size, shape, quality or association of
good and bad with it, all of that – even one quality does not exist in objective reality. Please understand if you think this is wall, this is not wall, whatever you understand – why this wall, what this wall does, how it looks, what it is, who built, is it good for me, bad for me, all concepts you have about the wall is not there actually on the wall.  So In a way I can say there is no such thing as objective reality and, there is something called objective reality. There is no such thing as objective reality is also true. There is objective reality is also true. Understand, I tell you there is no such thing as objective reality because anything you see, you perceive – does not exist as you perceive. And I tell you there is objective reality. Why you know? because you may be liberated from this wall, but the other person who is not liberated, will continue to see this wall as objective reality. Because of that I tell objective reality exists. But I tell you for you objective reality does not exist. So the right truth objective reality does not exist for you, but the objective reality exists for the objects you see in objective reality. But as the objective reality does not exist for you itself, how can the objects you see in the objective reality is objective reality and can be objective reality for you?. Listen to the statement again – as the objective reality which you perceive itself is not an objective reality for you, then how can the objects you perceive in the objective reality which you perceive as the objective reality can have the objective reality which is not a objective reality ?.
Objective Reality

So what you know as reality is nothing but the perversion of your fantasy. What you know as fantasy is nothing but the perversion of your reality. When you go beyond what you know as reality and fantasy you see “yen” reality which is eN-Reality. In enlightened reality there is no space for fantasy reality – reality based fantasy, fantasy based reality. Fantasy based reality is deities. Reality based fantasy is theme parks. Reality based reality is enlightened reality. Fantasy based fantasy is your dreams. The reality based reality awakens in you when you understand neither reality based fantasies and fantasy based realities and reality-reality does not lead you to reality. The reality-reality, fantasy-fantasy, fantasy-reality, reality-fantasy is all finally your reality fantasy leading you from fantasy reality to reality fantasy. Finally, only when you drop everything the reality- reality expresses itself beyond reality! “

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  • Master neither bestows agency ship nor does He make them do action nor gives rewards for their action. It is the inherent nature(pravritti) which prevails.

  • Master is the being radiating impossibility in every possible way.

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Seeking is an unimaginable adventure. But whoever missed that they have missed the very life itself. Seeking means entering into the silence which is constantly available to you inside, which is constantly inviting you to come and experience inside. And through that seeking whatever decisions, whatever understandings reveal to you, making those understandings and revelations as a reality in your life by putting your life in tune with the seeking. 

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Truth when it comes of out an enlightened inner space and “clicks” is Initiation. If you analyze and say “how could He convince me about such great thing and such a wonderful thing”. You yourself will feel ‘how could he convince’ but suddenly your heart will feel connected to the words which are being uttered, the truth which is being expressed. That connection, that “click” is what I call Initiation. 

Initiation doesn’t mean chanting some special mantra in your ears or doing something special. It straight away means making you experience a solid truth, giving you a clear inner space and confidence to live that truth. In Vedantic tradition we have 3 beautiful words – “Shravana, Manana, Nidhidhyasana”. Shravana means intense listening. Manana means internalizing, contemplating. Nidhidhyasana means living.  Initiation means the great truths, the words which lead you to the truth, the clear path which leads you to the truth, if the experience is transmitted, at least one glimpse. Then initiation has happened, you are initiated. 

There are many doubts, “I have already been initiated by some guru, can I have initiation ?”. “If I get initiated, can I go to some other guru and learn something ?”. Everything is perfectly alright, nothing wrong. I always tell people, go to all gardens and pluck flowers and make a beautiful garden for you. Our ego is such if it is  beaten by 10,12 gurus only then it will die. It won’t die just by something which you learned from one person. Learn all best things from all sources and enrich your life. It has no way connected to any of the old understanding you have about initiation.

Initiation is just transmitting the authentic experiential clarity which happened into inner space. 

That click, which word is responsible, which moment the click happened you will not know. But suddenly when the expression of truth is over, you will feel, yes it is true. I am seeing it. So, just prepared for initiation – entering into the truth. 

…more about initiation – click here

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“Unclutching – De-program the inner self” (part 1)


Let me express a key word – Mahavakya, the word which you need to completely understand. May be modern day ‘Mahavakya’. The word is “Be Unclutched”. Now let us try to analyze and internalize this one truth, one mahavakya. We have beautiful different Mahavakyas in Vedic tradition – Aham Brahmasmi, Tatvamasi, Pragnam Brahmam, Sarva Kalvidam Brahmam. These are all different Mahavakyas. Be Unclutched – What do I mean by the word – being Unclutched. Let me try to explain it with a simple diagram, how, continuously our mind is working and how we are clutching, connecting and creating a life or suffering and how we are creating the ignorance or depression.


Thoughts are happening in your system the way it is shown in the above diagram. Each block represents a thought. Different shape, different size, different length, different width, different kinds of thoughts. Sometimes, a thought (J) is about some joyful experience which you had, sometime about some suffering (S) which you had, sometime you have some guilt thoughts (G), again sometime some joyful (J) memories, again some painful memories (P) and some depression memories (D)….different, different thoughts. If you just do a simple experiment, just for 5 min, if you write whatever goes inside you without editing as it is and read that page again, suddenly you will realize that you are nothing but a bunch of unconnected, independent, illogical, unclutched thoughts. Please understand the thinking flow which is happening inside you is not logically connected. For example, if you see a dog in the street, suddenly you will remember the dogs which you have seen when you were a child or the dogs about which you used to be afraid. Then you will remember your childhood days, then you will remember the teacher under whom you studied. Then you will remember the place where teacher stayed. The link will go on. But there is no logical connection between the dog which you have seen in the street and the teacher with whom you studied when you were young. Of course, both of them barked at you.  There is no logical connection. Suddenly from where the mind moves to where, there is no logical connection.

In the west they have a software called dragon software, whatever you speak it will transcribe. I also use sometimes for writing books. If your mind is connected to a dragon software how it will transcribe, transcribe the same way whatever goes on inside. With the same kind of grammatical errors or with the same accent or with same words or same pronunciation, even if it doesn’t make any sense just pen down. Suddenly you will see you are nothing but bunch of independent, illogical, unconnected and unclutched thoughts. You do not know why a particular thought is raising after a particular thought, there is no logical reason, just something arises and then next something else is arising, next something else is arising, thoughts are flowing, words are flowing.

When you are suddenly aware of your body and your existence, at those moments any thought which flows in front of you becomes your life, you start giving attention to it either to fulfill or to escape. Its like a projector light is there, any slide which is kept in front of the projector light is seen as a reality in the screen. One problem is in your inner space the projector light is not continuously ON, it just comes and goes, comes and goes. Whenever you are not aware of your existence, many time, even though your eyes are open, even though your body is moving, you will not be aware of your existence. You can see in your life, you will get into your car at your house, drive for 30 mins, only after you reached the office, park the car and come out of the car suddenly you will realize – Oh! I finished my driving, i reached my office. You have taken 200 decisions in that 30 mins, right, left, giving brake, stopping for signal, but you are not aware of your existence. That is why you don’t remember all these decisions you took and all these things happened in you. Those few moments the projector light was OFF. Any slide which was moving in front of it is not part of your life.

Again for no reason the light is ON, when you are aware that you exist, whatever thought moves in front of you, they become your part, they become your life. Understand, its a very subtle truth. Your life is totality of all the thoughts moving in front of you but unfortunately many time, many major decisions, thoughts, the life changing incidents happen when you are not aware. Its like the film which moves when the projector light was OFF, that also is part of your life. But, unfortunately you are not aware of the scenes, decisions, thoughts which went on, which contribute to your life, which are also part of your life, just because the light is OFF. Every single moment which passes in your life without you being aware of this moment, of your presence, is suffering. Either directly or indirectly it will add to suffering. Either directly you will invite or indirectly you will create a situation for the suffering. When you turn your car indicator it blinks, the same way your consciousness also blinks, you do not know when it is ON or OFF. If you just see the thought flow in front of you suddenly you will realize – Oh god, all these things are going on in me, then what is going on inside me, I myself do not know where I am heading, I myself do not know what is happening in me. Here, understand the above diagram, we will see more deeper and deeper truths.

First, I want all of you to understand, you are not aware of all the decisions, all the thoughts moving inside you, inspiring you to live the way in which you are living, inspiring you to think the way you are thinking, inspiring you to be the way you are. You are not aware but constantly we believe we are aware. This is the first illusion. Whenever I say this people get frightened, Oh god! already I have enough suffering now He is adding one more suffering, one more fear that I do not know where I am heading. Understand, I am not adding suffering, I am just helping you to experience, open up to the reality. One more thing opening up to the reality even though it feels like suffering in the initial level it will always lead you to the joy and bliss because ‘Sat’ which means ‘The Truth’ by its very nature is ‘Chit’ means ‘Power/Consciousness’ and ‘Ananda’ means ‘Bliss’. By its very nature, ‘Sat’ leads to ‘Chit’ and ‘Chit’ leads to ‘Ananda’. Even though in the initial level it feels like little more responsibility, little more load.

Now itself many of your minds would have decided “No, no, no, what He says may be right that I am not aware, but I can’t become aware of everything happening in front of me. Oh, living in the present moment, being aware of whatever is going on, that and all is not for me. I tried many times Swamiji, you don’t know how many techniques I tried.”  Understand, we are not that dumb as we think. We have huge possibility, huge potentiality. May be the right initiation has not happened. The right click has not happened. So, don’t close the file. No, no, no, I tried many times, you don’t know how many gurus I went to, how many techniques I have tried. There are many people like that. I call them professional seekers. Their profession is seeking. Anywhere, any board, any swami, any guru, any saint, any mahatma, anybody they will be there. Not for learning, just for judging. What is he teaching let me see. People come to me and ask me “I know everything Swamiji, just give me in essence what extra you can add to me“. I tell them “Sorry, I don’t know anything extra to add you, I can only remove something from you. What you think as knowledge I can remove that so that the truth can happen.” Please do not come to the decision “No, no, He is again I think going to teach living in the present moment. I know I tried many times, it doesn’t work out, if it works out in sometime it goes away“. No, I am not going to teach you living in the present moment. Because you are living, why should I teach. Even if you are suffering about past, you are suffering in the present. Even if you are worrying about your future, you are worrying in the present. So, you are in the present. I am not going to teach you to be in the present. All I am doing is trying to take away some ideas which you think as your mind.

The first truth is you are not aware of all the things which is happening in front of you. You do not remember your biography as it happened. You remember only as you want it. When people ask me many time I tell them, if your TPS (thought per second) comes down, you will have clarity about your past and future. Then they tell me “About past already I have clarity, why should I have clarity about my past by bringing my TPS down. Now itself I know my past“. No, please understand you don’t know your past, you don’t remember, recollect the past as it happened. You recollect only as you want it, not as it happened. Just a simple example, if you see the above diagram, your life was filled with different kinds of incidents – joy, suffering, guilt, pain, depression… different, different quality of incidents.  You do not look at the life as it is. Usually what you do…what we do. I use the word ‘WE’ because sometime people think the word ‘You’ means too condescending. Thats the reason I used ‘We’. The problem is in the public place you can neither use ‘We’ nor use ‘You’. If I say ‘You’, somebody feels condescending. If I use the word ‘We’, then they may say if you also have the same problem how can you teach me, that is the big problem. Anyhow I don’t have a better word, so I use the word ‘We’. What usually we do is some joy, some suffering, some guilt….this is our life, different thoughts, different experiences. Usually you collect only all the suffering related incidents and create a SHAFT, create a connecting idea and think your life is nothing but suffering as shown below.


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Put chitta (mind stuff) in such inexpressible fineness, above, below and in your heart.

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Understand we have many words to describe mind. Chitta means the collection of all the memories with which you have emotional attachment. If you don’t have emotional attachment it will not be called as chitta. That becomes different part of your mind. We have too many words to describe mind and parts of the mind. This sutra means ‘If you go beyond chitta you will experience the heart and the pure consciousness’.

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Tapas is being intensely passionate with deep patience. It is being playfully sincere.

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Once a man went to visit a famous sculptor. He saw the sculptor sitting silently in front of a big marble block, smiling admiringly at it. When he saw the visitor, he turned to him and said

“Is it not she beautiful ?”

“Who?” asked the bewildered visitor.

“This woman, hiding in the marble block”

“Where I don’t see any woman”

“You will, just as soon as I finish removing all the unnecessary stuff around her” , sculptor smiled.

On the spiritual path, this process of removing all the unnecessary stuff is Tapas.Tapas is the intense joyful effort that transforms you from what you think you are now to what you are really. Of course the sculptor was working on the marble, but the material on which you will be working is ‘You’, yourself. The sanskrit word literally means “burning”. Tapas is the process of burning one’s ego with the fire of truth. One burns oneself with the truth. Letting the truth penetrate ones’ being, work on one’s being to remove all that is false in you. Tapas is not a spiritual practice to be added to you, it is the process of destroying all that is not you. So that whatever is really you may be experienced. Tapas is only for the very courageous. Because it is at the same time, the process of death and process of rebirth. Always the death leads to rebirth. Tapas is a death for your ego because it involves shedding all the false ideas, false concepts that you are carrying around calling them as yourself and your life. Tapas destroys only the false identities, not you.

Right now your personality is entangled in too many things, too many situations, too many people. When you remove all these things one by one from your life what remains is your individuality. At so many levels you are carrying ideas that you think of you as ‘You’. At the outermost level you are deeply connected to the world as you experience it. Your social identity, your family, your profession, you are carrying all these in yourself, as part of yourself. That is why traditionally seekers in spiritual path choose a life away from family and society. I can say it is not necessary to be physically away from family and society. It is enough if you can psychologically disconnect from them and clutch when you require. I am not asking you to become indifferent to the world, No. Just become aware of the subtle influences that world is exerting on you. You are carrying the baggage of so many other peoples ideas. Just become aware how many people are living inside your head right now, telling you how to run your life. Just listen and see how many voices you can hear. We are living our life based on ideas of right and wrong which are given to us by others. Becoming aware is the only first step. Many times we are already know it but we don’t have the courage to free ourselves from these influences. We know they are simply acting out of the ideas that have been given to us by our parents, by friends, by society, by media, but we don’t want to let go of these ideas because we are afraid of leaving without a social identity. You think social identity adds spice or juice to life. We are afraid of being ‘Kevala’ means ‘alone’. (more…)

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I don’t have any visions or darshans in my spiritual path…..I feel depressed!

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There are some people who to go to Bengaluru to Delhi with open window. They see so many visions, scenes and all kinds of visions and darshans and reach Delhi. There are some people whose windows are closed, they also reach Delhi. There is one danger if your window is open, you may see some middle station and think that Delhi has come and get down. But the journey itself will be very juicy. For people whose window is closed, you will not get anywhere in the middle, you will reach Delhi for sure, but journey itself will be little dry. But both will reach Delhi. 

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Whatever is happening is auspicious

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Look into the whole journey of your life. What is after all the whole journey, somehow you have the body and mind, you need to reach the space where you can be yourself, having everything, without the need of body and mind. So every experience which is added to you is pushing you to go beyond body and mind. Even what you think as suffering is nothing but teaching you that you will be better-of without body and mind. So constantly this truth is being  taught to you. So, in that way if you see, everything, everything is adding, adding, adding, adding. That is why I say there is a constant expansion in the universe. Everything is adding to you and you are constantly expanding.

Anybody who understands the constant expansion in the universe is in cosmic auspiciousness.

We always think, no, no, how can it be..only expansion without contraction. Even the contraction leads to next expansion, because it leads to next expansion it is the process of expansion. Because the ultimate outcome is expansion even the contraction or any low scale action or anything is expansion. 

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When you understand, Master is not a mass you will not miss. As long as you think He is a mass, you will miss. If somebody is a mass, he cannot be a Master; If somebody is a Master, HE is not just mass. Who has mastered the mass is a Master.

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Intensity is deep passion with profound patience

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Different techniques, different methods, different deities, different paths, then what is the point that decides a person’s enlightenment ?  Intensity is the one which decides the person’s enlightenment- the higher experience. With Intensity whatever you do will be meditation, without intensity even if you meditate, it will be just a ritual. Whenever I teach meditation to a group of 100 people, I learn hundred versions of that same meditation. The success depends on the person, not on what he is doing, but what he is. It depends on the intensity which he carries. Patanjali says ‘Based on the intensity, the success- low, medium and high, is achieved.

Intensity means the ability to stand forwhat you believe and break free from the past attitudes or methods of functioning and live in a new way. If you do not have intensity we go on and on in the same way. You can see in your life, even inside your house, you will walk in the same route, sit in the same sofa, go to your bed in the same way and you will lie down in the same way, you will sit  in the same chair in the dining table, you will eat and come out of the garage in the same way. You will not even be alive or creative. I always tell my bramhacharis ‘atleast do new, new mistakes, I will have some entertainment’. You need intensity to do things new, otherwise even your mistakes – same old, may be difference in quantity – big or small.

Intensity is not seriousness. Intensity means deep passion and patience.  Strong will is passion, deep prayer is patience.