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Re-living to relieve from Karma

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Till now, what we discussed was a preventive measure for incurring karma. As a curative for karma, I will give you a simple technique. Right from this moment, try and remember all the incidents in your life. Start going backwards from this moment to your childhood days. Remember what you can.

Do not bother about what you cannot. Understand, what you cannot remember is only a hangover. It has not touched you deeply. That is why it is not retained in your memory. Try this technique for a year. Re-living is a wonderful way of relieving.

Our Nithyananda Spurana Program (NSP) is focused on just this method of exhausting one’s karma. It is like a complete spiritual bath in the presence of an enlightened master.

More about Re-living technique

source: Living Enlightenment
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Meditation Technique to relieve yourself from powerlessness

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Re-living is relieving!

The best way to relieve yourself of guilt is to re-live it.

  • Sit in a meditative mood.
  • Close your eyes and one by one bring to surface each of your guilts.
  • Re-live the wounds completely.
  • Do not console yourself about the guilt.
  • Open your eyes and write it all down in detail.
  • Write in as detailed a way as possible.
  • You will see that you are free from all the guilt feelings that you are carrying.
source: Living Enlightenment
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Complete the frightened, arrogant child in you

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Every morning, a father and a son, must be seven or eight-year-old son, both of them go for a walk. Every morning they walk outside their house. One day morning, suddenly, that son started getting frightened seeing an old tree standing in a corner and started crying, ‘Oh, it is a ghost! It is a ghost!’, started shivering, crying, and holding the father, screaming, telling him, ‘Father, please take me away from here! Take me away from here! There is a ghost!’

Please listen, if the father is trying to comfort the child, for the comfort of that child if the father is taking the child away from the tree, I tell you, it is equivalent to me giving upon you! That is the worst thing that can happen in your life! Even if you go to Hell, don’t be given upon by the Guru; you will simply come out.

If you are not given upon by the Guru, even if you go to Hell, you will just come out of Hell Fire untouched. If you are given upon by the Guru, even Heaven will burn you!

There are tons of people who are suffering in Heaven. Indra (ruler of Heaven) himself is suffering in Heaven because he can’t go anywhere else. And Heaven is the most unstable place because of a curse by a rishi. That is why, whenever you feel any pleasure, you will always feel insecurity. Whether you believe it or not, pleasure and insecurity go hand in hand. Understand, if you are not given upon by the Master, even Hell cannot touch you; even if you are in hell, Hell Fire cannot touch you; you will come out of it. If you are given upon by the Master, even Heaven will be the worst hell, suffering.  (more…)

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Creation of Space


Every time you visualize and make it into reality, it is called “Creation”.  But you visualize, you didn’t make it into reality, you failed, means, it is only “Recreation”, it cannot be direct creation. Please understand, every time you hold a space for something, if there is incompletion, if there is an incompletion, the reality you created collapses.  So, again you will have to complete this incompletion and hold that reality back.  So, listen, so it cannot be called as “Creation”. 

I wanted everyone of you to provide intense listening, because one of the major mistakes we are doing in the Science of Creating Space and why we go on losing confidence over space or blaming ourselves, ‘Oh, this space creation and all works sometimes, doesn’t work sometimes, many times it doesn’t work.’ Listen!  I want you to learn these nitty-gritty’s of space creation.  Once you create a space, if there is an incompletion, the whole space collapses. Don’t think if you just complete that incompletion, that space runs.  No!  You have to recreate again.  So, whenever you find an incompletion, complete that incompletion and drop and recreate the whole space again.  Only then it gets its own individual energy, intelligence, inspiration.

Listen!  I will give you the exact example.  For example, I wanted health, or some things to happen as I want.  It is an example I am giving.  Let me give you an example of…..  If you want wealth, you create the space for attracting may be hundred million dollars.  After you created the space, after two-three minutes, you think, ‘Baaah!  Who is going to get fooled by this space creation idea and all?  May be by teaching this space creation idea, HE (Swamiji) might have become what HE wanted to achieve, but we have not got anything.’  Some foolish things.  But the moment that incompletion comes, you catch that, you catch your SDHD (Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial) and complete with that and drop.  After you complete and drop, you think that space you created earlier is by itself powerful.  No!  Once you complete the incompletion, again you have to visualize step-by-step and create the space, because when you complete the incompletions and drop them, along with that, the visualization you created earlier also goes away. 

See, the next few days I really wanted to teach you the science of space creation.  The science of space creation is a self-Kundalini-awakening process, understand?  The science of space creation is a self-Kundalini-awakening process.  You can awaken your Kundalini on your own right, on your own energy, on your own intelligence.  You can awaken your Kundalini on your own.  This science of space creation, the science of creating the space can awaken your Kundalini on your own and keep your Kundalini in the right direction. (more…)

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Your Ego is enough to Kill you !

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First of all, understand, the space you have inside you is like an inner organ.  Just like your kidney, heart, intestine, your physical organs, the space you carry is an inner organ.

I have seen in the villages, one man will do electricity, plumbing, construction; anything you ask, he will do it!  I have seen like that hundred, at least hundred people in the villages.  He will be the naadhaswaram player (naadhaswaram = a South Indian musical wind instrument).  And don’t think like a very cheap, low level quality of music he will do.  He will be the village barber.  I have seen!  Those people only, I have seen, so egoless!  The powerful space they will be holding!  They may not have created wealth using that space, but, I tell you, they have created life for themselves having that space. 

The urban bringing up first destroys your belief, the possible.  The moment the possible is destroyed, every small thing is complicated.  No one wants to look at the other side.  Even for you guys to sit in the order, I have to put one Mahant as in-charge, and, finally, again the mess only!  I can see now.  Even a small thing you are brought up by constantly feeding impossible, impossible, impossible!  Abusing the space you need to carry, understand?

Whether you are handling money in your life – business; or knowledge in your life – learning or teaching; or power in your life, means having somebody under you or being under somebody, either a leader or a follower, that is “handling power”; “handling knowledge” means, either a student or teacher; “handling wealth”, either earning or sharing; whatever you may think you are doing, please listen, whether you handle life, whether you handle wealth, whether you handle power, if you don’t know to create the space and melt down, your ego is enough to kill you!  Your ego is enough to kill you!

Anything which you are handling with your ego, without creating a space, you already internally aborted the possibility.  Ego and Creation of the Space, these two are completely opposite. 

“Ego” means, the frozen….means, the stools which has not come out of your body. 

 “Creating a space” means, the ability to have, ability to visualize and hold anything you want, anything you want to create, your ability to create and hold anything you want. (more…)

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Seeing is Completion

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Questioner: what I’m beginning to notice about incompletion is that an inaccurate cognition can actually bring you to the next step in your expansion. So, it becomes a beautiful churning. So, what I used to do was, when I see an inaccurate cognition, I’d begin to hate myself or put myself down and then that would tie me up into more bondage. And now I see them, but they’re opportunities now. So that our expansion just becomes greater and greater. We start at as something insignificant’…….

Swamiji: When you see them itself, expansion starts. When you see them, all the incompletions melt away. Good! See, nothing other than seeing is required. Even if you see, they will all melt down. Seeing is Completion. Because you don’t see, I force you to see yourself in the mirror.

Questioner: I used to be afraid to see it. But now I see that it is beautiful, that the process is beautiful!

Swamiji: You feel the process is beautiful because it brings a beautiful YOU out of YOU! Great!

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You are not the doer, your incompletions are

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Questionnaire: ‘According to the Upanishads, we are not the “doer” where we do our job at work. How can we detach ourselves from the doing and just work as a service for the world that God created? If I am not supposed to have a desire to succeed in my business, and have pride, what will motivate me to do it? And, how can I detach myself from this desire to be successful?’

Swamiji: I will read the question. ‘According to the Upanishads, we are not the “doer” where we do our job at work. How can we detach ourselves from the doing and just work as a service for the world that God created? If I am not supposed to have a desire to succeed in my business and have pride, what will motivate me to do it? How can I detach myself from this desire to be successful?’

I think, just now I answered your whole question. Your question: ‘According to the Upanishads, we are not the doer where we do our job at work. How can we detach ourselves……?’

Please, I wanted you to understand the first statement you made, ‘According to the Upanishad, we are not the doer.’ You need to understand that more. You will understand that statement only after the Completion process. Only after the Completion process you will understand that all this while you were not the doer, your incompletions were the doers, your incompletions were making you do what you were doing. When the Upanishads say, ‘You are not the doer’, they mean your incompletions are the doer. But unfortunately, people started thinking God is the doer. No! When you are told “you are not the doer”, it means the doer in the wrong person, not the doer in the right person. It is so unfortunate!

One guy asks his friend, ‘Why are you not wearing your wedding ring in the right finger? Why are you

wearing your wedding ring in the wrong finger?

The guy replied, ‘Yes, I am married to the wrong woman!’


No, really! You have a wrong understanding! It is so unfortunate, when the Upanishads say “you are not the doer”, complete with who thinks is the doer, destroy the doer. But, unfortunately, you start thinking God is the doer! No! So, you need to understand this statement of Upanishad much deeper. Neither you are the doer, nor God is the doer, because you are God! Your incompletions are the doer. So, complete. Let your incompletions which were the doers, let that die. Then you will understand you have a great zeal to be successful in Enriching! Now, as long as you feel you are the doer, means your incompletions are making you believe you are the doer, you will not have success in anything you do, and you will not be able to detach from the doer. And, even if you try to detach from the doer, you will only fall into depression; you will not have motivation to do anything else.

Please understand the complications involved in the whole situation you are describing.

First thing, you can’t detach yourself from doing. Your incompletions are such it does all the crime, but it puts you into suffering. It won’t take responsibility. Completion is such, it makes you do all the good, but it gives you the benefits. The doer is the incompletions. Your incompletions are the doer. Please understand, your incompletions are so powerful, not only it does, but it puts you into suffering for all his actions. Completion is such, it gets all the pleasures, but makes you enjoy the results. Understand, incompletion is such, it does all the crime, it pushes you to do all the wrong things, but puts you into suffering. It doesn’t take the responsibility. Completion is such, it makes you do all the good, but gives you the benefits. 

Incompletion does not trust even itself. Incompletion has deep doubt about itself. And incompletion always leads to more and more complications.

Your whole question will be answered on its own if you enter even a little bit into Completion. Sometimes, even the surety of incompletion leads you to more problems. See, incompletions sometimes will be so sure, it leads to more incompletions. In the incompletion moment, you strongly believe this disease is going to come to you. You will see that incompletion brings the disease!

I have a story:

There was a trial happening in the court for murder. A defendant was on trial for murder. There was a strong evidence indicating guilt, but there was no corpse. In the law, the dead body is very important.

Corpse is very important to prosecute.

The defense’s closing statement, the lawyer, knowing that his client would be probably convicted, resorted to a trick saying, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I have a surprise for you all.’ The lawyer said as he looked at his watch, ‘Within one minute, the person you all presumed dead in this case, will walk into this court-room!’, he declared. And he looks towards the court-room’s door. The jurors, shocked, stunned, all looked on eagerly, all of them were looking at the door. A minute passed….nothing happened.

Finally, the lawyer said, ‘Actually I made up this previous statement, but you all looked on with anticipation. I, therefore, tell you all that you have a considerable doubt, a reasonable doubt in this case as to whether anyone was killed at all and insist that you return a verdict of “not guilty”.

The jury really got confused and they retired to deliberate. A few minutes later, the jury returned and pronounced the verdict of “Guilty”!

The lawyer asked, ‘How, but how can you say? You must have had some doubt. I saw all of you stare at the door!’

The jury foreman replied, ‘Yes, we all looked at the door, no doubt. But your client did not!’

Sometimes, the surety, the sureness of your incompletion itself puts you in more problem!


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Every action has its own reaction

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Questionnaire: ‘Swami, kindly clarify whether the statement “Every action has its own reaction” clarified by Swami during the last satsang.’

Swamiji: I wanted to allow this statement with a new understanding: Every reaction carries its own action. Please understand, because you do not know what is action till you achieve completion, all your so-called action is nothing but a reaction of incompletion. So, every reaction has its own action. “Every action has its own reaction” is not a complete statement. Every reaction has its own action, or re-reaction. All action you do out of incompletion is reaction. It is not action. Till you complete, you do not know how the space of action will feel. So, whatever you call as reaction, whatever you call as reaction is nothing but action. Understand, it is nothing but action. Whatever you call as action is nothing but reaction. Whatever you call as reaction is nothing but action.

You may say how the reaction can create action? When it is chaos and something happens after you do something, it can be called only as action. Because, many a time, your reactions don’t cause the reactions you want. It means something else is acting. That has to be called only as action, because it is not the right reaction, your reaction expected. How many of you are getting it? If it is a reaction as you planned, it can be a reaction.

Most of the time, because your action is a reaction of your incompletion, the reaction of your reaction cannot be called as reaction, because it does not bring the reaction you expect. So, it has to be called as action. The reaction to the reaction is not the reaction you expected. So, naturally it can be called only as action.

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What makes instant Karma happen? Why does certain Karma carry over for a long period of time?’

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Questinnaire:‘If we are all cleansed of all Karma, does this mean that when we do something that causes Karma, do the consequences come much sooner if not instantly? In a normal situation, what makes instant Karma happen? Why does certain Karma carry over for a long period of time?’

Swamiji: ‘If we are all cleansed of all Karma, does this mean that when we do something that causes Karma….?’

Listen! Once you do completion, your action does not produce any more Karma.

Karma is nothing but the actions out of incompletion leads to more incompletion.

For example, if you eat ice-cream out of incompletion, that becomes a deeper pattern. But after you do completion, the same ice-cream will not become a big pattern in you.

It may just be in the level of habit, that is all; not pattern. Casual habit; not pattern. Understand, the more completion space you carry, less impact you create as Karma. For example, out of incompletions, deep greed, when you take ice-cream, the pattern you create is like a carving on the stone, which will stay forever. Out of completion, you complete with that pattern, why you start this ice-cream pattern, may be just to tell your friends you are rich, richer than others. So, you buy the big ice-cream, before you eat you show it to everybody, by that time it melts away! You would have done something like that. From there only the pattern would have started. After you complete, even if you eat the same ice-cream, the pattern you create will be like a writing on the water; it won’t even stay for a few seconds. And, one more thing you need to know, when you are in completion, if you do any Karma, the consequences will be coming won’t be much; there won’t be any consequences. There will not be any consequences. But the space you carry will have consequences. That will happen immediately. Immediately it will happen. Instantly it will happen. So, this instant Karma is nothing but the space you carry after the completion. After the completion, the space you carry. It is based on the space you carry.

‘Why does certain Karma carry over for a long period of time?’

It is just because of incompletions you carry. The more incompletions you carry, Karmas reside in you, and you carry it over for a long period. Listen, carrying it over for a long period does not mean the effect comes very late. No! Effect is continuously coming! Continuously suffering!

So, the instant Karma, effect of Karma, everything is based on the space you carry. The space you carry.

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IA Participant: Our unconsciousness is the main reason, source for all our suffering and that is what is stopping us from being in the enlightened state. The question is: Where and when it started?

Swamiji: See, where and when has no answer, because the where and when itself happened after the unconsciousness happened. Please understand, it is like you can ask when that cotton started becoming thread. There is no answer for this. For example, when the mud became a building? It became brick at one point, then the bricks became the building. Mud has not become building. Mud became brick, brick became building. So, your consciousness became Time and Space, and that Time and Space created bondage in you. So, from the bondage level you cannot ask how my consciousness made me bound. Understand, with words, still I am struggling to explain. Because, in your original state, there is no Time and Space. Time and Space itself is an illusion. Inside that illusion only, you are bound.

IA Participant: So how to solve this? This is the right question.

The answer is: Completion! Completion with yourself and Time, which you are going to be doing now in a very powerful way, will solve the whole thing.

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Drop yourself into the space of powerfulness every night

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Today I wanted to give the gist of what I am trying to do to the world. Please understand, it all boils down to just one or two words. Whether the temples I am building or the programs I am conducting from morning Nithya Satsang to free webinars to NDY, NKY or Inner Awakening Level-1, Level-2, Level-3, Level-4, whatever or the future Level-5, Level-6, Level-7 going to happen, all that put together, please understand, the essence is basically:

Awaken your Kundalini Shakthi. Awaken your Kundalini! And raise it to the highest peak frequency!

When the Kundalini moves inside the system, at different areas it experiences different frequency. Raise it to the highest frequency! And celebrate the life, enjoy the life as you want with this extraordinary, overflowing, excessive, luxurious life-energy! Understand? That is the word I have to use. Please understand, what I am saying now, even medically verified statement: Only if you have an excessive energy, these muscles (facial muscles) even expand in smiling, understand? Otherwise, how people smile you know? (Swamiji demonstrates).

I tell you, it is the luxurious energy you carried in your stomach, in your heart, in your throat, in your face, in your crown – that is luxury! That is the best luxury! I tell you, when you wake up in the morning, the energy you carry in your stomach, are you carrying a cramp or are you carrying the gas or are you carrying an uncomfortable acidity feeling? What are you carrying in the stomach when you wake up and by the time you get ready for your every-day routine, you remember your every day, what is the energy you are carrying in your heart? The moment you remember you have to go to your office, you have to meet your family, you have to meet your teamily, you have to meet your team, you have to meet your boss, you have to do your every-day actions, what is the experience you carry when you remember your every-day routine in your heart, what is the energy you feel near your chest, THAT decides whether you are living luxuriously or not. The way you carry yourself, what your shoulders are feeling, are you walking like this (shoulders drooping, head hanging down), almost collapsing or are you carrying yourself (chest out, head and neck straight)? THAT decides!

I tell you, every night what kind of a space you are just dropping yourself….. You see, you are like a huge, large-size bag of cotton. If you soak the cotton bag into red colour every night, next day morning it will be red colour. If you soak that into green colour, next day morning it will be green colour. What kind of a dye colour you soak the cotton bag, next day it will be that same colour. One day if you soak in red colour, and next day if you soak in blue; it will be mixture of both. Same way, every night, what kind of a space in which you are soaking you, you are just dropping you, next day when you come out of that, that will only be dripping you around, you will be oozing out only that. In what you dropped you, next day you will be dripping that same thing. Drop yourself every day in highest Kundalini.
I tell you, the definition of ‘sleep’, definition of ‘sleep’, definition of ‘sleep’: You should never feel tired, bored, when you close your eyes and rest your body. You should not be feeling restless, understand?
Restlessness means insomnia, sleeplessness, turning this side, that side, tossing around. Neither you should be exhausted and drop yourself in the bed and fall asleep, nor you should be restless without getting sleep. It should be just entering into the energy space. And it is possible! I am not giving you any great theories. No! Just remember, last ten or twelve hours, the wax with which you made this world, the circus tent which you opened and running your circus, now wind up the whole thing, melt down the whole wax and drop it into the source and relax. In the circus tent, the poles and the cloth and the lamps, rings and the ringmaster, animals and the visitors, viewers, fans, who are clapping and few people who are protesting that animal should not be tortured, everybody is you.
Every night when you are dropping into that space of powerfulness, remember, everybody is you. You are doing this drama! You already gave the script to all of them and playing the game. You are doing this drama. You have given the script. Just relax into that powerfulness which comes when you do Completion. Every night, before falling asleep, just complete whatever incompletions you remember, and fall into that powerful space. Fall into that powerful space! Neither you should be tired or bored or exhausted when you fall asleep nor you should be restless, sleepless, feeling insomnia. Understand, insomnia and tiredness, both are same. Don’t ever imagine if you are tired you will fall asleep. No! It is not true. It is not true. You should never fall asleep if your body is aching, your body is having any pain. Complete with all the physical, mental pains, boredom, all that, and just drop, complete.

When you fall asleep in the space of Completion every night, your Kundalini will be raised to its peak, because, awakening the Kundalini and keeping it in its peak is more easy in the night time while you fall asleep, than in the day time, because, in the day time there are so many distractions; even if you raise your Kundalini up, the moment you see your spouse, it comes down…….tadak! And then you remember Ananda Gandha, this-that, Completion and bring it up. The moment you see your boss……tadak! And then you do something….tak-tak-tak-tak…. bring it up. The moment you see somebody who gave you the loan……down! It just goes up and down and up and down like a roller coaster! But in the night time, if you just relax into the space of Completion and soak yourself, drop yourself in the Kundalini energy, listen, then you will just have the luxury of life, life-energy, Kundalini. Luxury of the Kundalini is the gift I am giving it to the world, understand? Anybody who claims you are my disciple, follower, devotee, you should have received this gift – luxury of Kundalini.

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Death Meditation during Inner Awakening program

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IA Participant: Swamiji, is there any advantage to doing the death meditation multiple times?

Swamiji: You see it’s like a, if you walk through one path with Me, later on walking even without My physical presence will be easy. And not only that, for example we both go to Ganga and take bath, next time when you go to Ganga, you will never be able to forget Me.

IA Participant: So, it gets etched in your bio-memory even deeper when we do it multiple times with You…

Swamiji: Not only that, take this one example. I take you for Ganga bath, we both take bath in Ganga and come back. Next time, after 5, 6 years even without my physical presence you come to that Arkipuri, will you be able to forget me? I will be the first thing in your memory. “Ohh… we came with Swamiji….” Same way now I am taking you through the death so that when you go through the death, even physically if I am not there you will naturally remember Me. The moment you remember Me, I will be there……to take care of you.

IA Participant: If we forget what will happen…..???

Swamiji: Oh.. see, listen. When you are dying incompletions which you are not able to handle are suppressed and you are given a chance to rewrite your future completely.

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Swamiji, what happens in between when the mirror breaks & another mirror is being formed ?

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It goes through the decision making process of how to make the another mirror, when it goes through the decision making process, it goes through all the incompletions, right things it did, wrong things it did. It spends sometime in pleasantness for right things it did. It spends sometime in guilt and suffering for wrong things it did. And not being in the space of completion, for that whatever suffering it needs to go through, it goes through. And plans this time it will not give up on completion science it will live completion and it plans, with all this plans it assumes the body.

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Visualize your inner space is the road. The nail or the thorn sticking out on the road is your fear and greed. Your car tyre is Time. if the Time moves smoothly on the Space, there is no incompletion. If it moves on the nail or the stone then your tyre becomes flat, you cant move further. So always, if you hold the inner space consciously without fear or greed you will never create incompletions. For it to be reality, go back to the incompletions created where all you put the nail and the stone (Fear and Greed); relive so when the time moves into the space you may go back to the space and same Time and relive BUT it is happening NOW! Please understand you may go back to the past but you are in present. Going back to the past while you are in the present is called completion! Going forward while you are in the present is inspiration! What you are going to do if you visualize that is inspiration when you are in the present !

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Passive listening is the most powerful Completion!

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Listen! Listen! Listen!

Inside you, whenever you associate yourself with the listening part of you and sit with yourself and listen, listen, listen to you, you enter into more and more and more Completion. Especially when you sit with water bodies and try to listen to yourself, you will have that deep listening to yourself, deep listening to yourself.

The pure listening to yourself leads you to more and more and more Completion.

In Sanatana Hindu Dharma, we have one of the very powerful methods called “Ajapa Japa” – you listening to you chanting. In Ajapa Japa, the aggressive repetition of the name is not given that awareness, attention, energy support, but the pure listening, you just listening. Actually, when you deeply listen to you, the sound which happens, that is the “Ishta Mantra” for you. Sometimes it can be “Shiva, Shiva, Shiva”, or “Soham, Humsum, Humsum”. Whatever you listen is your Ishta Mantra. In Ajapa Japa, the chanting or repetition, the aggressive action is not emphasised, but the passive listening is emphasised. The passive listening, please understand, the passive listening leads you to Complete Completion. I should tell you, the passive listening is the most powerful Completion! The passive listening is the most powerful Completion!

Keep this as the basic rule, the Law of Life:

Whenever your energy is put towards talking to you, whenever your energy is put towards talking to you, you are getting into more and more incompletion. How much ever you talk to you, you will be entering into more and more incompletion. But, the more and more you listen to you, you will enter into more and more Completion. Completion process is not “talking to you”, but “listening to you”. Same way, even with others, the more and more you listen, the more and more you put everyone into the space of Completion. The more and more you talk, the more and more you put everyone into the space of incompletion.

From Completion if somebody talks, they put you into the space of Completion, that is only the Master. He articulates Completion, he speaks out of Completion so that you can understand Completion.

Completion teaches about itself to you so that you can achieve Completion. That is what is Satsangh. Completion introducing itself to you and making you achieve Completion is Satsangh. Other than satsangh, any talk is aggression, leads to incompletion; any listening is reception, leads to Completion.

Listen! Listen! Listen to the essence of what I am trying to convey to you now! Whatever you may speak to yourself, whenever the aggression part of you is speaking, it is incompletion and leading you more and more into incompletion, leading you to more and more incompletion. And whenever, whenever you are listening, that listening, whenever you are listening, that listening is Completion, and leads you to more and more Completion. Move towards Completion more and more by listening to you.

Today is the first day of the Inner Awakening. So, the first session is all about LISTENING. That is why I gave an introduction about listening. Of course, this introduction is for the whole world.

Listen! Listen! Listen! More listening, more Completion! More listening, more Completion!

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Completion is not…

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Completion is not apologizing.
Completion is not complaining.
Completion is not begging.
Completion is not becoming weak.
Completion is not tolerating atrocities others do.
Completion is not putting up with all stupidity of others.
Completion is not putting up with others’ powerlessness.
Completion is not letting others do whatever the want.
Completion is not being irresponsible.
Completion is not withdrawing.
Completion is not escaping.
Completion is not missing the Life.

Completion is you feeling powerful, friendly, fulfilling.
Completion is feeling complete with the other person as per the other persons’ place and space.
Completion is seeing reality in you and awakening reality in others.

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Sometimes it seems like love alone is not enough to have a successful relationship. We seem to have many conflicts with people we love. What else other than love is needed?

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I tell you, Completion! Completion with yourself and with others is the most important ingredient of relationship. Love is actually the side-effect of the relationship. Completion is the main ingredient of relationship. Completion with yourself and Completion with others is the main ingredient of relationship. Please understand, ability to see the possibility in you is Completion with yourself, ability to see the possibility in others is Completion with others. So, Completion with yourself and Completion with others is the first ingredient for a successful relationship. Love is side-effect. When I say “Completion”, I mean your ability to look at your possibility instead of denying constantly yourself, loading yourself with all the impossibilities and past failures. So, denying yourself all possibility is incompletion, allowing your possibilities is Completion. Same way, seeing and allowing others possibility is Completion with others.

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Who does not manipulate Dharma in his thinking, there is no blind spot in his thinking. If he knows right, he does it; if he does not know, he knows it is not required. If he does not get up in the morning and come for Yoga, he knows it is not required. If he knows it is required, he is not inefficient, or there is no impossibility.” That is what I call no blind spot, no manipulation of the principle.

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Who wrote your life? Why it is written in such a way? How to rewrite it?

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Human life is worth living only when you can make it as you wanted. Please listen! There are some natural principles. How many philosophies may oppose these principles, how many religions may oppose these principles, how many ways we may try to suppress these principles – listen – these principles never get destroyed. This is one of the types of principles: Human life is alive only when you can make what you want. The fulfillment in life happens only when you make your life as you want. Either you try to complete it from the direction of causing what you want, or altering what you want.

You can achieve Completion, Fulfillment by altering what you want and you can achieve Completion, Fulfillment by achieving what you want.

Materialists are mad when they say only by achieving what you want you can reach Completion. Spiritualists become lazy bums. Both of them are only one small part of life. Trying to change what you want or constantly trying to achieve what you want, neither these two can reach Completion, fulfillment. Bringing intelligence into what you want and bringing power to cause reality – please listen – bringing intelligence into what you want and bringing the space to cause what you want as reality. When you bring intelligence into what you want, awareness into what you want, that goes through a certain natural transformation what you want. Then create the space to cause that as reality. That is Completion. Both put together only is what I call the Science of Kalpataru: bringing intelligence in what you want, and creating a space for what you want as reality.

In the whole life, whatever you want to cause as your reality, whatever way you want to rewrite your future, these two principles are very important. Whether you want to achieve health, whether you want to achieve wealth, whether you want to achieve enlightenment, or you want to achieve the Complete Completion, or you want to create whatever you want in your life, the science is these two steps:

Bringing intelligence into your thinking, and

Creating a strong energy space to cause what you want as reality.

In Kalpataru Darshan, I am giving you a glimpse of this science, helping you to complete with ONE desire, all the incompletions to be completed, and creating a space to cause that ONE desire into reality. In Inner Awakening, I am doing the same thing to EVERY FIELD of your life! In Kalpataru Darshan, I can say, you get the introduction. In Inner Awakening, it becomes life! But seeing Kalpataru Darshan, never think or under-judge Inner Awakening. Seeing in the bottle ocean water, you cannot imagine about ocean. Even though you can technically define, ‘Like this, lot of water put together is ocean.’, it can technically be defined, but it can never be imagined or visualized or experienced.

In Inner Awakening you get the whole science of how to make what you want a reality continuously. In Inner Awakening you literally rewrite your future! Means, literally, physically you are made to write what you want, and that is made as reality! Don’t live something written accidentally. Understand, when you are born, you wrote about your future not with a lot of intelligence; just with some known, few known information. But, now, so much of intelligence is available, knowledge is available, method is available from the Vedic Tradition. So, learn, learn and rewrite your future.

See, whenever something great happens, something great is introduced, naturally human mind says, ‘No, no, no. It seems too good to be true!’, because you strongly believe great things can never happen to you, good things can never happen to you. That is one of the biggest patterns with which you are suffering. That is why you can never open your eyes and see the great possibilities approaching you. You have such a strong Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial, if some great things are opened up in front of you, you think, ‘No, no, no, no, no….it is too good to be true!’

Please listen, all great things before experiencing look like “too good to be true”. Nobody ever believed before flying happened in Mumbai that human-beings can fly in such large numbers. Please understand, flying was not discovered by the Wright Brothers as it is taught in the West. One-hundred-and-ten years before the Wright Brothers, in Mumbai a Vedic Pandit, a Shastri (scholar) organized an aircraft, put it together based on the Vedic Tradition, the knowledge in the Vedas, and it was successfully flown….it was successfully flown! Unfortunately, at that time, we were slaves….and that Pandit and that aircraft both mysteriously got kidnapped! Anyhow! But there is a clear record and demonstration by this Pandit in front of those days’ kings. Anyhow! Listen! Till the Pandit proved that flying was possible, it was looking like “too good to be true”. Same way, till I make you do it, rewriting your future looks like “too good to be true”, because you are habituated for struggling, you are made to believe life is a struggle.

Please understand, you are struggling in your life in ten fronts:

you want to drop smoking, you want to reduce your weight, you want to have good relations with your spouse, you want to spend time with your son, you want to take care of your mom, you want to take up two jobs to make ends meet.

By the time you quit smoking, you start spending time with your son; by the time you start spending time with your son, your review in your career/job has gone down; by the time you rebuild your relationship with your wife, already you started junk food habit; by the time you are out of the junk food habit, you are there sitting with cigarette in your hand! Constantly you are fighting in multiple fronts. Even if you win in one, don’t think it is victory. Whether you lose, you lose; or you win, you lose! Please understand, whether you win or lose, you lose, because the struggling pattern itself is a failure!

Just go to the source of why you made life the way it is occurring now. Nobody else made it. When it comes to responsibility, I am an agnostic. Be very clear, when it comes to responsibility, I am agnostic; I even go to the extreme of saying “No God”! If He is there, don’t disturb Him! The mess is too much! Let Him rest. Please listen! No one else made it. It is YOU! YOU!

So, first look in:

Why this mess is occurring to you as life?

Why life is occurring to you as such a mess or hell?

Who scripted it?

Who wrote it and why?

Look in.

Provide listening to you to get answers to these great questions.

And once you know YOU wrote it the way it is, and WHY you wrote it the way it is, you need to know these two things EXPERENTIALLY:YOU wrote it; second, WHY you wrote it. 

When you understand you wrote it, the bad news is, you are responsible; the good news is, you can rewrite it! Understand, when you know you wrote it, the bad news is, you are responsible, because you always try to enjoy by putting the responsibility on others. Everybody is very happy, comfortable, feeling convenient, almost cozy, happy to go on saying, ‘God made it’! Then you don’t need to do anything about it! It is almost like talking about the weather. Everyday people talk about weather, because they know they don’t need to do anything about it. Just sip….sip your tea and talk about the weather; because you know you don’t need to do anything about it. Don’t talk about your life in the same mood the way you talk about the weather. Whether weather can be changed or not, your life can be changed!

Whether weather can be changed or not, your life can be changed!
First, you need to understand that YOU wrote it. Second, WHY you wrote it this way.

In the Inner Awakening, EXPERENTIALLY you will understand YOU wrote it, YOU are responsible, and you will also understand WHY you wrote it the way you wrote. When you know you wrote it and why you wrote it, now simply you know HOW to rewrite it. That’s all! In Level-1 of Inner Awakening, I make you understand that YOU wrote it, with the process of Completion with yourself. In Level-2, with the process of Completion with others, you are EXPERENTIALLY made to understand WHY you wrote it the way you wrote it. In Level-3, you are experientially made to understand HOW to rewrite it, and you rewrite it. That’s all! Who, Why, How, these three big questions! Who, Why, How – Who wrote it? Why it is written in such a way? How to rewrite it?
Somebody is sending me a question from the Global Kalpataru Program, a Global Kalpataru participant:
Q. ‘I am wanting to be in Inner Awakening for the past two years, but still I am not able to make it. If I wrote it, then naturally I would have written to come to Inner Awakening; but that is not the case. Please clarify.’

Please understand, first of all, you have not EXPERENTIALLY understood that YOU wrote it. Now you may say, because you heard it from me, ‘If I wrote it, then naturally I will be able to re-write.’ First thing, still you have not experientially understood that you wrote your life. And you also need to understand why you wrote it. Only then you will be able to rewrite. You cannot just tell them to get out of your life because you decide to re-write. All the energies, influences in your life, you need to take them into consideration. And you need to know why you wrote the way you wrote – listen – why you wrote the way you wrote. Then, naturally, you will be able to rewrite. 

The question is a very beautiful question that you are asking: ‘I have been wanting to be in Inner Awakening for the past two years. Still I have not been able to make it.’ Please understand, this must be a pattern in your life in every field, whether it is your health, or wealth, your job, your business, your relationships, everywhere. When you say, ‘I am wanting to be in Inner Awakening for the past two years. Still I have not been able to make it…’, it means “postponing” is one of the major patterns with which you are struggling and you wrote your life with that. Now you need to experientially understand that you wrote it by doing the Completion process with yourself. And by doing completion with others, you need to understand why you wrote it. And, please listen, only when you understand that you wrote it, and why you wrote it, the moment the experience happens in you, you will simply be able to rewrite. You will simply be able to rewrite!

Understand, look into your life. Whether it is your health, your financial position, your job, your career, your relationships, the amount of fulfillment you are feeling, or the Completion you are experiencing, everything, everything, you need to know YOU wrote it. And you need to look in and find out WHY you wrote it the way you wrote it. Then, naturally, simply you will be able to rewrite it! Simply you will be able to rewrite it!
Please understand, this whole Kalpataru Process is giving you a glimpse of realizing one desire. Inner Awakening is experience of realizing everything you want to cause as reality in your life and in others’ life. Please understand, in the Kalpataru Darshan, you receive one fruit. In the Inner Awakening, you receive the fruit garden for you to enjoy and share with others. I can say, you receive the source! You receive the source! You receive the source!
Inner Awakening is all about awakening yourself to the power of your inner-space where the life is occurring to you as you wrote, experientially making you understand you wrote it, and why you wrote it the way you wrote it, and helping you, experientially making you rewrite it.

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Yoga and Completion

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A Sannyasi can miss eating, but he should not miss Yoga in the morning! He can miss sleeping, but he should not miss Completion in the night! I am not saying don’t eat, don’t sleep; but all I am saying is, the first priority, when the day starts, the first priority is Yoga; when the night starts, the first priority is Completion. After Yoga have your food. After Completion have your sleep. Because, Yoga itself is an energy supply to your body! Beyond Yoga and meditation if you need a little energy, let that be given through food. Completion itself gives you the best possible rest. Beyond that if you need any rest, just let a little sleep give you the rest.

The first meal course for your body should be Yoga. The first offering of restfulness to your body and your mind, should be Completion. After that if you need food, you can have. After that if you need sleep, you can have.

I tell you, when you sincerely do Yoga, may be within two years when the 1,200 full-breath happens, long-breath happens in you, in the morning one hour or forty-five minutes, I guarantee, you will become Nirahari! You will become Nirahari! And same way, night, in the twenty-one minutes if the complete Completion happens, you will become Gudakesha, that’s all! Yoga takes you beyond food, Completion takes you beyond sleep. You will not be tired, you will not be sleepless. I am not saying you will have insomnia! No! No! You will go beyond sleep, you will conquer sleep! Gudakesha! Gudakesha!

Listen, the secret is this: When the “I” becomes “we” out of Completion, when the “we” merges into the “I” out of Completion, you are an incarnation! Yoga will make “I” becoming “we” out of Completion. Completion will make “we” becoming “I” out of Completion. Morning Yoga, you will see the “I” becomes “we” out of pure Completion. Night Completion, you will see the “we” becomes “I” out of pure Completion. Out of pure Completion when “I” becomes “we”, and “we” becomes “I”, your life is the life of an incarnation, Jeevan Muktha!

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I have experienced the Ultimate Advaita state, the Advaitic truth. 

From that clarity, that joy, excitement, inspiration, strength and powerfulness which comes from that I tell you, when it is possible for Me, it is possible for you !

Just remember this one thing: Let your thinking whole day be directed towards Completion. 

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See, when you start from Completion, first thing you will not be pushing the bullock-cart by the broken fingers; you will be pulling it with a nice energy and strong strength. So, pulling itself will be easy. Next, it will be a beautiful journey. Once you reach, you will only feel more and more energetic. Because you have not suffered, you are not demanding everyone to respect you. And the ego will not be there. When you don’t have ego, you will not torture others.

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You don’t want to see a person’s paradoxical dimensions and complexities, because you don’t want to see your complexities and paradoxical dimensions. If you cannot be complete with your paradoxical complexities and dimensions, you will never have the intelligence to handle people who come in your life.

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The Four Principles of Life

4 principles of life

1) Integrity is you fulfilling the word and thought you give to yourself and to others, and experiencing a state of Poornatva – completion with yourself and with life.

2) Authenticity is you being established in the peak of your capability and responding to life from who you perceive yourself to be for yourself, who you project yourself to be for others, and, what others expect you to be for them.

3) Responsibility Living and responding to life from the truth that you are the source of, and therefore, you are responsible for all happenings in and around you.

4) Enriching Is you taking responsibility with integrity and authenticity that you are committed to continuously enriching, which is expanding yourself and life in and around you.

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Listen !


Authentically listen to the cries of your heart. Your heart continue to  cry for your attention. Authentically listen,Listening does not mean  you will just do what your heart says. Even if you are ready to give your ear, after listening your heart says “it is OK you have heard me that is enough”. Many time even in your family, in your team people does not want you to solve their problem , they just want you to listen to their problem. Once you listen even if you don’t solve it is OK .